59 Top Apps for Writers

59 Top Apps for Writers

By on Jan 6, 2018 in Writing & Editing

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Whether you are just getting started with a novel or manuscript, or even if you are an academic writer who has to follow strict formatting, a powerful writing app goes a long way towards both increasing productivity and helping you stay on track.

Here we’ve taken a look at 59 top apps for writers across all platforms. The approach we have used to categorize the apps is to list those writing apps which are free first, and then move onto to apps that have a cost.

From creative writing tools such as distraction free editors, to powerful storyboard writing apps which are great for screenplays, these writing apps have everything that you need to get your masterpiece going.


1. Draft

Draft is a minimalist writing and editing app which allows for collaboration thanks to its handy tracking functionality. Invite multiple people to view your writing, while allowing them to make comments and suggestions as you write. It is color coded and carries a huge amount of revisions. Not only does Draft give you a clean writing interface, it also gives you the full power of a professional copyeditor. It allows you to convert from Markdown, a commonly used very simple set of formatting syntax which gives the power of a word processor to plain text. It also connects to a huge range of cloud services. All you need is a Google account to sign in and you’re up and running. It even has a Chrome extension, and integrates to Dropbox and Evernote.

Platforms: Web-based

Pricing: Free


2. JotterPad

JotterPad delivers a minimalistic interface for creative writers. Its clean interface allows you singular focus on your writing, without any distractions. The free version gives you connection to OneDrive, export to PDF functionality, an extended keyboard and a fully featured text editor incorporating an expansive dictionary. There are few better writing apps for note-taking while on the road.

Platforms: Web-based Interface, Android & Kindle

Pricing: Free, although paid versions with more features are available


3. Reedsy Book Editor

Reedsy Book Editor is a tool built for book production. From collaborative production, to type-set themes for eBooks and print, Reedsy does it all. It gives you a simplistic writing interface with an intuitive style bar supplying access to advanced proofing and collaboration tools. The tracking is outstanding, with Reedsy retaining edits and comments from multiple users. Once you are done writing, your manuscript is ready for instant distribution in either print or eBook formats. It integrates directly with Amazon Kindle Direct, Smashwords and Apple iBooks, to name but a few. A marketplace puts expert assistance at your fingertips, should you wish to have your draft proofed by an editor.

Platforms: Web-based

Pricing: Free


4. WriteMonkey

The main feature of WriteMonkey is its frills and distraction free writing interface. It supports Markdown and has a range of nifty keyboard shortcuts, however, it only supports text files. What appears as a stripped-down interface is actually a powerful writing app which is backed by a highly functional outliner, automatic syntax tracking and highlighting. It may take a while to get used to Markdown, but once you do, WriteMonkey is one of the best tools for making blog posts and publications for print.

Platforms: Windows

Pricing: Free


5. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid delivers advanced editorial services, including a highly functional style-checker. It can be used standalone, or it can snap-into Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Google Chrome and Google Docs. You can check for overused words, clichés, repetitive phrases, diction issues, sentence and paragraph length, readability, passive verbs, adverbs and many other style elements which normally miss a human proofreader. Pro Writing Aid in all of its incarnations is extremely powerful and a pleasure to use.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: Free or $140 for Premium Lifetime License


6. Bibisco

Bibisco is a fantastic free tool which is a great asset to fiction writers. It allows you to organize your chapters and ideas. The novel structuring is outstanding, allowing you to define your premise, fabula, narrative strands and it has multiple settings for geographic, temporal and social context. It allows you a great overview of character development and distribution across your chapters, while carrying many managed revisions. As a fully featured text editor, Bibisco cannot be faulted, while as a story development tool it is invaluable. It offers little more than writing functionality for non-fiction and blog writers, however authors will fall in love with Bibisco.

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Pricing: Free


7. ApolloPad

ApolloPad delivers a powerful online writing package which mimics many of the planning and outlining features of high-end tools such as Scrivener. A cork-board approach is supplied so that you can rearrange your work and notes via a drag and drop interface. A project timeline is also supplied, as is advanced word processing functionality. From metadata to in-context notes and to-do’s, ApolloPad does a great job of making everything easily accessible. A free demo is available on their site at no cost, giving full access to all features during their beta period.

Platforms: Web-based

Pricing: Free During Beta


8. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a fantastic writing and editing tool which carries a powerful set of features. It evaluates and reports on your readability, adverb frequency, active and passive voice, sentence complexity with phrasing suggestions and all of its features carry a unique highlight, making it extremely easy to proof your work. Hemingway has a desktop version available as well, which allows you to save your work (unlike the free version). Yet, with Hemingway working through your browser, it is relatively easy enough to copy and paste between your document and this intuitive, powerful app.

Platforms: Web-based Interface, Windows

Pricing: Free or $5 for the Desktop App


9. Manuscriptor

Manuscriptor is a text editor which is aimed at fiction writers. It gives you an uncluttered interface perfect for stories & novels, complete with responsive language analysis tools which help you improve the quality of your writing. It identifies readability issues and highlights areas which would confuse, bore or frustrate your readers. It has a great document overview, an excellent synonym suggestion tool, flow analysis with paragraph and sentence fingerprinting, and it even shows you clichés and repetitive words. For a free tool, Manuscriptor may be minimalistic at a first-glance, but after just a bit of use you will soon see how powerful it actually is.

Platforms: Windows

Pricing: Free


10. Lit Lift

Lit Lift is a free-online novel and story writing package complete with full-screen rich text editing, a responsive mobile friendly interface, storyboards, a library and much more. It keeps track of your plot and structure, retaining all of your changes along the way. All of your work is completely private and the app is free from any form of advertising. For a well-designed web-based writing app which gives great organizational features for novelists, look no further than the fantastic free Lit Lift.

Platforms: Web-Based

Pricing: Free


11. Creative Writer

Creative Writer gives you a minimalistic writing interface which is aimed to help reduce distractions and attain a new level of expression. It comes with a touch-to-type word selection interface which makes typing on a mobile device a pleasure. A text-talking “robot” is available to read out your writing, while the creative keyboard supplies interactive suggestions to help improve your writing. The standard version restricts the number of results in the story and dictionary keyboards, however additional word suggestion lists are available as app upgrades. This lightweight writing app is one of the best free creative writing apps for iOS and can help anyone from poets to novelists thanks to the built-in suggestions offering inspiration.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free


12. Q10

Q10 is a great word processor for all forms of writers. It supplies you a full-screen text editor which gives you full focus on your work. Live statistics are provided, such as your words, pages, characters and total pages. You get to specify the word count used for page calculation as well. The timed alarm is great for those who are pushing to increase their writing speed, while the target count stats are perfect for those who are trying to hit any given amount of words, paragraphs, pages or lines. An unlimited amount of auto-correction entries keep your persistent errors in check, while the app itself could not be faster. It is under 400Kb in size and even comes with typing sound effects for those who miss their typewriter.

Platforms: Windows

Pricing: Free


13. yWriter

yWriter is a fantastic word processing platform for novel writers. It allows you to focus on scenes, with a range of reports available to provide scene and chapter summaries of various types, as well as a comprehensive synopsis of your manuscript. yWriter does not require an internet connection and it is completely free to use. Even though this app is designed for novels, many users have customized yWriter for screenplays, non-fiction and blogging. It is feature packed and does a great job of supplying everything that the creative writer could need.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: Free


14. LyX

LyX is a document processor which focuses on creating documents based on a sound structure. It integrates many features, such as an equation editor for mathematic content, layouts for academic articles, theses, books, novels and film scripts. It works equally well to any mainstream word processor and is a complete freeware application. It is the perfect app for those who want their writing to look visually appealing, without needing to fuss over the individual details.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: Free


15. FocusWriter

FocusWriter gives you distraction-free writing with many nifty features. The appearance is fully customizable and you are allowed to set a range of alarms and timers to help keep you on track. Goal setting lets you specify a word count target, while the auto-save ensures that everything is always backed up. Choose from a range of themes and edit / save to all popular document formats.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

Pricing: Free

writing apps for android

16. Werdsmith

Werdsmith is a portable writing studio for iOS which allows you to capture your notes, novels, stories, screenplays, articles and more. It has great goal setting to keep you on track and motivated, while also supplying highly effective instant formatting. This app is backed by a huge user base and has a writer’s portfolio which allows you to join and be featured within their community of writers. It is easy to use, highly intuitive and overall a fantastic free writing app.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free


17. SelfControl

SelfControl is a distraction-free writing app which offers you a timer and a block list to bar yourself from online distractions such as Facebook. It is very easy to use, extremely lightweight and a massive help to anyone who needs to narrow their focus during a writing session, especially when considering that its free.

Platforms: macOS

Pricing: Free


18. Hanx Writer

Designed by Tom Hanks for iPad and iPhone, Hanx Writer gives you the look and sound of a typewriter. Hanx keyboards can be used throughout all your favorite apps, while the Hanx Writer app itself gives great export functionality, basic editing and a range of upgrades available through in-app purchases. Choose from a handy “writer’s block bundle” giving you inspiration at your fingertips, or buy a style of typewriter that you prefer. The free version without any additional purchases is a great tool which not just looks great, but works well also.

Platforms: iOS 8.0 and above

Pricing: Free


19. Refly

Refly is a writing app and editor for content writers which reports improvements for language usage and SEO. It also allows you to set writing goals, and it connects to multiple blogging platforms and social networks. For example, you can schedule a post to multiple WordPress blogs at once. Free, reliable and the trusted choice of many, Refly is perfect for short articles and those looking to improve their language.

Platforms: macOS

Pricing: Free


20. LaTeX

LaTeX, pronounced “lay-tech”, is a WYSIWYG document creation app for Windows, MacOS X and Linux, which is the perfect tool for those who produce academic works. Its advanced typesetting excels at complex mathematical formulas, cross-references, tables, figures and it even automatically generates bibliographies and indexes. It allows for the inclusion of artwork in process or spot color, and is best used for journal articles, book writing, presentations and technical repots. Free and well supported, LaTeX has a learning curve but once you get used to it there is no better tool for academic writing.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS X

Pricing: Free


21. Calmy Writer

Calmy Writer is a no-frills professional text editor that allows for a focus mode, highlighting the paragraph that you are currently working on. It clears away all the distractions and only leaves you with the basics. Formatting functions are supplied when you highlight a paragraph, otherwise the interface is completely clean. Every single change that you make is backed up, in case you wish to go back a few revisions. This is a reliable distraction-free writing app for Chrome OS which should not be overlooked.

Platforms: Chrome OS

Pricing: Free


22. Monospace

Monospace is a writing and note-taking app for Android which gives you an essentials-only interface with a highly functional formatting popup. The app was specifically designed for touch devices, resulting in a writing app which is among the most intuitive and responsive available. There are no advanced features other than export to Markdown, however, Monospace is one of the best distraction-free writing apps on Android. It even allows you to sort your documents via hash-tagging similar content.

Platforms: Android

Pricing: Free


23. A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea supplies a sketchbook of your story. It tracks your title, tone, theme, setting, point of view, premise and plot. It then guides you through individual scenes, backstories, character descriptions and details of the atmospherics, where needed. A free-floating “ideas” window gives you prompts to assist brainstorming, while drop-down menus supply genders and other details for easy inclusion and phrasing. It is a great app for fiction writers which can also be considered by screenwriters.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free


24. Focus Writer

Focus Writer is a minimalistic writing app with a range of features. Free and fully customizable, Focus Writer gives you timers, alarms and daily goals, as well as live statistics, spell-checking, multiple sessions, a portable mode and multi-document support. Available on all platforms, other than mobile devices, Focus Writer is a great uncomplicated writing app for those who want to cut out distractions but still motivate themselves to stay on track.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

Pricing: Free


25. Plume Creator

Plume Creator is an open-source writing app for novelists. It has a built in outliner for keeping track of your novel, a distraction-free writing mode, a note manager and is in constant development, with new features being added frequently. You can keep notes for each chapter, while Plume Creator itself supplies a chapter-by-chapter synopsis as well. Free, feature-packed and on the rise, give Plume Creator a try if you are a novel writer.

Platforms: Windows, Ubuntu

Pricing: Free


26. OStoryBook

OStoryBook is a great open-source writing application for novelists and screenplay writers. It is filled with features, accessible through tabs, giving you complete control over every development in your story. It is a very complex tool which is also very powerful, however the interface could scare many away thanks to the huge selection of buttons and tables. Give it some time to get used to, and you have one of the best creative writing tools out there.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

Pricing: Free


27. Writer’s App

Writer’s App gives you excellent story outlining and planning on all iOS devices. It is a writing application with great organizational functionality, giving you complete flexibility to sort details as needed when planning your story. It is designed with novelists in mind and stores all notes, cover images and plot outlines within a text file with Markdown formatting. The free version does not allow for Markdown-supported exports, however it is an excellent tool which is relied on by many writers looking to jot down their ideas while on the road.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free or $1.99 for Pro


28. Ginger Page

Ginger Page is a fantastic writing app with a bright, intuitive interface, word predication, a great grammar checker, built-in translation for 40 languages, and it even offers other great functions such as a sentence rephraser. This notable proofreading tool will have you explore different ways of expressing the same sentence, just with greater clarity and word use. It also has a voice dictation feature, on mobile platforms, and personalized trainer which helps you gradually improve your English. Ginger is one of the best editors out there, with both the free and premium version being invaluable to writers across any genre.

Platforms: Web-based Interface, Office Add-In, Android, iOS

Pricing: Free or $30 Per Month for Premium


29. Rough Draft

Rough Draft is an excellent distraction-free writing app which helps you keep focus on nothing other than your text. Tags can be added to set notes to include pictures and other multimedia content, although in the editor it is text only. Edited sentences are struck-through instead of deleted, allowing you to focus on writing rather than changing your phrasing. The free version gives basic functionality and a great interface, with a professional version being available at a slight fee.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free or $24.99 for Professional


30. Writing Kit

Writing Kit is a plain text and Markdown editor for iOS which is a pleasure to use. It has a built in web browser, quick lookup functionality and gives you access to Instapaper and read later articles, which is especially handy for novelists. It also has cross connectivity to Evernote and OmniFocus. All sectional titles are designed using hashes which can then be accessed via a dropdown list. This makes navigating your document very easy. For a lightweight, feature packed writing app for iOS, Writing Kit makes for a solid option. It holds enough revisions to save all of your changes along the way.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $5

writing apps for mac

31. Ulysses

Ulysses is a powerful writing studio with a simple interface, great features and excellent cross-platform connectivity. It gives you a choice of a full screen or a windowed interface of sheets. The search feature is wonderfully integrated, while the goal setting function gives visual indications showing your progress. It is fully customizable as is the interface. The versioning is outstanding, with changes being available well-on into your writing. From its clean design to multiple-format support, iPad synching and customizability, Ulysses is a great all-round writing app.

Platforms: macOS, iOS

Pricing: $4.99 per month


32. Editorial

Editorial is a flexible, minimalistic writing app for iOS which does a great job of managing workflows, revisions and document editing. It supports Markdown, allows for footnotes and has great hotkeys, allowing you to every aspect of the app at a keystroke. With an external keyboard connected, you will love Editorial, while the on-screen keyboard is also highly responsive. It is a great app exclusively for iOS devices that makes writing or note-taking a breeze.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $4.99


33. OmmWriter

OmnWriter gives you a minimalistic Zen-inspired interface to carry out your writing without distractions. It is designed to give you the ideal environment for concentration, allowing for a mixed focus on your words with access to only the most basic functions needed. With natural backgrounds, calming audio tracks and varied sounds when typing, OmnWriter may be what you need to keep on track.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Web, Linux

Pricing: $7.99


34. Novel in 30

Novel in 30 is an iOS app which aims to help you hit your 50,000-word goal within NaNoWriMo. It is however customizable enough to allow you to adjust your target timeframe to anything that you would like. It gives you updates on how many words you’ve pushed out and whether or not you are on track to hit your target. A sheet based display gives easy navigation, making Novel in 30 a highly intuitive and motivating writing app.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $7


35. Story Skeleton

Story Skeleton is a writing application which is targeted towards novelists and screenwriters. It approaches manuscript writing through a series of notes which can be later compiled into multiple formats, including .scriv files for Scrivener. It is the perfect mobile accompaniment to Scrivener. The user interface is basic but functional, and backups are done to a Dropbox storage location. It gives a great outline of your writing and imports data from Scrivener as well. Anyone who owns the writing powerhouse should consider this app.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $9.99


36. Write Room

Write Room is another inexpensive distraction-free writing app for macOS. It does not support Markdown, there is no mobile version and there is no preview before exporting to PDF, nor are there any collaboration features. That being said, it is a highly intuitive app with a great range of view options. Most of the options are hidden in a tiny window, cutting away all distractions. It is a simple app with a direct focus on short-form writing. At the price, it may not be a bad buy for those who write infrequently.

Platforms: macOS

Pricing: $9.99


37. Novlr

Novlr is an online and offline writing app which is packed with features and is in constant development. It gives you a focus mode for distraction free writing, triple backups with cloud connectivity, notes, writing statistics, word count tracking, chapter organization, scene and chapter details and even has character profiles and planning in the pipeline. It is free to use for two weeks, allowing you to try out its powerful features and easy-to-use interface.

Platforms: Web-based

Pricing: $10 Per Month


38. Adobe Story CC

Adobe Story CC is a feature-rich screenwriting and preproduction application for professional screenwriters. There are few better creative tools for screenwriters available. It is aimed at the solitary writer, allowing you to detail every aspect of each shot. Most writers will never end up using all the preproduction tools, although this app truly gives you everything that you need to get a screenplay to production. Available in multiple pricing brackets and packed with collaboration options, templates and more, Adobe Story CC is pricy but a great package. If you are a screenwriter who also does his or her own directing and production, this is essential.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: $9.99 per month or as part of All Apps Creative Cloud at $49.99 Monthly


39. Byword

Byword gives you a distraction-free writing environment with the functionality to support direct publishing to a range of popular sites. It is a great app for shorter works such as blogging. Inexpensive, great features thanks to Markdown support, and great cross compatibility, Byword is a good app however it does fall short in a few areas. There are no library and reference tools, no templates and technical solutions require repair via the macOS terminal. For short-form writing, it is a reliable app and has a good range of export options.

Platforms: macOS and iOS

Pricing: $11.99 on Mac, $5.99 on iOS


40. Textkraft Pro

Textkraft is a powerful writing application which is perfect for authors, editors, translators and other writers of all types. It is packed with features, allowing you a full range of text editing functions, drag and drop support and extensive export options. It has one of the best keyboards out of any iOS software, making typing long documents quick and easy. It has reminders, great document storage, many templates and allows you to switch between multiple open documents on the fly. This is one of the best text editors on iOS and a worthy consideration for any writer.

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $13.99


41. Write!

Write! is a minimalistic writing app with a surprising range of features. Its note taking functionality is extremely handy, allowing you to plan out your manuscript or article, while its editor is a powerful, distraction free tool with a clean interface. As a word processor, it is reliable, while its organizational tools makes keeping track of your documents easy. Cross document search is supplied, as is instant publishing to online locations. It can export to a range of features and has cloud connectively and collaboration features. Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, Write! even has a great 7-day money-back guarantee.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Pricing: $19.99


42. Desk

Desk is a great desktop publishing suite for MacOS which is best suited to bloggers. It gives you powerful content discovery and research functionality, while integrating with all major blogging platforms. This includes WordPress, BlogSpot and Tumblr. It is one of the most reasonably priced packages in its area of expertise, making content creation highly targeted, current and well-structured.

Platforms: macOS

Pricing: $19.99


43. Write or Die

Write or Die is an app for those who need motivation to stay on track. It penalizes you for slowing down and stopping typing. In its “Kamikaze Mode” it will start deleting vowels within the text which you just typed. It isn’t all punishment as Write or Die rewards you with pictures and soothing sounds when you hit your goals. While this may all seem trivial at first, some NaNoWriMo contestants use this program extensively to hit their goal of a 50,000 word novel in just one month. If you find it hard to stay up to date, then Write or Die may be your solution.

Platforms: Web-based, Windows

Pricing: $20


44. Folding Text

Folding Text is a great writing application for structured content and novels. It supplies a basic text editor with the functionality to add timers to any section of your work. This is especially handy for goal setting, allowing you to set character count or word count tracking. You can also tag sections of text and are capable of making them fold away out of site. This is a fairly basic application with excellent timers and to-do lists and a great choice for anyone who is looking for a distraction free-interface for long-form content.

Platforms: macOS

Pricing: $25


45. Pages

Pages is a powerful writing application for Mac, iPad or iPhone, while even working on a PC as well using iWork for iCloud. It has fantastic collaboration functionality, beautiful templates, a clean interface and highly functional tools. Comments and edits are saved automatically with a complete revision history and real-time viewing of changes being made in a collaborative environment. There are few better word processors available to writers on Mac. Pages should be your first choice, with over sixty templates built in, advanced tracking features and a design-set which could not be easier to use.

Platforms: macOS, iOS

Pricing: $28

writing apps for ipad

46. The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory is a creative writing studio that does a great job of improving the productivity of any given fiction writer. It guides you using a step-by-step interface through writing your novel. It takes you through the planning and structural development, giving sections for the skeleton of your story, your premise, short synopses, extended synopsis display and summaries of your scenes. You can capture historical information, full details of each character with categorization according to whether they are a protagonist, antagonist or supporting actor, as well as time and weather information concerning all scenes. Both a docked and full screen writing mode is supplied, with statistics concerning all of your writing. It is one of the most trusted and easy to use book writing applications which should definitely be considered by any creative writer.

Platforms: Windows, Web-based

Pricing: $39.95


47. Contour

Contour is a writing software package which aims to assist story development. It is specifically designed with screenwriters in mind, however it is versatile enough to be used for any form of creative writing. You are asked a selection of questions which profiles your prospective work, comparing the answers supplied to criteria from Hollywood blockbusters. It then supplies a story structure and structural suggestions which will elevate your ideas and inspire you. It is universally applicable, working across all genres. While not a complete writing application, Contour is rather a storyline development tool which is invaluable to anyone looking to get a screenplay published. It is well worth a look and a free trial is available.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: $39.95


48. Writer’s Café

Writer’s Café delivers a powerful set of tools specifically designed for fiction writers. It is simple to use and is toted to be a playground for the imagination, allowing for professionals to configure every aspect of formatting and layout, while supplying a Scrivener-esque corkboard for an easy overview of your work. The entire storyline can be rearranged on the fly, while Writer’s Café itself is a pleasure to use. Upon opening the app you are greeted with a great writing interface, mimicking the look of your desktop. Shortcuts to your pinboard, journal and scrapbook are all supplied, as well as a link to the web, your current novels and a bunch of beginner information. There is no feature lacking from this fantastic creative writing tool. It comes at quite a cost but has everything that you need to deliver outstanding fiction.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi 2

Pricing: $40


49. Scrivener

Scrivener is the outright best writing tool for large projects such as novels and screen plays. It comes with a rather steep learning curve but once you realize the power of Scrivener, you will soon realize what makes it the best. The organizational tools bring the biggest benefit. The outlining view gives a great structure of the foundation of the document you are working with. The research tab allows you to store assets including images and text for use at a later stage during your writing. The corkboard arranges your content into sections, giving you a bird’s eye view of your progress. It also makes rearranging the structure of your work very easy. This great writing studio lets you compile to an ePub which is ready for upload to Amazon, or for print publication. It is a must-have writing app for anyone who does any form of long-form writing.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: $45


50. Mellel

Mellel is a professional word processor which is extremely flexible. It is specifically designed to assist with long-form writing such as manuscripts and novels. You are given access to a word processor which gives great outlining and organizational features. This great tool assists you with editing and publishing, academic writing, technical writing and creative writing. An overview over every detail of your work is supplied, making updating your writing and keeping track straightforward. A 30-day trial is available to help you better gauge whether this powerful word processor is the tool that you need. It is far easier to use than Scrivener with almost as many features.

Platforms: Mac, iOS

Pricing: $50


51. Storyist

Storyist is a high end writing environment for novelists and screenwriters. It tracks your plot, characters and every detail of your manuscript. Once you are complete, you will have a production ready manuscript requiring little to no editing. It stores revisions constantly, allowing you to go back and revert to an alternate line of speech if you deem it necessary. Storyist makes every detail of your work easily accessible, making large novels and screenplays a pleasure to write. It is a powerful tool which should be considered by any professional writer.

Platforms: macOS, iOS

Pricing: $59


52. WriteItNow 5

WriteItNow is a fantastic fully featured creative writing app which has everything that you need to get started and finish a professional manuscript. It has two main sections, one for the chapters and scenes and the other to store all the background details of your story. Chapters and scenes can be viewed and moved around using the built-in storyboard, while you can keep track of who does what, when and where using the storyline editor. An excellent thesaurus, spell checker, readability checker and cliché finder ensures that your writing is up to high quality standards, while the handy word count and writing tasks keep you on a track. A free demo is available, allowing you to test out the great value which WriteItNow 5 supplies to writers.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: $69.95


53. MasterWriter 3

MasterWriter 3 is a great writing program for authors who do not need extensive structural and storyline development tools. It has an extensive database of words, phrases, clichés and other content which supplies suggestions aiming to improve your writing. Over 33,000 phrases and word combinations are stored, as well as over 36,000 rhyming phrases and 100,000 rhymes themselves. Both written and voice notes can be stored, while the synonym finder and speech suggestions are invaluable to any creative writer.

Platforms: Windows

Pricing: $99.95


54. Kotobee Author

Kotobee Author is an ebook creator which makes putting together a ready-to publish book extremely easy. Kotobee’s word processor is easy to use and highly functional, allowing to you drag and drop in any interactive elements, while also giving access to HTML for more advanced users. It even allows you to export your book as a true native app for hassle-free reading access. While this tool offers little in terms of proofing, it is a complete ebook publishing package which is great for less technical users to take care of all their publishing needs.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS

Pricing: $100 Lifetime License


55. Power Structure

Power Structure is a high-end creative writing application which is versatile enough for writers of all types. It gives access to a powerful text editor with eight professional style templates, complete tracking of your character development, a graphical view of conflict throughout your story, scene and chapter outlines with all the plot points, excellent plot management and a massive overview of your writing which captures information from the finest detail to a comprehensive overview. There are few writing apps which give you as much control over the structure of your story, while even less can compare to the excellent visual overview. If you wish to try out the stunning features of this outstanding creative writing studio, there is a free demo available to all. Many prefer its simplicity to even powerful apps such as Scrivener and Final Draft.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: $119.95


56. Writer’s Blocks 5

Writer’s Blocks 5 is a fantastic writing studio application which is perfect for those who typically end up with many scattered notes while writing their novel, article or screenplay. Viewing and navigating through your writing is made extremely easy. This makes polishing up your work a pleasure and highly productive. The visual layout gives a simplistic presentation of your ideas, chapters, characters and any other background information. Unlimited revisions are stored, ensuring that you don’t lose any edits along the way. The built-in word-processor is powerful and easy to use, while also being completely customizable. You can try out the great functionality of Writer’s Blocks 5 free of charge for 30 days. It is a great alternative to high-end editors with a steep learning curve.

Platforms: Windows

Pricing: $149


57. Dramatica Pro

Dramatica Pro is a creative writing application that is perfect for novels and screenplays, although it is versatile enough for any long-form writing project. The creative writing tools are nothing short of outstanding. The character development tool prompts you to describe the personalities, physical traits and activities of your characters, while the structural tools asks you questions which help to determine the dramatic direction of your story. It does a great job of improving the quality of your writing, while supplying excellent outlining tools and an easy to use word-processor as well. From plot development, to dilemmas, story form, plot motivations and more, Dramatica Pro has everything that you need to develop a stunning novel, short story or screenplay.

Platforms: Windows

Pricing: $129.95


58. Script Studio

Script Studio is a fantastic creative writing software package for screenwriters, playwrights and novelists. It gives you all-in-one story development tools which are intuitive and easy to use. It uses templates such as “The Hero’s Journey” to set and maintain a layout and logical progression of your story. The outlining functionality is nothing short of outstanding, while acts and sequences are color-coded. Your manuscript can also be analyzed through comparisons to twelve different successful Hollywood movies including Die Hard, Ghost and Dead Poets Society. It is an outstanding application for screenwriting granting many key features such as automatic scene numbering, professional script formatting and layouts for stage play, teleplay, screenplay and music. It is an outstanding app which should be considered by professional creative writers across all industries, while excelling at stage and video manuscript composition.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing: $199.95


59. Final Draft

Final Draft is an app which is specifically designed for screen writers. It allows you to properly format your screenplay, stage play or teleplay, while supplying a host of handy features such as the ability to read your script aloud, with each character portrayed using a different voice. It is a professional application for professional screenwriters and a must-have if working in the industry, despite its hefty price tag.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS

Pricing: $249.99


Finding the Perfect Writing App

Many people find that a combination of writing apps works well. The more expensive, professional packages include a range of handy tools including note-taking, outlining and proofreading functionality, while also giving you creative prompts and style advice. If you don’t have the budget for a high-end app, then consider using more than one tool. You can often reap excellent results from using a minimalistic writing app in conjunction with a premier proofreader, and possibly another app for brainstorming and mind-mapping. Be sure to try out more than one option to find the best combination for your needs.

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