31 Of The Best Freelance Writing Sites

31 Of The Best Freelance Writing Sites

By on May 15, 2017 in Writing & Editing

best freelance writing sites

Whether you’re looking for extra writing work or a full-time gig, there are plenty of opportunities on freelance writing sites.

It’s simply a matter of knowing which ones to take a look at!

Searching for a job can be overwhelming, especially with all of the content living online these days — it’s easy to get bogged down by the search alone!

Also, it’s easy to come across freelance writing jobs that pay pennies for hours and hours of your time, but that’s not fair.

Below is a curated list of 31 of the best freelance writing sites.

Whether you’re a creative copywriter, a transcriber, a news writer, an editor or more, these sites list jobs from reputable clients; jobs that pay well and will be worth the time you put into them.

All you need to do is get your resume and/or writing samples ready and be prepared to hit apply!


1. BloggingPro Job Board

Updated daily, the BloggingPro Job Board is a great spot to find freelance writing jobs online. Most job postings are remote and allow folks to work from home, which is ideal for most writers. Topics range from parenting and health to tech and gaming. No matter what you most enjoy writing about, this job board has an opportunity for every freelancer.


2. Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a go-to place when looking for your next writing gig and the site is perfect for freelance journalists looking to add more bylines to their portfolios. Opportunities for work include freelance sports reporting, tech reporting, web editors and more. The site also allows folks to filter their searches based on industry, location, job type and date posted. Refine your search until you find the perfect writing jobs for you. While journalism degrees are not required, a passion for writing is!


3. Online Writing Jobs

Established in 2006, Online Writing Jobs was founded by Brian Scott who personally researches and handpicks the very best jobs in writing. Scott sources these jobs from a variety of job boards, recruiters, companies, career sites and more. The site is updated daily so you can be sure you’ll always find the freshest picks. In Scott’s own words, “If I can help a fellow freelancer find his or her next paying job, then all of this time I commit to running this website is well worth it.”


4. Write Jobs

Since 2010, Write Jobs has provided folks with remote, paying job leads and opportunities worldwide. While this site may not have the most modern design, the job postings make up for it. Postings include jobs for fitness writers, app writers, press release writers, car ad writers and more! If you have a specific hobby or interest that you enjoy writing about, chances are you can find the perfect gig through Write Jobs. While the site offers job listings for free, there is also a part of the site called Write Jobs Plus that has tiered pricing for access. Users can submit a $5 donation for 1-month access, $15 donation for 3-month access, and $60 donation for yearly access. Jobs on the plus board can pay as high as $600 per article, and some jobs are full-time with salaries upwards of $60,000 — so, for serious freelancers, it may be worth donating to gain access to these highly sought-after listings.


5. FlexJobs

FlexJobs, founded in 2007, is perfect for freelancers looking for — you guessed it! — flexibility. The site is home to tens of thousands of job postings from nearly 5,000 different companies. CNN, CNBC and Forbes have all cited FlexJobs as a go-to resource for those looking for high-paying part-time and freelance jobs. The site offers searchability for over 50 career categories (including writing!) and jobs ranging from entry-level to executive and freelance to full-time. FlexJobs is more than a job board; job-seekers will find job search tips, a guide to the best companies for flexibility, “surprising” flexible jobs and more! Perfect for folks who don’t want to be tied down to commuting or an office, FlexJobs is easy to use and every job is “hand-screened and legitimate.”

freelance writing jobs online

6. Contena

Looking specifically for writing gigs? Contena is a must-visit! The site is designed with a crisp, clean user-friendly layout that makes it easy to navigate and find jobs quickly. Jobs are highlighted by categories ranging from health and tech to education and marketing. Sports writers can find gigs like MLB writer and NBA writer for Vox Media. Users can create a login to star certain jobs, set alerts and keep tabs on submissions.


7. Morning Coffee Newsletter

FreelanceWriting.com has been publishing the “Morning Coffee” Newsletter featuring new and updated freelance writing jobs since 1998. The weekly digest includes eight of the best new writing jobs for freelancers. Jobs are well-researched and handpicked from popular job sites like Indeed, CraigsList, ProBlogger, and others. These jobs are also updated 24/7 in the Online Writing Jobs section – including special writing gigs submitted exclusively to FreelanceWriting.com.


8. ProBlogger Job Board

Freelancers seeking an easy-to-use job board that will yield quality results should definitely look at ProBlogger. Folks can filter through freelance, contract, full-time and part-time positions, as well as use keywords and locations to further narrow down results. New jobs are marked with bright orange banners, so you’ll always be in the know! If you’re looking for inspiration, ProBlogger is more than just a job board; click around the site and you’ll find a blog, podcasts, and more.


9. Be a Freelance Blogger Job Board

Freelancers shouldn’t skip this site when looking for their next writing gig. Sophie Lizard created this site after having many different jobs — from data entry specialist to marketing manager — and, now, she’s a self-proclaimed expert in freelance blogging. She created a forum for posting jobs with the following criteria – any blogging opportunity shared must be paying at least $50 per post, or $0.10 per word.


10. The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

Though not a website itself, this is an extremely useful list curated by Sophie Lizard of the Be a Freelance Blogger site. This free downloadable ebook includes 75 blogs that pay $50 or more per post. The book is broken down into sections like Writing Blogs, Food Blogs, etc. Lizard also includes some good tips on how to approach these blogs, how to promote yourself once you’ve landed a post, and more. Users must enter an email address in order to download the free ebook.


11. Upwork

There are pros and cons for freelancers using sites like Upwork to find writing gigs. The good thing about Upwork is that new jobs are posted around the clock from clients around the globe. There are several search and navigational features on the site that make it relatively easy to zone in on the specific types of jobs you’re looking for. However, many clients on Upwork are looking to hire folks who place the lowest bid for the job. Yet some are willing to pay more for more experienced Upwork users. Competition can be tough, but it’s always worth a shot to browse around the site!


12. All Freelance Writing

Professional blogger, freelance business writer and author, Jennifer Mattern launched this site in 2013. Under the ‘jobs’ tab, freelancers will find writing jobs posted from the last 30 days. The list isn’t extensive, but it’s a good start and the pay range can be anywhere from $25 to $250 or more. Also under the ‘jobs’ tab is a section where freelance writers can post a profile for clients to find. Mattern makes a note that “most high paying freelance writing jobs are never publicly advertised. Clients frequently search for qualified writers independently.” There is a one-time fee of $14.95 to list your profile on Mattern’s site.


13. Craigslist

Not just a stop for used cars and apartment rentals, Craigslist may be the key to finding your next freelance writing job! Craigslist offers a bunch of options to narrow down results as well — from location and employment type to user-friendly search tools for specific keywords and phrases. Job descriptions within the writing section of the website can vary from writers and copyeditors to bloggers and transcriptionists. Users can also star specific jobs of interest.


14. Freelance Writing Jobs

Updated daily, Freelance Writing Jobs’s website is fresh with opportunity for those looking to write! A variety of organizations post to this site looking for writers, including EcoWatch, Lifequotes.com and Animal Love. This site also features a section called ‘101 Websites that Pay Writers in 2017’ which is another great resource for freelancers.


15. Guru

Freelancers are known as “Gurus” and can create a profile to define the freelance services they wish to offer. Employers can then find gurus by searching for these specific services when they look for someone to complete a specific task. The site allows you to easily search and apply for jobs that interest you, in a variety of categories. Users are provided with daily matches to increase the opportunity of securing work; Guru also supplies an array of professional tools you’ll need to define milestones, set tasks, communicate with employers, share files, and agree upon payment schedules.


16. Indeed

Easy to use and visually pleasing, Indeed allows users to search through millions of jobs from thousands of job boards, newspapers, classifieds and company websites all with a click! Simply type what kind of job you’re looking for and hit search, Indeed does the rest. Users can further filter by typing in a location — if you’re looking for a remote job, simply type “remote.” Writers can even type “freelance writing” in the what box and “work from home” in the where box and Indeed will curate a list of corresponding jobs. The combination of ways to search for jobs is endless and Indeed also offers “easy apply” jobs. And yes, it really is that easy! Indeed also has an excellent mobile app for job seekers on-the-go.


17. iWriter

Unlike some other websites on this list where anyone can go on and look for jobs, iWriter requires folks to register (for free!) to access jobs. Clients use iWriter as they would a site like Upwork — jobs are posted, freelancers apply and then payment is through the main site. iWriter pays writers through PayPal; writers get paid 81% of the price of each article. Writers are broken into tiers of “types” (i.e. Standard, Premium, or Elite). So, the amount writers earn is ultimately based on their current type. Elite writers can earn $15+ for an article and writers are free to select the topics they’d like to write about. There’s no limit on how little or how much you can write — a freelancer’s dream!


18. Freelancer

Though it requires a login to get set up, Freelancer is an excellent site for writer’s looking for extra gigs. Unlike most other platforms, in addition to offering millions of projects (literally over 11 million jobs are live as of this posting), Freelancer allows users to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove their skills. If you’re competitive and confident in your expertise, it’s a great way to showcase your abilities and attract more clients. From research writing and data entry to website and PowerPoint development, there are endless opportunities for all types of writers on Freelancer.


19. The Writer’s Job Board

This site is exactly what it sounds like…a writer’s job board. What makes it a top place to find a great gig though? The job board only includes the highest quality blogging, content writing, and copywriting jobs for writers. The site also focuses on remote and online writing opportunities — perfect for freelancers! The site also offers a writing tips and writing resources section to help you learn how to run a freelancing enterprise. Freelancers can find job postings from companies like Vice News, Duolingo and The Huffington Post. Users can also filter easily by checking boxes including freelance, temporary, contract, part-time, etc.


20. Mediabistro

Thrillist, Daily Mail and theSkimm are just some of the top companies that post freelance offerings on Mediabistro. These freelance writing jobs offer competitive rates and (usually) the flexibility to work from home. Mediabistro allows users to filter with keywords and location, as well as desired salary, duration and level (entry-level, experienced, etc). Feast on this site and take a stab at applying to what could be your dream freelance writing job.


21. Edu Jobs

While this site doesn’t strictly stick to jobs for writers, there are often several postings for writers and editors to be found. Most writing jobs are subject-based and focus on educating the readers (hence the website’s name). You’ll find listings looking for test question writers, science writers, and even curriculum writers. Another cool thing about this site is that it’s powered by Blogger and users can format the page in a way that makes it easiest for them to sift through jobs to find what they’re looking for. Whether you prefer scrolling through a magazine, mosaic or flip board layout, this aesthetically pleasing site could be the key to finding your next writing gig.


22. We Work Remotely

Many folks may think freelancing and remote work are one in the same — but they’re not! The definition of freelance is working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company. However, it is true that many freelancers do work remotely — especially writers! We Work Remotely is a site dedicated to those looking strictly for remote work. Let’s face it – not all people enjoy the office life! While this site is more heavy on remote work listings for web developers and customer support jobs, there are always a few stray copywriting and marketing jobs for writers to look out for.


23. Writing Jobz

Since 2009, Writing Jobz has served as a spot for writers to look for the latest job opportunities. Looking for a part-time job or something more substantial? Writing Jobz is the place to find the job to fit your schedule and your needs. Registration is required to view jobs on this site. Whether you’re a skilled business writer, or prefer writing academic papers, you can find opportunities for consistent work at great rates seldom found elsewhere. Freelance projects range from complex subjects requiring very thorough research to subjects that you may be more passionate about. Writing Jobz is on this list because they hold extremely high standards for jobs posted on the site. Only the best of the best jobs are picked, and freelancers are required to submit portfolio items when applying to jobs. It may seem like a lot of work just to apply for jobs, but don’t be dismayed! Think of Writing Jobz like your own personal recruiter. They want to help you find the right fit, but they need you to represent their company with integrity and grace as well.


24. Greatlance

Freelancing isn’t just good, it’s great and Greatlance makes sure the user experience is just that. Greatlance isn’t an agency or a recruitment service and the site is free to use. According to their website, the Greatlance team’s mission is to give freelancers and employers a cutting edge platform where they can uplift their business to a new range of dimension with repeated jobs. Greatlance is more than just a job board, it’s a resource. Users can find a blog, resources and tools. Don’t just be a freelancer, be a Greatlance-r!


25. Writers Department

Though this website requires users to register, it’s worth the extra step. The Writers Department can help you find work to help you stay busy while earning a nice income, whether you’re looking for a supplemental source of money or a more full-time position. The site offers plenty of writing jobs for both academic and business writers. Make your own schedule and have the freedom you want, with the kind of work you enjoy. Writers can earn up to $15 for writing just a single double-spaced page!


26. Copify

Sleek, modern and service-oriented, Copify is a cool spot for freelancers to check out some of the latest writing opportunities. Those interested must apply and once an application is approved assignments can be taken on instantly. Much of the work offered includes online copywriting for small businesses and blogs. Freelancers can create their own work schedules and are paid through PayPal. But the best thing Copify has going for them may just be this quirk: their silly agency name generator. Click the button to reveal a silly name and have a laugh. I got Mega Walrus Studios!


27. Prospect Solution

Before freelancing through Prospect Solution, folks must undergo an application process. This includes writing 150 words on “What Makes a Good Writer?” as well as uploading a resume. From there, applicants can choose the type of writing they are most interested in. Categories include academic writing, business writing, content writing, editing, legal writing, medical writing, proofreading, technical writing and translation. Truly something for each and every freelance writer! Prospect Solution’s mission is to provide their growing customer base with a reliable range of quality academic and marketing research writing services that fit their particular needs. Currently in their sixth year of operation, Prospect Solutions proudly claims to have the “highest quality of academic talent in the industry” and ensures “the highest rate of pay for several writer jobs.” Top freelancers get paid up to $800 per piece!


28. Listverse

If you are a writer, then you probably love making lists. If so, Listverse is the dream freelancing site for you! How does it work? According to their website, Listverse will pay you “$100 for your efforts. You don’t need to be an expert—you just need to have English equal to that of a native speaker, a sense of humor, and a love for things unusual or interesting.” You’re free to choose the topic — the list just has to include at least ten items and be at least 1800 words in length. Need some inspiration? Published lists include 10 Plants That Want To Kill You, Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Number Pi, and Top 10 Misconceptions About The Titanic Debunked.


29. Konsus

Konsus prides itself as “the world’s first freelance platform that puts the freelancers first.” Unlike other marketplace models, Konsus “only works with the ‘creme de la creme’ of freelance talent, who get to choose what projects they work on and not vice versa.” Freelancers must apply to get started on Konsus and, if accepted, they will have a constant stream of incoming projects and the opportunity to choose what works for them. The Konsus site is sleek and modern and the company is based in Palo Alto, CA.


30. People Per Hour

People Per Hour provides a unique take on freelance work. Jobs are called ‘hourlies’ and delivery times are no more than 4 days from when the job is given. Jobs can be filtered by type (like writing) and further filtered by price, country and what’s trending. Writing jobs on this site include writing short blog posts, press releases, research articles, and more. People Per Hour is the leading freelance marketplace in Europe, according to their website, and connects freelancers and clients worldwide.


31. LinkedIn Jobs

Networking goes a long way in the freelance world, and LinkedIn is a surprisingly great resource to find your next freelance writing gig! Most folks often forget that LinkedIn isn’t just a place to update a profile with most recent jobs, but it can be a great resource to find jobs as well! Check out the jobs section and you may be surprised to find what you’ve been looking for. The great thing about using a networking site like LinkedIn is that people expect you to reach out to them. So, if you see a job that is located in San Francisco for example, but you’re really interested in doing it remotely, reach out to a recruiting person within that company. You should also reach out to companies with a proposal for freelance writing services. You never know who may just want to take you up on the offer! If you are really bold you can even go so far as to reach out to folks who have “recently viewed your profile.” Ask them if you could be of some help, or if they’re looking for someone like you to fill a particular role in their organization. It never hurts to reach out and make new connections – you never know what opportunities could be just around the corner if you never ask!


So, what did you think of our list of best freelance writing sites? Have you had any big successes using any of the listed sites? Are there any we missed out on? Please share them in the comments box below!

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