5 Types of Blog Posts That Will Increase the Popularity of Your Blog

5 Types of Blog Posts That Will Increase the Popularity of Your Blog

By on Sep 15, 2016 in Special Features

Having your own blog and having many followers and readers is not that easy today. First of all, blogs are not what they used to be. At the beginning, only the bravest, most technologically savvy writers could start a blog, and even then, a blog served as a place where they shared their own thoughts and opinions about a certain topic, or shared their own experiences from their everyday lives. Blogging used to be an online not-so-private diary where it wasn’t about the content, it was about the blogger. Today, this is not the case. To start with, there are millions of bloggers out there, and some of them might not even be writers, but are experts in a specific niche and they share their expertise on their blogs. Second, it is all about content. You can write, for example, about your deepest thoughts, your most wonderful insights and philosophies about life, the universe and everything, and still get zero popularity if there aren’t many people out in the world who want to read about that type of content. There are certain types of posts you can use to gain popularity, but keep in mind these types of blog posts should be frequent on your blog. We’ve described 5 such blog post types below.

1. Helpful blog posts

There is something you might have not realized: people need help. A lot of help in general, and especially self-help. Posts that have content, which gives tips, tricks and various step-by-step instructions to people about anything and everything are bound to bring more traffic to your blog, especially if you’ve chosen a niche that is very popular, like DIY (do-it-yourself), arts and crafts, or self-help. Add a bit of spice by sharing your own, personal experience, share emotions with your audience, and you might just go viral. As we mentioned above, the self-help niche is very popular at the moment, and gives you all sorts of opportunities, if you have a unique story to share, and if that story ends up helping a lot of people.

2. Success stories and case studies

Success stories and case studies need one thing: credibility and proof it happened. You can share your own success story, although, sharing someone else’s success story, especially a blog success story, will benefit you much more because it will give you both credibility and good publicity as a blogger who blogs because of blogging, not because you’re seeking to monetize your blog. An honorary mention goes to survival stories, especially if it’s your own survival story or it belongs to someone close to you. In addition, case studies need a lot of research (which we will get to later), while stories about bloggers who made it big in a very short time are stories that everyone wants to read – even if they are not interested in blogging in general.

3. Well researched posts

No matter what your niche is, once you’ve chosen it, you have two options: either become an expert on the matter, or abandon it all together. Why? Because most of your readers will have read thousands of different blogs on similar topics in the same niche and can spot an amateur a mile away and never return to your blog. Well, we didn’t mention blogging would be easy, did we? Becoming an expert means dedicating yourself to the topic and the niche, and your blog posts will need to be backed by sources and clearly show that you’ve done your research.

4. Current events blog posts

Current events, whether they are happening in the city you live in, or are happening globally, have one thing in common: they go viral. Most of your followers on social media will be talking about it, and you can use the opportunity to write about them, and share your own feelings, thoughts, any unique information you might have about the event, and have your blog post go viral. Because all you need is for people to see it, read it, and be interested enough in it to share it – and once that happens, a lot of people will do the same because they are interested in the current local or global event.

5. Guest blogs

Pitch guest blog posts to other blogs. It is one of the best ways to gain popularity for your own blog. Another option is to interview a famous blogger in your niche, or a famous person in your city, but that might be difficult to do, because famous bloggers might not be interested in giving you an interview. On the other hand, if you have good content and get an endorsement from a famous blogger, your own blog will gain popularity which will have a good long-term effect on the overall popularity of your blog.

Georgina Roy wants to live in a world filled with magic. As an art student, she’s moonlighting as a writer and is content to fill notebooks and sketchbooks with magical creatures and amazing new worlds. When she is not at school, or scribbling away in a notebook, you can usually find her curled up, reading a good urban fantasy novel, or writing on her laptop, trying to create her own.


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