2 Book Editors in Oklahoma You Should Take a Look At

2 Book Editors in Oklahoma You Should Take a Look At

By on Sep 17, 2017 in Writing & Editing

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To help you authors in Oklahoma find editors across the state, we decided to do what we’ve done for other states through our posts on book editors in Utah, Washington State, Colorado and Texas.

Instead of you having to spend huge amounts of time scouring the web looking for a book editor in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmund, Broken Arrow, Lawton or any other major city in the state, we wanted to take the burden of doing this off you, and find some editors you may want to take a look at.

Well, surprisingly, in a state that has a population of 3.9 million, it wasn’t an easy task to find book editors that were actively promoting their editing and proofreading services on their own accord.

However, we did find two book editors in Oklahoma and their websites. Continue reading to learn who they are.


1. Shayla Raquel

Author of the book entitled Pre-Publishing Checklist, and based in Yukon, Oklahoma, Shayla Raquel wears a number of hats including an experienced writer, specialist marketer of authors and an sought after editor. Her editing work has seen her edit in excess of 300 books. If you know you need developmental editing, content editing, or copyediting, Shayla can offer all of these. To give you an idea of prices, if you require light copyediting and proofreading, you can expect to pay 2–3¢ per word and for developmental editing, contact Shayla to tell her more about your book project and she can provide an estimate accordingly. If you’re looking for a mentor to coach you through the publishing of your book, or need support in launching your book to the world, then these are also areas Shayla can help with.


2. Savannah Thorne

Based in Oklahoma City, Savannah Thorne runs Savvy Edit. Savannah holds a BA degree in English from the University of Iowa and also has two Master’s degrees. Her work experience has involved running a literary magazine, which also included carrying out editorial and publishing activities. Through Savvy Edit, Savannah who is also a published author, works as a freelance editor and has experience of editing books in various genres.

In order to give you an flavor of what you can expect if you work with this editor, Savannah through editing your manuscript, can make corrections, suggestions for changes, improve your plot, your book’s characters and enhance the overall flow of your story. Comments would be added directly to each page of your manuscript, and Savannah would also summarize her thoughts on your book’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Savannah also offers to edit 5 pages of your book for free, so that you can get an idea of her editing style, and decide whether to proceed further and get a quote for your project. You can contact Savannah using the details on this page to tell her about your book and your editing needs for it.

Are you a book editor in Oklahoma? Please tell us more about you on the comments box below!

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