9 Top Australian Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

9 Top Australian Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

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australian literary agents accepting submissions

Are you an established writer, or a new author, thinking of how to sell your work?

Don’t worry, a literary agent can handle that for you.

They can approach publishers and negotiate deals on your behalf.

Literary agents represent a range of creative artists, illustrators, composers, adult and children’s fiction authors, playwrights, script editors, scriptwriters and journalists. While some do not accept some genres, others represent a wide field of literary endeavors.

Here, we have listed 9 top Australian literary agents accepting submissions.


1. Jacinta di Mase

Jacinta di Mase is the founder, director and lead agent of Jacinta di Mase Management and she accepts quality commercial fiction and non-fiction for adult and children’s market.

She helps develop client’s manuscripts and proposals by working closely with them and only make submissions to publishers when the work has great commercial potential.

Jacinta worked for more than 20 years in the book industry before establishing her own agency in 2004. She worked for 10 years in two of Australia’s premier literary agencies: Australian Literary Management (ALM), and Jenny Darling & Associates.

She graduated from RMIT Graduate Diploma of Editing & Publishing in 1996 and also studied Copyright Law at Melbourne University. She has been a member, representative and President of several literary and publishing boards.

Please check the submission guidelines here or contact her directly here.


2. Danielle Binks

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Communications from Monash University, and also is a graduate of RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing program.

She was a regular writer for the Stella Prize Schools Blog and Kill your Darlings Literary Journal, focusing on young adult literature and feminism.

She was elected to the grassroots LoveOzYA committee in 2015 to celebrate and elevate Australia’s National Youth Literature. A collection of Australian Young Adult short stories, ‘Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology’, inspired by the #LoveOzYA movement and released by HarperCollins, had Danielle as Editor and Contributor in 2017.

She joined Jacinta di Mase Management in 2016, as a Literary Agent and has interest in Australian authors of Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) fiction works. Currently, she is seeking Middle Grade only.


australian literary agents accepting manuscripts

3. Jo Butler

Jo Butler is a literary agent at the Cameron Creswell Agency. She joined the agency in 2014 and has worked for over 25 years in the book publishing industry as an editor of fiction and non-fiction, and as a publisher of literary fiction.

She obtained LLB, Law at Macquarie University and BA (Hons), English Literature at University of Sydney.

Please send an initial enquiry by email or contact her through her professional profile but first go through her submission guidelines.


4. Clare Forster

Clare joined Curtis Brown Agency in 2007 but before then, she was a book publisher at Penguin Books. Curtis Brown Agency located in Melbourne is housed in a Brunswick Studio where she is based.Authors across fiction, non-fiction, children and illustrated books are people she has worked with. Curtis Brown is the largest and oldest literary agency in Australia. They represent writers in Australia and New Zealand, and also represent the interest of diverse clients and literary estates including young emerging writers.

She can be contacted through email. For full information regarding submission of manuscripts, notes and full submission guidelines, click here.


5. Grace Heifetz

Grace joined Curtis Brown in 2002 when she returned to Australia after working in restaurant and food PR in San Francisco in 1997 with groups such as Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard Project and Slow food, San Francisco.

Though she grew up in Sydney and Blue Mountains, she stayed a short while in London before returning to San Francisco again in 2000 where she was involved with independent radio producers, The Kitchen Sisters.

The Sonic Memorial Project, an online sound installation and living archive which explains the history and events of the World Trade Center and the Peabody Award-winning NPR series Lost & Found Sound was managed by her project.

She can be contacted through email. Before contacting her though, go through the submission guidelines.


6. Gaby Naher

Naher Agency was established in May 2008 by Gaby Naher as Director. She worked as a literary agent, bookseller and publicist in Sydney, New York and London. She has a Doctorate of Creative Arts and is an author of four books.

The Naher Agency is a literary agency located in Sydney which specializes in quality fiction and non-fiction for adult readers. The agency develops client’s manuscripts to their greatest potential by working closely with them before representing them to media organizations and publishers.

They are known for offering passion, attention to detail, professionalism and international experience to its clients. You can contact Gaby Naher using the form at this page. Do note though that Gaby does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and you need to be invited in order to make a submission.


7. Jane Burridge

The Other Woman and Company established in 1996 has Jane Burridge as the director and agent. She represents book designers as well as children’s fiction, adult fiction and non-fiction which cuts across travel, memoir, biography and humor.

Contact the literary agent first through email to establish your interest and go through the submission guidelines before submitting your work.

The Other Woman and Company also represent authors and producers in film, television and publishing. Jane also works with writers across genres of history, journalism and the great Aussie pursuits of surfing and cricket.

She is also known to have interest in black humor and dystopian tales from time to time.


8. Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies founded the Greenhouse Literary Agency in 2007 after a long career as a UK children’s publisher. The agency accepts writers from Australia and New Zealand.

Sarah has been an editor for a long time and has wide experience in marketing, rights and negotiating contracts. Her publishing contracts in countries like USA after residing there for several years gives her a different view of the children’s book industry.

She accepts fiction by non-American authors, from Middle Grade through Young Adult and across all genres but she does not accept Picture books unless from clients she initially represented for older fiction. She loves heart-touching stories, strong, hooky, layered plots, gorgeous but strong writing.

Stories involving the ocean, mysteries that are intriguing, relating to history, which also portrays characters and settings of all kinds is what she loves in Young Adult (YA).

Sarah is looking for adventurous fiction, but also classic-voiced and heartfelt stories for girls in Middle Grade (MG). She has soft spot for stories of friendships, magical realism and novel approaches of interpreting the classic “Coming of Age” troupe.

Click here to go through her manuscript wish list.

She can be contacted directly on Twitter, but go through her submission guidelines.


9. Alex Adsett

Alex Adsett is a publishing consultant and literary agent who has worked with publishers including Editia, Sleepers and University of Queensland Press, among others. She started her book selling career at Pulp Fiction bookshop in Brisbane, Australia and later moved to London, UK and worked at Murder One bookstore followed by more than two years working for Simon and Schuster UK.Alex spent 3 years in her dream job as part of the Rights and Contracts Department of Penguin Books in Melbourne on returning to Australia before moving to the Contracts Department of John Wiley & Sons, Australia, Ltd. She has been working in the book selling and publishing industry for the past 20 years. During this time, she has also managed Alex Adsett Publishing Services established by her in 2008.

Alex Adsett Publishing Services is a full service literary agency originally offering freelance consultancy services to Australian publishers and authors, representing quality works of fiction and non-fiction for children, teen and adults, focusing on commercial publishing contracts. It also expanded to offer traditional literary agent representation to authors.

As a consultant, Alex provides commercial and strategic advice to independent publishers and authors regarding publishing contracts. She has worked with authors such as Isobelle Carmody, Kylie Chan, Graeme Simsion, Barry Humphries.

She is always seeking exciting new manuscripts with a focus on fiction such as science fiction, crime, romance, children’s books, Middle Grade and Young Adult, and also literary fiction narrative non-fiction. Alex delivers regular seminars on copyright and publishing contracts across Australia and serves on various NFP literary boards.

She can be reached on Twitter. However, do note Alex is only accepting manuscripts from authors she has met, or through personal recommendations.

Are you a literary agent in Australia currently accepting submissions? Please introduce yourself in the comments box below!

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