APA Editing Services: 19 Top Providers

APA Editing Services: 19 Top Providers

By on Apr 13, 2018 in Writing & Editing

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Writing academic works, theses or dissertations is a time consuming, exhausting and challenging job.

You have to be diligent, well-informed, do a lot of research and ensure your material is updated and meets all the academic requirements.

You can start writing the project, but sooner or later you will need an editor to step in and help you complete it.

For academic material, you need APA style of editing. The APA (American Psychological Association) is most frequently used to cite sources and references. It is complicated and specific as they have different citation styles for different projects like a book, magazine, thesis, dissertation and academic material etc.

That’s why a book editor will be of great help to new writers and authors struggling to edit, proof read and complete their project.

APA editors need to be experienced and certified to work on doctoral dissertations or academic materials and projects. So you need qualified and recommended editors to help you with your project.

We understand it may difficult to find good editors by yourself, so we have shortlisted the 19 top providers of APA Editing services.


1. Statistics Solutions

An editing service with 22 years of experience behind them, Statistics Solutions is a no-fuss, professional and dedicated team of editors keen on helping authors and writers. Based in Florida, they aim for fixed deadlines and goals instead of extending projects or dissertations that can add to the burden of a student’s life. Understanding the importance APA editing has to a project or thesis or dissertation, they edit grammar, punctuation, format, clarity and so much more. You can request a quote by filling this form and they will get back to you.


2. Top Tier Editing

Top Tier Editing is the only editing service to use APA style of editing exclusively. Experts in social sciences, they are located in New York. Their team of editors comprises of highly educated people with advanced degrees from esteemed institutions like Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania. Using the APA 6th Edition Style, their editors are so well versed with the style that they often speak at conferences and teach the same to University students. They offer a range of services from basic formatting to complete editing, critique and analyze the project objectively. They have a form for you to fill out so you can receive a quote depending on your needs.


apa editors for hire


3. Rachel Siegel

Rachel Siegel is an experienced, accomplished editor at Cambridge Editors. Nearly 20 years of experience has enabled Rachel to guide students, authors and writers comfortably and skillfully in the process of finishing their research or project. Fluent in many styles of editing, Rachel is well versed in APA style of editing too.  She can proof read, do a line by line edit, format and critique your work. The rates are mentioned on the website for you to view. You can write to them and request a quote for Rachel’s APA editorial services.


4. Clare Xanthos

A University researcher and professor, Clare Xanthos has produced, edited and written many articles and manuscripts herself which has given her a solid background to become an academic editor. She has a Ph.D in Social Policy from the London School of Economics. You can find the prices for her services listed on the website. Clare offers a free sample edit of 200-300 words for people wanting to get an idea of the methods and her style. You can email her to learn more about her services.


5. Debbie Fister

Debbie Fister has been editing papers since 1998 using the APA style of editing. She speaks at conferences and holds workshops about the APA style of editing and provides free tips for students and writers. She is efficient and knows the troubles students go through finishing their dissertation or thesis. Her rates range from $0.15/word for proof reading to $0.8/word for documents requiring a higher level of editing. You can fill the form available here to contact Debbie or email her with the details.


6. Alison Miller

Alison Miller started ‘The Dissertation Coach’ as a way to help, coach, edit and guide students and writers. Alison holds workshops, seminars and conferences for writers looking for guidance. She has also written a book about tips and suggestions for people looking to finish their dissertation titled ‘Finish your Dissertation Once and For All: Overcome Psychological Barriers, Get Results and Move On with your Life.’ You can contact her by submitting a form and she will get back to you with prices and services.


7. Thesis Geek

Formed in 2013, Thesis Geek was aimed at providing help to students by offering writing, editing and formatting services. They have a staggering amount of experts and years of experience in their team, which is of advantage to writers and students because they have the luxury of choice. Formatting, writing, editing and reviewing are just some of the services they can offer. You can find contact details on this page and get in touch with them.


8. 24×7 Editing Services

Started in 2002, 24×7 Editing Services is based in Las Vegas. Covering a lot of subjects like Social Sciences, Technology, Engineering etc, they have a team of 140 editors available to work on any project requiring APA style of editing. While they are based in US, they have worked with clients all across the world and edit essays, theses, dissertations, and format, review and proofread. You can fill this form and request a quote for your services.


9. David Lombardino

David Lombardino founded DLA Editors & Proofers in 2008 after having worked as an editor himself. Bringing a team together of other professional and experienced editors, David is able to edit, review, format, critique and proof read your document and material by working in close partnerships with writers and students. He knows every aspect of APA editing and can customize services according to your needs and requirements.  You can request a quote by specifying your project and contact details in this form.


10. Regent Editing

Based in New York, Regent Editing has edited over 12,000 dissertations giving them enough experience and edge required to be excellent at their job. Having offices in London, Delhi and Boston as well, their team includes 570 editors and proof readers. Formed in 2007, they proof read, edit, review, critique and format your work. You can fill this form and they will get in touch with you about the services and prices.


11. Kathleen Kline

Kathleen Kline has 30 years of experience as an editor and consultant. She also holds workshops, seminars and conferences for students, writers and anyone interested in learning about editing and styles of editing. Providing extensive editorial services to anyone writing academic materials, you can fill this form to contact Kathleen and learn more about her services. Her rates for editorial services are available on this page.


12. Gramlee

Gramlee is a complete editorial service for writers, students and authors seeking help to edit, review and complete their draft or project. They promise to do more than just proof read your project. They will copy edit, review structure and suggest changes as required. They have wonderful resources available for writers such as links explaining APA editing in case you want to do it yourself. You can email them a draft of your project and mention what you need. They will reply within 48 hours and provide you with rates and a timeline.


13. Precision Consultancy

Located in New York, Precision Consultancy is a full service agency providing all forms of academic and professional editing for students, writers and authors. Their editors are focused, dedicated and skilled at APA editing at all levels. The unique thing about Precision is their editors are aware of the different types of APA formatting required by different universities and online universities. You can write to them by sending an email mentioning your project and requirements.


14. Dissertation-Editor

Imagine a team of Ph.D’s just waiting to assist you with your project. That is what you get if you choose to hire Dissertation-Editor. Comprising of a team of only Ph.D’s, they believe their job is to assist the student or the writer in achieving his/her vision of completing the dissertation or book. They proof read, copy edit, line edit, review and format depending on what you require. You can find some samples of their editing on their website. Professionally trained in APA, their editors also format your thesis or dissertation. You can receive a free consultation when you first contact them via phone or email. They don’t accept large files as attachments so mention that when you write to them or you can send it via Google Drive.


15. Global English Editing

Launched in 2014, Global English Editing is an online editorial service. Since they are an online business, they can provide the same high quality service to all clients on a global basis. Providing assistance to students who have English as their second language (ESL), they match their clients with the editor well suited to the project. You can try their price calculator to get a rough estimate or fill this form if you want to request customized services and packages.


16. WordSharp Editing

A small and dedicated team of editors with years of experience and skill, WordSharp Editing can edit your dissertation or academic material in any style. They understand the miniscule differences in the APA style used by various colleges and universities. They will review, proof read and edit your document to ensure that it matches all the requirements of the APA style of citation. You can get an instant price quote by using their calculator and fill out this form to send them the details of your project.


17. Bold Educational Services

Diane Dusick is the brains behind Bold Educational Services, a full service editing and consulting agency. Her experience of 25 years comes in handy when she assists students and writers trying to finish their dissertation. They have ready packages for people looking for something basic, or you can email them if you want something specific and customized according to your needs.


18. Jennifer Cook

A specialist in APA style for nearly 17 years, Jennifer Cook is based in Austin. She has edited over 1000 doctoral dissertations and she edits your project, reviews and proof reads documents and dissertations. Jennifer charges clients by the hour because needs of the client may differ. You can mail your document, deadline and any specific instructions to Jennifer and she will get in touch with you regarding availability and her prices.


19. In Your Words

A small agency providing editing, formatting and reviewing services to students and writers, In Your Words has editors ready to help you with your dissertation and academic material. They can correct and format your text and material to ensure it meets the standards of APA style. They have explained the entire APA format for writers to make it easy for them to understand. You can fill this form and request more details about their services and packages.

There you have an extensive list of 19 top providers of APA editing services. If you are completely clueless about the APA style of editing, you should read up a bit before approaching any editor. You need to be aware of what your project and university expects.

It’s okay if you are unsure about the rules of APA editing, you can ask the editor any question and they will be happy to enlighten you. APA editing has its own set of rules and rhythm that takes a while to catch up on, so just select an editor you are comfortable with and your project will turn out as well as you expect it to.

A lot of these services and editors have their previous works and testimonials available on their site for you to review before considering hiring them.  Be honest about the time available for edits and revisions as this will help the editor also understand how much time they have for your project. While all the editors are based in US, they work with clients and students all across the world. You should also ask them to do a sample free edit for you to gauge their skill and forte. Compare 2-3 editors and select the one whose price range is affordable to you, feels professional and compatible and promises effective results in time.

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