5 Things Holding You Back From Being an Awesome Business Writer

By on Mar 26, 2015 in Business Writing, Writing & Editing


If you find yourself having difficulties in achieving success despite having the passion and the necessary amount of skill to be one, chances are there are certain things that are holding you back from being an awesome business writer, such as:

1. Not knowing your audience

While different types of writing cater to different types of audiences, business writers target a very specific niche – namely people who are interested in the business aspect of any topic that you’re writing about. If you don’t know which specific reader you’re supposed to be writing for, you’re likely to produce text that may be technically sound but still boring to readers.

2. Lack of research

Business writers still require a lot of creativity but unlike fiction writers, they need to ground their writings on facts and figures. It’s not something that you can be ambiguous about nor can you take creative liberties. You have to present factual information and be as accurate with stats and figures. You won’t be able to do it if you’re not diligent enough with the researching part. Some of the information you provide can be stock knowledge, but even if you do memorize the information, you have to research and review in case there’s updated data, and you have to cite your sources if you want to be taken seriously as a business writer.

3. Analysis paralysis

Since business writers frequently wade through tons of information, it’s not surprising that they tend to suffer from “analysis paralysis” from time to time. It’s when a writer spends so much time analyzing a problem that they lose the ability to act on it. Business writers suffering from analysis paralysis tend to have vastly reduced output as they overthink things to the point where they’re not confident enough that the things they write are accurate. An awesome business writer needs to know when to stop collecting data and start writing.

4. Fear of ambiguity

Business writers tend to traffic in facts and their careers depend on presenting these well to the readers. However, there are times when data is incomplete or inaccessible and the writer must resort to leaving things open-end while he or she focuses on other parts of a topic. Some fear that leaving things ambiguous will result in criticism and so they trim their output or focus on a different topic altogether. There is no need to be afraid of ambiguity, if information is available, you will find it. If there’s none at the moment, leave it at that and just let readers fill out the blanks when new information becomes available.

Lack of confidence

Last but not the least is the biggest hindrance to just about any endeavor: lack of confidence. If you want to write about businesses and the industry, you have to show in your writing that you’re confident with the information you are presenting. If you’re not sure of yourself and your skill, it will show up in your text and people will pick up on it subconsciously. So if you want to be an awesome business writer, you need to believe in your skill and start writing with confidence.

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