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Thank you for your interest in writing for e-Books India! We would love for you to use our platform to help promote you and your work.

If you would like to know more about our submission guidelines, please see the list of common questions and answers below:

What types of articles do you accept?

We accept articles that provide practical advice and tips to writers and authors, which help them in the writing, designing, publishing, marketing and selling of books and ebooks; both fiction and nonfiction.

We also love self-help articles that provide inspiration and motivation to writers, and also posts that focus on business writing. Please take a look at some of the articles in our archives to get an idea of what we publish.

Do you pay for the articles?

We don’t pay for guest contributions, as we already have a team of paid writers who work at e-Books India.

When you do write for e-Books India, you can include up to 2 links within the body of your article (which could be informative articles at your own blog or at other websites). In your bio you can include up to 2 links back to your website or blog and your book or e-book, and 2 links to your social media accounts. You can include a bio of up to 10 lines.

How do you accept articles?

We accept them in Word format, which would consist of the title of the article, the main body and then your bio at the end.

What length do the articles need to be?

Our articles are usually a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1000 words long.

What style of writing do you accept?

We like articles to be in a blog post style, which are split into headings, and under each heading are practical tips and advice.

Can I submit an article that has been published before on another site?

We only accept articles that are 100% unique and are unpublished and will not be published elsewhere in the future, as we want to give our readers the best possible reading experience. Also, we don’t want our site to be penalized by search engines for hosting duplicate content.

Will you edit my article?

If we feel this is necessary, then yes, we will edit it to help improve its readability. All edits will be sent back to you to check over before your article is published.

Do I need to include a photo for my article?

No, we will add an image to your article.

Should I send you my photo?

Yes please. We want to give our contributors maximum exposure.

Is my article guaranteed to get published?

We will try our very best to publish your article, as we want to give you an opportunity to use our platform to promote your work. However, we reserve to right to not publish an article if it does not fit into the overall themes of e-Books India.

How can I submit my article to you?

Please e-mail your article to and we’ll respond back within 48 hours.

Thanks once again for your interest in contributing to e-Books India and we look forward to hosting your articles.

Image credit: Walt Stoneburner on flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0