Amazon Kindle Lays the Path for Authorpreneurs

Amazon Kindle Lays the Path for Authorpreneurs

By on Aug 10, 2015 in Industry Insights, News


If there is one thing that Amazon has done through its Kindle Direct Publishing platform, it is to empower writers to self-publish. India Sturgis, in The Telegraph, has written an article about authors who have been successful through self-publishing their work, using Amazon Kindle as a basis.

India had the following to say about author Louise Ross in her article:

“Louise is one of a rapidly growing number of authors taking the literary game into their own hands, and self-publishing ebooks (digital books) through companies such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Apple iBookstore and Smashwords. For as sales of print dwindle, self-publishing has become a ferociously rising sector. In 2013 the UK market for self-published books grew by 79 per cent with 18 million bought by UK readers, despite print sales falling 10 per cent overall.”

Read the whole article here.

Although the ability to self-publish is now open to the masses, to become successful at it takes hard work, the production of a high quality ebook (both in terms of content and presentation), a robust marketing strategy and a bit of luck. Sometimes, an author who is looking to do it alone can get disheartened when his/her book or series of books, do not reach the level of success expected. It is at these times, that an author can do a great service to himself/herself by looking at authors who were in a similar boat and came out on top.

Yes, it can be argued that the authors featured in The Telegraph article are the exception to the norm. However, this shouldn’t take anything away from the fact, that if success is achievable by even one self-published author, it can also be achieved by another. A good place to start is to look at the approaches used (writing, editing, publishing and marketing models) by those who have succeeded and then attempts made to replicate these, or adapt them.

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