21 Top Book Editors in Washington State

21 Top Book Editors in Washington State

By on Sep 7, 2017 in Writing & Editing

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You have completed the demanding task of writing a book and now you must go through it with a fine tooth comb.

The problem with self editing is that you’ve spent so much time on a particular page that you may not necessarily see the weeds in between the spaces.

That’s where you need to set aside your possessiveness and allow a professional to take over. I know it can be fretful, to watch a stranger take apart the product of your all-nighters.

But believe me, it would make all the difference. It would be the fine line between your raw manuscript lying forgotten somewhere and being remembered by hundreds of people.

Writers living in Washington, worry not!

For we’ve put together a list of 21 top book editors in Washington state.


1. Chas Hoppe

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Chas Hoppe is a developmental editor, copyeditor and proofreader. Since 2006, he has been providing editorial services as a self-employed professional. He has previously worked on fiction, memoirs, how-to guides, marketing-related and other nonfiction books. If you wish to contact this Creative Writing graduate of Western Washington University, head over to his website and fill up the form.


2. Logos Word Designs

Linda Nathan is the mastermind who founded Logo Word Designs in 1992. Writers of Christian fiction, nonfiction and academic works can avail editorial services such as copyediting, light copyediting, substantive editing and developmental editing from this company housed in Bellingham, Washington. Their rates vary from $2.50 – $10 per page depending on the editing style. Send a message to them via their website or Linda’s LinkedIn profile.


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3. The Publishing World

In 2014, Bryan Tomasovich established The Publishing World, a company that takes meticulous care of every step in publishing your book. You should approach this company located in the Greater Seattle Area for all your copyediting, proofreading and developmental editing needs. They seek to work with select fiction and nonfiction books. Contact them via phone, email or their website to get a quote.


4. Third Draft Creative

The Third Draft Creative seeks to perfect your manuscript by offering a range of editorial services like proofreading, formatting, line editing, editorial guidance and copyediting. They have been in the market since 2014 and welcome all sorts of written content. Alyssa Barrett is the owner and editor at Third Draft Creative. Living in Okanogan, Washington but don’t know who to turn to for help with your book? You should definitely contact them.

5. Barbara Mulvey Little

Spokane, Washington is home to editor – author, Barbara Mulvey Little. If her vast experience with words isn’t enough to convince you, a glance at her website would surely help make up your mind. She has been a self-employed editor since 2012 and is well versed with copyediting and developmental editing. The charges of employing her services are $60/hour for basic copyediting and $75/hour for developmental editing. Barbara’s expertise lies in nonfiction books about spirituality and health. If you wish to consult her, send a message on LinkedIn.


6. Eagle Eye Editing

For copyediting, proofreading and substantive editing of your manuscript, get in touch with Eagle Eye Editing in Spokane, Washington. Founded by Joanie Eppinga in 1995, Eagle Eye Editing has previously sprinkled its magic onto articles, dissertations, manuscripts, newsletters and annual reports. By contacting them, you could request a quote for editing your book.

7. Annie Crawford

The Comma Coma is a place for writers to seek the editorial services of Annie Crawford, a resident of Tacoma, Washington State. Copyediting, line editing, translation editing, proofreading and ESL editing are the services you can avail for your manuscript. For those who aren’t familiar with ESL editing, it is particularly useful for non-native English speakers. Writers of fiction, nonfiction, essays and academic works are welcome to contact Annie by mail, form or phone. The genres that pique her interest are science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, thrillers, romance and travel. She charges $60 per hour for whichever editing style you may choose. Take a look at her website and see for yourself how well your manuscript would be represented.


8. Mud Flat Press

Started by Alec and Gabi Clayton in 2004, Mud Flat Press is a publishing company that provides editorial services separately too. If you’d like to explore your options with regards to the manner in which to edit your book, you should head over to their office located in Olympia, Washington. They are capable of shaping your text through proofreading or even developmental editing. Since they work with both fiction and nonfiction books, you might just be in for a treat! Contact them via phone or their website to further discuss your book.


9. Todd Manza

Living in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, Todd Manza has been an independent editor since 2001. Developmental editing, proofreading, line editing, copyediting are the editorial services he offers. Having a degree in English and Philosophy, Todd has previously worked on fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Get in touch with him by mail or phone so as to receive a quote for editing your manuscript.


10. Colleen A. Slater

Writers in Vaughn, Washington can rely on Colleen Slater to have their books minted into shape. She is an author and editor with particular interests in history, women’s fiction and gardening. Her prior experience entails editing poetry, short fiction, novels etc. She is familiar with developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading. Take a look at some of her work and then reach out to her by email with information about your manuscript; you could also inquire about her editing charges.


11. Joan Oakland

A member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild, Joan Oakland has been a master of words for over thirty years. She was a journalist and later, the editor of Nova magazine, before setting up her independent editing business in 2012. You can find her in Port Townsend, Washington, copyediting, substantive editing and proofreading content for various clients like universities, industry professionals, individuals etc. Her interests lie in nonfiction books pertaining to travel, self help, religion, nature, history etc. If you’d like to employ her services, fill the form on her website or call her on the number she has specified.


12. Julie Van Pelt

Port Townsend, Washington also houses another independent editor, Julie Van Pelt. With over 300+ projects under her belt, she is well versed in developmental, substantive editing, proofreading and copyediting a range of different types of texts like biographies, journals and other books. She has been providing editorial services since 1995 and is also the Senior Project Editor at University of Washington Press. You’ll find all the information necessary to contact her on this page.


13. Claire Allen Edits

Claire Allen Edits is fuelled by the hard work and talent of its owner, Claire Allen. She has been a freelance editor since 2012. You’ll see that her past experience encompasses novels and memoirs, in addition to other written material like academic titles, business documents, articles etc. The different editorial services she offers are proofreading and copyediting. You can also get your manuscript rewritten by her. She is located in Seattle, Washington. If you wish to employ her services for your manuscript, send her an email with details about your book.


14. Razor Sharp Editing

Authors from Seattle, Washington should have heard of Elizabeth Nover, editor and owner of Razor Sharp Editing. If not, go through her website and get familiarized with her work. For she can help you deliver extraordinary content to publishers. Copyediting and developmental editing are the services you can choose from. Razor Sharp Editing was set up in 2015 and ever since, has put forth many fiction titles. Elizabeth particularly enjoys working with romance novels, be it YA, LGBTQ+, urban fantasy or erotica. She charges $180 for developmental editing of novellas, i.e. books with lesser than 60K words. As for full fledged novels, you’ll have to pay $300. These charges include two rounds of editing. The rates for copyediting are explained clearly on her website. Contact her by mail or form to book a slot in 2018.


15. RobWrite

As a copyeditor, proofreader and developmental editor, Robert Boardman has been in the industry for 7 years. One of his edited works has won the 2010 eLit Bronze Award for Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction. Other genres that he has edited include suspense thrillers, memoirs, guides and realistic fiction. Here’s his resume, in case you wish to go through all of his works. Savior of Fire is a science fiction novel that he has authored. He works from Kelso, Washington and doesn’t charge by the hour for his editorial services. Instead, once you reach out to him with a proposal about your manuscript, he’ll get back to you with a price for the whole project. His email id and other contact information are mentioned at the end of this page.


16. Julie Christine Johnson

2013 saw the rise of Julie Christine Johnson’s independent editing business. She is also an author of three novels. Based in Port Townsend, Washington, Julie has been providing services like story/ substantive developmental editing, query letter critique, synopsis critique and mentoring. You can get a free editing sample from her, before employing her for your entire manuscript. The rates vary from $2500 to $3000 depending on the word count of the book. She charges $500 for an evaluation of the first 50 pages. She is keenly interested in literary fiction, commercial fiction and memoirs. You should contact her to discuss the prospect of your manuscript before finalising anything. Check out her Facebook and Twitter page, should you wish to send a message through another platform.


17. Modern Grammarian

Seattle, Washington is home to the Modern Grammarian, an editing service provider owned by Christopher Parris that has been in business since 2014. Christopher is keenly interested in fiction books. So if you’re novel challenges the parameters of real life events, Modern Grammarian is apt for you. Does your book require copyediting, line editing, developmental editing or proofreading? Contact them by filling out the form on their website.


18. 7 Madronas Communications

The copy and content editing service offered by JoAnne Dyer would cover everything your manuscript needs. A graduate of University of Washington with a Communications – Advertising degree and having been trained in copyediting from University of California, San Diego, she set up 7 Madronas Communications in the year 2010 in Seattle, Washington. Nonfiction writings like history, self-help and cooking are her speciality. Contact JoAnne via her website or LinkedIn so that she can take a look at your nonfiction manuscript and possibly unearth the gems hidden in your book.


19. Julie Molinari

Julie Molinari resides in the Seattle area of Washington. If you’re looking to have your manuscript copyedited or proofread, contact Julie by sending an email or simply ringing her up. She has been providing editorial services since 2010 as a self-employed professional. Some of her recent works include thrillers, contemporary fiction, nonfiction and even fantasy. Take a look at her LinkedIn profile to get an idea about her past experience and skills.


20. Leah T. Brown

Leah T. Brown lives in Vancouver, Washington and has been a self-employed editor since 2011. She is well versed in copyediting, proofreading and developmental editing. If you check out her portfolio, you’ll see that she has edited books of many genres of fiction and nonfiction. Send her an email with the information she has specified in the requirements and you’ll be able to get a quote from her.


21. Lively Margins

If you’re looking for line editing, developmental editing or copyediting services in Seattle, Washington, you could reach out to Lively Margins via their website. It was set up by Nicole Saunders in 2016 and welcomes fiction as well as creative nonfiction titles. Nicole has a Professional Certificate in Editing from University of Washington and she describes each of the editorial services on her website in an excellent manner. You should get in touch with her to discuss the prospect of your manuscript.

Now that you’ve gone through the list, pick an editor residing in your vicinity in the state of Washington, and check off the first milestone in publishing your book.

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