7 Top Book Editors in Queensland, Australia

7 Top Book Editors in Queensland, Australia

By on Sep 25, 2017 in Writing & Editing

book editors in queensland, australia

Authors need editors just as much as paper needs ink.

That being said, it would be best if you left the job of editing to somebody who is proficient at it.

After all, editors are trained to see the silver linings which would leave a lasting impression in the minds of the readers, be it literary agents, book publicists or buyers of your book.

If you’re an Australian writer, here’s a list of 7 top book editors in Queensland, Australia who’d do your manuscript a world of good.


1. Totally Edited

Richard Andrews is the mastermind who established Totally Edited, a provider of editorial services. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Totally Edited has been active for around 4 years since its establishment in the year 2013. Richard has experience editing a wide range of documents like brochures, fiction short stories, fiction manuscripts, academic material, manuals etc. The kind of editing services you can avail from Totally Edited are copyediting, substantive editing and proofreading. While the charges for editing any manuscript can be slightly different than the other, Richard charges $70 per hour. You can get a better idea of a quote that’s more suited to your manuscript, once you get in touch with him via email or the form on his website.


2. Epiphany Editing & Publishing

In addition to providing editorial services, Epiphany Editing & Publishing takes care of several other publishing needs. The levels of editing they are well versed in are copyediting, proofreading and structural editing. This business was set up in the year 2011 by Kirsty Ogden who is a self-publishing specialist. They have different editing packages for you to choose from. The cost of getting your manuscript edited by them depends on the word count and how complex your manuscript is, but essentially their charges for copyediting are 0.5 to 4 cents and for structural editing are 2 – 5 cents. You’ll find this firm in Brisbane, Queensland. Contact them at the earliest by phone, mail or their website query form. You can also reach out to Kristy through her LinkedIn page.


3. Wordfix

Is your book a nonfiction, novel or children’s book? Then Wordfix can help you with fine tuning the manuscript. They are open to working with self-published authors and provide proofreading, structural editing and content editing services. If you take a look at their past works, you’ll see a few books on travel, children’s and contemporary fiction, along with others. Wordfix was founded by Gloria Webb in Cairns, Queensland. Since 2002, it has helped many authors put forth their work, be it memoirs, journal articles, fictional novels etc. Send them a message by submitting information about your manuscript by mail or form.


4. Jewel See Editing

Mt. Gravatt, Queensland is home to Jewel See Editing, an editorial service provider that has been churning polished content for many years now. It was started by Wendy Smith in 2009. She has previously worked on different genres of writing in fiction and nonfiction, as well as academic titles, magazine articles etc. The services you can choose from at Jewel See Editing are structural editing, proofreading, copyediting and manuscript appraisal. They do not have a per page or per word charge. Instead, once you’ve contacted them with details about your book, they’d get back to you with a quote for the entire job. Even though they are located in Mt. Gravatt, they have helped authors from all around Australia. So if they are not in your vicinity, don’t worry, give them a call, nevertheless.


5. The Erudite Pen

Various kinds of editing services like structural, ESL, verification, copy, thesis and proofreading can be found at The Erudite Pen. Started by Juliette Lachemeier in 2013, The Erudite Pen welcomes writers of fiction, nonfiction, health, metaphysical, educational and corporate works. They don’t have a pre-fixed rate for editing your book, and so would like to get a better understanding of what you require. They’re offering a free 5-10 page editing sample, just to ensure that the writer and editor are on the same wavelength. There’s a detailed form on their website that you should fill in to contact this editing firm based in Cairns, Queensland. If you don’t know what kind of editing your manuscript needs, simply go through their website, it has individual pages explaining each of the styles.


6. Greenslade Creations

Greenslade Creations is located in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland. Instituted by Amanda Greenslade in the year 2006, editing is just one of the many services that Greenslade Creations provide. Amanda is also the Director of the Australian eBook Publisher. Once you’re book has been edited, you can basically send it for publishing. You need to submit a few pages of your manuscript so that they can determine what kind of editing is needed. As long as your manuscript is atleast 30K words long, they offer 15-30 minutes of free editing. A mini manuscript assessment, a full-fledged manuscript assessment, proofreading, line editing, comprehensive editing, structural editing and ghost-writing are the services they provide. Whether it is a fictional thriller or a memoir, Greenslade Creations is open to considering your book and its editing requirements. This contact page of theirs will provide you all the details of the various platforms you can use to reach out to them.


7. Publicious

In 2010, Publicious was founded in Gold Coast, Queensland by Andy McDermott. It is a company that assists authors worldwide in publishing their books. You can choose one of their editorial packages such as copyediting, proofreading, combined copyediting & proofreading, and manuscript assessment, which includes a structural edit. Their charge for the manuscript assessment is $0.011 per word, keeping in mind a minimum cost of $400 for a manuscript. $5 per page and $3 per page are the rates for editing double sided A4 size pages in copyedit and proofread style respectively. Check out more information on pricing to have a proper idea as to how much you would be paying. No matter the genre of your book, their editors are capable of handling it. Get in touch with Publicious, via their website or phone.

Regardless of where you live in Queensland, you should be able to reach out to any of these editors depending on your budget and editing requirements. Don’t procrastinate anymore and let your book be recognized!

Are you a book editor in Queensland, Australia? Please introduce yourself in the comments box below and leave a link to your website.

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