21 Top Australian Authors to Follow on Twitter

21 Top Australian Authors to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is a wonderful resource if you’re looking to gain more insight about the lives of certain industry leaders. Authors are especially interesting as we look to see what they can craft into 140 characters. Interested in reading, writing or publishing? Then follow these 21 talented Australian authors below.


1. Alan Baxter

This sci-fi, horror and fantasy author is also a self-proclaimed dog-lover, gamer and fan of heavy metal. His Twitter feed offers amusing writing tips, striking photos and silly musings like this one: “I used to love rainy days: reading, writing, movies, cups of tea, staring at drops sliding down the window. Now I have a two year old.” When he’s not writing, tweeting or riding his motorcycle, he’s busy running the Illawara Kung Fu Academy.

Twitter Handle: @AlanBaxter


2. Allison Rushby

A woman “addicted to Mini Coopers and Downton Abbey, Rushby is the author of Friday Night Cocktails and Hating Valentine’s Day. You’ll find a healthy mix of cat photos, book recommendations and random musings on her Twitter page.

Twitter Handle: @Allison_Rushby


3. Andy Griffiths

A popular children’s book author, Andy is best known for The Treehouse Series. Hailing from Melbourne with two daughters of his own, he is well-versed in his genre having published 28 books to date. Andy’s Twitter page boasts fun photos and plenty of fan interactions.

Twitter Handle: @AndyGbooks


4. Anita Heiss

With over 13,000 followers, this Sydney native has a lot going for her. Anita’s work includes non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial women’s fiction, poetry, social commentary and travel articles; not to mention she is an Adjunct Professor with Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning. She draws attention to a lot of advocacy events on her Twitter page, as well as many photos of her students.

Twitter Handle: @AnitaHeiss


5. Annabel Crabb

A writer for ABC’s The Drum and host of Kitchen Cabinet, Crabb published a book in 2014 titled The Wife Drought which calls for a ceasefire in the gender wars. With over a quarter of a million Twitter followers, Crabb is not an author to be missed. You’ll find links to her columns, clips from her show and views from behind the scenes.

Twitter Handle: @annabelcrabb


6. Anson Cameron

Cameron is an author and columnist based in Melbourne, with novels such as Silences Long Gone, Tin Toys, and Stealing Picasso under his belt. His most recent works is The Last Pulse, a contemporary fiction story full of lots of humour. On Twitter, Cameron retweets articles and images he finds interesting in various areas, ranging from nature to politics. He also updates on things he is up to from time to time.

Twitter Handle: @AnsonCameron


7. David Malouf

An internationally acclaimed, award-winning author, Malouf’s books, among others, includes titles such as Johnno, Ransom, Every Move You Make and A First Place. Follow him on Twitter and be entertained by thoughtful and funny tweets about writing, books and everyday life.

Twitter Handle: @MaloufDavid


8. Dom Knight

Born in Sydney, Dom Knight’s page is a collection of funny insights, worthwhile retweets and the occasional mention of books. Knight’s most recent novel, Man Vs Child, is a romantic comedy about a stand-up comedian who faces the perils of growing up. If you love to laugh, you’ll want to follow his account.

Twitter Handle: @domknight


9. Graeme Simsion

Author of the award-winning, The Rosie Project, Simsion hails from Auckland, New Zealand and now resides in Melbourne. He often tweets about book events but also offers the occasional retweet about various news headlines and interesting quotes.

Twitter Handle: @GraemeSimsion


10. Jane Caro

Jane Caro, who has over 57,000 Twitter followers, describes herself as a “feminist, atheist, media tart, wife, mother & stirrer.” Born in London, this Sydney-based author is also a social commentator and lecturer. Her most recent novel, For God’s Sake, co-authored with Rachel Woodlock and Simon Smart, tackles some of life’s biggest questions. You’ll find conversations, advice and tons of retweets on Caro’s Twitter page.

Twitter Handle: @JaneCaro


11. John Birmingham

“I write for food,” writes Birmingham on his Twitter bio and write he does. His blog, cheeseburgergothic.com, is a mix of music, politics, television and, of course, food. He is best known for his memoir, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand, which was turned into a film back in 2001. His tweets are funny and often involve photos of cats and/or food.

Twitter Handle: @JohnBirmingham


12. Keri Arthur

This New York Times Bestselling author is a Melbourne native who has written over 33 novels to date. Keri tweets about her writing process, food cravings and family life. She writes paranormal and urban fantasy novels.

Twitter Handle: @kezarthur


13. Markus Zusak

Zusak wanted to be a writer since he was 16 years old and has proved to be quite the success. A fan of Sam-I-Am, you may recognize Zusak for his extraordinary novel, The Book Thief, which was turned into a film. His tweets are mostly replies, but you’ll also find links to various photos and posts from his Tumblr page.

Twitter Handle: @Markus_Zusak


14. Matthew Reilly

A New York Times Bestselling author, Reilly has sold over 7.5 million copies of his novels worldwide. With titles like Troll Mountain and The Great Zoo of China, his novels are known for their action-packed plots and mysterious tales. Reilly uses Twitter to promote his book signings, engage with fans and post photos.

Twitter Handle: @Matthew_Reilly


15. Mia Freedman

A successful journalist, blogger and social commentator, Mia is the author of the laugh-out-loud book, Mia Culpa. She tweets funny photos from her Instagram page, as well as interesting quotes and podcast links. With nearly 90,000 followers, Freedman is a fun follow.

Twitter Handle: @MiaFreedman


16. Michael Robotham

This crime writer is a self-described “scribbler, penman, scribe and journo” who hails from Sydney. His novel, Life Or Death, won the CWA Gold Dagger for 2015 crime book of the year while his newest piece, Close Your Eyes, is gaining much praise as well. Robotham often retweets fans and also keeps all followers up-to-date on his book signings.

Twitter Handle: @michaelrobotham


17. Nick Earls

Born in Ireland, this author spent most of his time in Brisbane, Australia and has written twelve novels and numerous short stories. His novels have appeared on bestseller lists in Australia, the UK and the Amazon Kindle Store. A self-proclaimed “wok master” and “style icon,” Earls’ Twitter page is peppered with jokes and musings, as well as event listings and conversations.

Twitter Handle: @nickearls


18. Richard Glover

Born and raised in Australia, Glover is the author of thirteen books including his recent memoir, Flesh Wounds. He often retweets entertaining posts to his nearly 17,000 followers, while throwing in a mix of photos and links to online writings. He also presents the top-rated Drive show on ABC radio in Sydney.

Twitter Handle: @rglover702


19. Tara Moss

An outspoken women’s rights advocate, journalist and TV presenter, Moss is the author of ten books including, The Fictional Woman. Moss is very candid on Twitter and often posts about social movements and human rights organizations. With a mission to help others and make the world a better place, she deserves a spot on your Twitter feed.

Twitter Handle: @Tara_Moss


20. Valerie Khoo

Valerie is the founder of the Australian Writers’ Center which serves as a community for people all around the world to learn from Australia’s top authors and journalists. A blogger, podcaster, journalist and motivational speaker, Khoo has somehow found the time to publish the bestselling business book, Power Stories. Her tweets include links to her blog posts, information on writing courses and writing tips.

Twitter Handle: @valeriekhoo


21. Wendy Harmer

A woman of many talents, Harmer is a children’s writer, playwright, comedian and TV personality. Her Twitter page is filled with witty remarks and the occasional retweet. She is currently Editor in Chief of TheHoopla.com.au, a site for women, by women.

Twitter Handle: @wendy_harmer


Image credit: Shawn Campbell on flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

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