4 Top Book Editors in Birmingham, UK

4 Top Book Editors in Birmingham, UK

By on Aug 26, 2017 in Writing & Editing

book editors in birmingham uk

Are you an author based in the West Midlands looking for a book editor close to home to edit your book, before you send it to a literary agent, or a book publishing house?

Birmingham, Britain’s second city with a population of 1.1 million people, could be a place to find the right editor for your manuscript.

To help you in your search to find one, we’ve compiled a list of 4 top book editors in Birmingham, UK.

Continue reading to learn who they are.


1. Ameesha Smith-Green

If you’re an author of a nonfiction book whose topic covers ICT, philosophy, business, or self-improvement, then Ameesha Smith-Green could be the editor for you. Based in Birmingham with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Birmingham, Ameesha is an expert in editing nonfiction with a decade’s worth of experience in this area, which also includes time spent working as both an editor and proofreader at a major ICT publishing house.

In her work as a freelance book editor, she’s edited in excess of 40 nonfiction books. Ameesha is skilled in both developmental editing and copyediting and is able to work with authors who’ve written their first book, writers who are about to undertake the traditional publishing process, authors who are self-publishing and experienced authors, too. If you want to work with Ameesha, you can do so through People Per Hour. Her current rate is £20 per hour and you can take a look at Ameesha’s profile here. Her great reviews speak for themselves.


2. Clarity and Precision

If you’ve written an academic book, then you may want to take a look at Clarity and Precision, which is run by Tim Davies who since 2006 has been editing books published by publishers such as Routledge and Trentham Books. Tim who has a degree in English and American Literature, specialises in both editing and proofreading books belonging to the entire range of humanities and social sciences.  He offers two main services. One is a proofreading and basic editing service which costs £10 per 1000 words; this service among other things, consists of making names and terminology consistent, suggesting alternative words to colloquial ones, correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation, and improving sentence structure.

Tim’s proofreading and copyediting service, which is charged at £25 per hour, consists of all of the services on offer in the proofreading and basic editing service with additional elements, such as improving the structure and flow of your writing, re-writing parts of your work which don’t make clear sense, improving upon writing style and enhancing the convention of language used. Take a look at this page to understand the process Tim uses for editing and proofreading.


3. Katharine D’Souza

A writer of contemporary fiction whose stories have settings in Birmingham, Katharine understands the importance of a well edited book and is skilled in editing the work of other authors. Katharine’s approach involves initially doing a critique of the first two pages of your manuscript before committing to any partnership. If Katharine takes on your project, she offers various editing services for novels and short stories. Katharine is able to do developmental editing to look at the actual structure and content of your book, providing suggestions on areas where you can improve your story and how.

If you’re manuscript doesn’t need developmental editing, Katharine can also do copyediting to look at aspects such as spelling, correct word usage, grammar and punctuation. She aims to offer a turnaround time of 3 weeks on projects she undertakes. With regards to fees, it is advised you contact Katharine to get a proper quote. However, in order to give you an idea of prices, if you require a developmental edit of a novel that is 80,000 words, you can expect it to cost approximately £500. Email Katharine at katharinedsouza1@gmail.com to tell her more your book and what type of editing you’re looking for.


4. LibroEditing

Another Birmingham editing organisation, LibroEditing is run by Liz Dexter whose client base spans the UK and across the world. Liz who set up LibroEditing in 2009, has a degree in English Language and Literature, and has extensive experience in editing, as well as transcribing and localising text to align to UK or US standards. Liz, an author herself, offers various services, and when it comes to editing, she is able to offer both copyediting and structural editing for fiction and nonfiction books. To give you an idea of prices, Liz’s prices are from £8.00 per 1000 words. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Liz can offer and to get a more accurate quote, send her message using the form on this page.

What did you think of our list of the top book editors in Birmingham, UK? Know of any others? Please share in the comments box below!

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