17 Top Book Editors in Colorado

17 Top Book Editors in Colorado

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The nature of writing is such that we spend a lifetime working on a book.

You feel the stress, anxiety and tension should be over now that it’s done. Though once you are done, you realize now you have to share it. Is it ready? Will anybody like it?

We usually look to our spouses or family members or friends and offer them first look at our work. Novice readers or writers or just supportive members, they try to give you succinct advice or praise which isn’t helpful.

If you’re a writer living in Colorado, you have a lot of resources like conferences or writing workshops and summer camps. They offer excellent guidance for writers of all ages and groups that can make you a better writer. However, you still need constructive, detailed feedback that can help you steer the ship in the right direction. This is where a book editor steps in.

How then do you find the perfect editor?

Below is a list of 17 top book editors in Colorado, United States to help you make better and informed choices.


1. Graham Publishing Group

Having almost 30 years of writing experience, Mark Graham launched the Graham Publishing Group to create interesting books and give individual attention to writers. Consultation, resources and guidance are at your fingertips for books and e-books. Line editing, content editing and proofreading is their forte. They ensure your book is exactly how you pictured it and suitable for the market without compromising on your content quality. You can contact this Denver based organization by writing to them at this email address.


2. The Red Pen Editor

Karen L. Reddick is founder of The Red Pen Editor. Based in Centennial, Colorado she provides a full range of services for every writer out there. Helping writers print books or e-books, guiding them through the process of publication and editing works of fiction or non-fiction in all genres are some of the services she offers. There are testimonials on the website informing prospective writers about her commitment to delivering great work. You can send her a sample (no word limit!) on this email address and she will edit it for no cost and give you a quote regarding your book.


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3. Edit Pro

Started by Nancy Hutchins in 1992, a proofreader, editor and writer for almost 25 years, Edit Pro has a gamut of resources for writers in Colorado. Right from simple proofreading to ensuring your tone conveys your message clearly to organizing page flow, Nancy is there every step of the way. To make things easier for everybody, they divide a project into 4 levels like proofreading, basic formatting etc and you get to choose whether you want a particular level or more than one or all four. They work at an hourly rate of $38. You can get a free estimate by sending your sample here.


4. Full Stop Editorial

Full Stop Editorial is your go-to editor if you are writing about information technology or B2B (Business-to-Business). Located in Fort Collins and having been an editing brand for 15 years, they offer substantial services like light editing or proofreading, technical editing and developmental editing. Full Stop Editorial is a great option to consider if you are writing a business manual or training course or guide. They also edit works of fiction. You can contact them here to find out submission details and rates.


5. Quam Editorial

Faye Quam Heimerl found Quam Editorial in 2001 with an intention to help aspiring authors find their voice without compromising on their content. Inclined towards artistic experiences, Faye prefers editing memoirs, short stories, children’s books and poetry. As an experience writer, editor and publisher she can assess what level of editing your manuscript needs and work to polish your book. Contact Quam Editorial, which is based in Westminster, Colorado for submission guidelines and rates.


6. Laurel Kallenbach

A writer who has worked for magazines and is currently writing her own novel, Laurel Kallenbach has an intimate understanding of the process of writing a book. The Boulder based book editor knows to create engaging content for readers and prefers working on genres like sustainable lifestyle, travel, arts, health and fitness. With two decades of editing experience under her belt, you can get your magazine articles or corporate communication edited, proofread and polished from Laurel. Interested writers can send their samples or enquiries to this email address.


7. Aimee Heckel

Aimee Heckel is the ultimate editor of choice for anyone writing about lifestyle, travel and fitness. She has edited women’s magazines, books and ghostwritten novels. For any writer looking for a modern day editor who understands the pulse of the digital generation, Aimee Heckel is who you need. Her clients believe she is more of a coach than an editor considering her approach is personal and detailed which benefits the book. To get submission details and rates, write to Aimee here.


8. Munson Communications

Launched in 1998 by Barbara Munson, Munson Communications provides copywriting, editing, publishing and ghostwriting services. Specializing in non-fiction books which include finance, travel and spirituality to name a few, Barbara guides writers to maximize their potential. Substantive editing and proof reading are done by Barbara after an initial meeting or phone consultation which is free of cost. You will be expected to pay half fees upfront and the rest upon receiving your edited manuscript. Write to Barbara here to find out about her editing rates.


9. The Text Doctor

Established in 1990, The Text Doctor is run by Elizabeth Frick, a teacher of technical writing. Primarily focused on technical writing, reports and technical documents, they also offer editing in the field of medicine and science. Having had 20 plus years of editing and writing experience in Boulder, The Text Doctor provides copy editing, proof reading and technical fact checking in various formats. You can send an enquiry by filling out this form and they can edit a sample for you on a contract basis.


10. Stonefly Editorial Services

Christine Weeber is the owner of Stonefly Editorial Services in Boulder, Colorado. Helping writers edit their content consistency, flow, grammar and flesh out plot points and characters, Christine works with genres like poetry, health, fitness, sustainable living, sports and gender studies. Aspiring writers can contact Christine via email for quotation and submission details.


11. Bella Voce Communications

Janet Braccio runs Bella Voice Communication, an agency that offers writing, editing and communication strategies. A hands-on team player Janet has a diverse background in public relations, editing and writing, Situated in Boulder,  she can copy edit, proofread and do technical as well as science editing. Contact Janet at this email address to find out about her editing rates.


12. Jennifer Top

Jennifer Top has 20 years of experience editing and writing creative fiction and poems. From navigating publishing to design, Jennifer respects the creativity of the writer but fulfills the need of the market as well by editing the content in a seamless manner. To whipping your book in shape by copy editing or line editing, she also can collaborate with you to develop your story and characters. Email Jennifer for information and rates for editing services.


13. Berman Editorial

Jody Berman launched Berman Editorial to bring her years of editing experience to writers in Boulder. Fiction, non-fiction, essays, poems and articles are just some of the things she edits, proofreads and develops. An exhaustive range of services include copy editing, line editing and evaluating your manuscript in terms of character development, plot and tonality. She charges by the hour and you get a free initial phone consultation to talk about your expectations and understand her fees. Write to Jody on this email address to learn more about rates and services.


14. MorningStar Editing

Cassie Armstrong started MorningStar Editing in 2007 to develop unfinished projects into quality; unique books that the reader desires. Having worked previously as a teacher of English at college and university level, she has experience in proofreading and copyediting books in fiction and nonfiction. Conversant in various editing styles and formats, Cassie also offers line editing and substantive editing. Write to Cassie who is based in Colorado Springs, to get an estimate for editing and proofreading your manuscript.


15. R&J Editing Services

Rivvy Neshama and her husband John Wilcockson co-own R&J Editing Services. John is a best-selling author and Rivvy is a journalist and they have ample experience across different genres. Their background as writers let them enrich a rough draft to make it into a finished book that the writer wishes it to be. Proofreading, copy editing and substantive editing are the services on offer in fields of teaching, spirituality and social service. Write to Rivvy to find out about rates and editing packages.


16. Stacey Stern

Stacey Stern is a book editor based in Boulder, Colorado. Preferring quality over quantity, Stacey takes only 1-2 projects a year so she can work with authors individually. You can expect her to be honest and inform you about the possibilities for a novel if you have an unfinished manuscript. If you already have a ready manuscript, she can skip the assessment and look over character development, tone and flow, or do a quality review to avoid grammatical errors. Message Stacey on this email address for enquiries about rates and manuscript submissions.


17. Dragonheart Writing and Editing

Melanie Mulhall is the owner and founder of Dragonheart Writing and Editing in Bromfield. The company provides writers with all the editing tools they require to polish their book and present it to the intended audience. Technical editing, content review, evaluating the manuscript for coherence and flow are some of the services one can find at Dragonheart. Contact Melanie at this address to get a quote for your manuscript.

In conclusion, a book editor can be the person who nudges you, pokes and pats you at the right time. In an evolving publishing industry where the writer no longer needs a publisher to reach an audience, the role of the editor is also changing. The editor in the traditional publishing era was the one who was in a power position, asking you to edit or change your content to suit the market. Now, the editor’s job is to encourage you and suggest to you the best way to sell your book.

The editor of the present and the future should empower a writer; push the individual without compromising his or her integrity and being honest to readers. We hope you use this comprehensive list of 17 book editors in Colorado to find the perfect match for you.

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