12 of the Best Online Grant Writing Courses

12 of the Best Online Grant Writing Courses

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best online grant writing courses

Are you an employee of an organization who is looking to develop your skills in writing grant funding applications, or in producing tenders for contracts?

Maybe you’re an employer looking for opportunities to develop the ability of your staff to write grant applications. Not only are you upskilling your staff, you’re also investing in their ability to develop more business by winning grants and contracts to deliver products and services; all contributing to the sustainability and growth of your organization.

On the other hand, you might want to start a grant writing consultancy business and would like to develop your competency in writing proposals, tenders and bids.

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Of course, you could also find training opportunities in writing grants. However, what if you don’t have the budget to attend live face-to-face training?

Online training courses in writing proposals could be a more cost effective solution.

The great thing about such courses is not only are they cheaper, they’re also convenient to make use of, because you can study at your own pace, in your own time and come back to the resources again and again. All you need is access to the Internet, and a device to access the course such as a laptop or a tablet.

And if you’re looking for online grant writing courses, we’ve just made your search easier.

Below are 12 of the best online grant writing courses you should take a look at.


1. A to Z Grant Writing by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel

Delivered through ed2go, University of Georgia’s Center for Continuing Education and Hotel’s A to Z Grant Writing course, which is suitable for varying experience levels, can equip you with the skills to apply for grants on offer from foundations, businesses, individual persons and also the government. The course covers looking for sources of funding, how to build partnerships with funding organizations, and how to write winning proposals. The A to Z Grant Writing course is suitable for you if you’re working in not-for-profit organizations, schools and colleges and religious organizations. It’s also suitable if you wish to go into consultancy, or are working in the commercial sector.

The course runs over 6 weeks with a new course starting every month. The course is structured to release two lessons per week over the six week period with a discussion area for every lesson. There is also a final exam at the end. The course costs $149.


2. Advanced Grant Proposal Writing by University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel

Another University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel course delivered through ed2go.com, with the Advanced Grant Proposal Writing course, you will become intimately familiar with the proposal template used by most public foundations and develop skills in how to complete the different sections of a proposal template (cover sheet, introduction and background page, stakeholder analysis etc.) and also learn how to collect all the information needed to comprehensively complete the various parts of a proposal including the attachments.

In addition, you’ll also learn about the criteria funders use when distributing grants and how you can ensure your proposal matches each element of the criteria. The look and feel of proposals is also covered, so that you can create dazzling proposals, which make best use of color, graphics and font. This course is also a 6 week one with a final exam at the end. The instructor for the course is someone who has won in excess of $430 million in grant funding and contracts; namely Dr Beverly Browning. The price for the Advanced Grant Proposal Writing course is $149.


3. Federal Grant Writing 101

This is another course by Dr Beverly Browning, which you can access through Udemy and it focuses on teaching you how to write federal grant applications. The course includes instruction on reading the guidance documents for federal grant opportunities, and on what is involved in writing a quality proposal and how to go about completing the various sections such as describing the need for your project, how you plan on delivering your project and creating a realistic budget. This course seems to have pretty good reviews and is reasonably priced at £10, which also gives you lifetime access to the resources.


4. Principles of Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificate by Arizona State University

If you work for an organization who is offering to upskill you for the task of writing proposals to win grant funding, the Principles of Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificate could be the one for you. It is particularly for beginners and teaches you how to align any idea or project you’re seeking funding for to the requirements and outcomes needed by the funder. The certificate program is split into the three online courses, which are Foundations of Grant Development and Proposal Writing, Grant Development: Proposal Exploration  and Grant Development: Proposal Application and Grant Management. Each course runs over 14 days and requires a time commitment from you of 25-30 hours over this period. The next certification programme runs from 21st August 2017 to 29th October 2017. There is an early bird fee currently at $810. Otherwise, the certification costs $900.


5. Advanced Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificate by Arizona State University

If you’re planning on taking the Principles of Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificate, and want to specialize in writing federal grant applications, then you can do so by taking an additional course entitled Advanced Grant Development: Federal Proposals, and finish up with an Advanced Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificate. This particular certification programme by Arizona State University takes place from 21st August 2017 until 19th November. The fee for this one is $1200, or you can take advantage of the early bird fee, which is $1080.


6. Tender Writing Skills – How To Bid For Contracts And Increase Your Income available through eLearning Marketplace

If you’re a UK-based tender or bid writer looking to enhance your skills, or if your employer wants to invest in your development, you may want to take a look at the Tender Writing Skills – How To Bid For Contracts And Increase Your Income course available for purchase through eLearning Marketplace.

Priced at £45.00, this is a video based course, that will teach you how to find public sector contracts on offer through searching appropriate websites, establishing which opportunities your organization has the skills and knowledge to deliver and then how to write winning bids through documents such as a Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and an Invitation To Tender (IIT). Among other things, the course also covers how to price your products and services competitively and how to get feedback from previous proposal submissions so that you can make improvements in the future.


7. Effective Grant Writing available through eLearning Marketplace

Another course available through eLearning Marketplace, Effective Grant Writing is suitable for beginner and experienced grant writers and provides tools and approaches to write grant applications. The course has a number of practical outcomes, which among many others, include how to use a storytelling approach to help sell your grant application to funders, demonstrating a strong need for your project and describing well how your proposed solution addresses the need. £50 gives you access to the course for 6 months along with practical exercises and an online test if you would like to achieve certification.


8. Writing Successful Grant Proposals by Elevate

If you’re a professional in the healthcare sector, or carry out medical research and are looking for training in proposal writing, Writing Successful Grant Proposals, an online grant writing course by Elevate, might be worth taking a look at. Elevate’s course runs for 4 weeks and covers many topics such as choosing the appropriate funding opportunity, creating a realistic project plan for writing and preparing proposals, persuasive writing, effective usage of graphics, presenting you and your team’s research background compellingly, creating work packages, and a budget correctly.  Two more start dates are left for 2017, which are 4th September 2017, and 20th November 2017, and the course is priced at € 299 Euros.


9. Get Grant Ready – Funding for Beginners eLearning by Idox

With typically taking around three hours of your time to complete, Get Grant Ready – Funding for Beginners eLearning by Idox could be a useful course for you if you work for the not-for-profit sector, and are new to the area of applying for funding. The course contains numerous practical exercises and topics covered include all the key areas of writing funding applications from assessing the various funders operating in your area of expertise, to how to write successful funding bids, to understanding why funding applications can be unsuccessful. A single user license for the course costs £99 VAT, or if you’re an employer looking to train a team of your staff, you can purchase a licence for up to 10 people for £750. It should be noted that once you’ve completed the course, your access to the training stops.


10. Professional Certificate in Grant Writing Online by San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies

If you work as a grant writer in a non-for-profit organization, or for the government at city or county level, in education, chambers of commerce, public health or social work organizations, or you’re a business owner offering grant writing services, you may want to take a look at San Diego State University’s Professional Certificate in Grant Writing. In order to achieve the certification, there are two courses you would need to go through. The first one is Introduction to Grants and Funding Research and the second one is Grant Proposal Development.

With regards to content, Introduction to Grants and Funding Research places emphasis on researching for grant funding opportunities for not-for-profit organizations and institutions that are exempt from paying tax. You also have an opportunity to put yourself into the shoes of a potential funder in order to get an idea of what the funder is looking for in a grant application and create a plan for managing the proposals you want to pursue.

The material in the Grant Proposal Development course focuses on writing grant applications and in this course you can learn how to write eye catching, persuasive proposals and structure the written parts of the document and how to create a budget, so that you can respond to Request for Proposals (RFP) from federal, state and private foundations.

The webpage for the Professional Certificate in Grant Writing Online doesn’t contain details of fees, or information on how to register. However, if you would like to know these details and find out more about the program on offer, you can e-mail grantwriting.ces@sdsu.edu  or ring (619) 594-5821.


11. Certificate In Proposal Writing Online Course by Courses for Success

Courses for Success offers a Certificate in Proposal Writing Online Course, which takes around 6 to 8 hours to complete and comes with lifetime access. This course also happens to be accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The course covers many topics, which among others include Requests for Proposals and what they are, the steps involved with writing a proposal, understanding what the customer requires, information gathering, how to make clear your organization’s unique selling point (USP) in the proposal, creating table of contents, organizing information in your proposal, writing executive summaries, editing and proofreading. This course is priced at $149 and can be accessed through various devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


12. Online Proposal Writing Course by Foundation Center

With 3 months access after purchase, this course by Foundation Center through 15 lessons guides you step-by-step with examples, exercises and templates to learn how to write high quality proposals. The key outcomes of this course are to give you the knowledge to create a proposal, which is competitive and detailed, to learn how to turn your proposal into a letter of inquiry, handling online submissions and dealing with potential errors, which could put funders off your proposal. The course costs $225.

What did you think of our list of the best online grant writing courses? Have you taken any of them? If so, how did you find them? Please share in the comments box below! Are there any online grant writing courses, which we’ve missed out? Please tell us more!

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