7 Top Book Publicists in Australia

7 Top Book Publicists in Australia

By on Sep 9, 2017 in Publishing

book publicists in australia

So, you’re an author in Australia who has just written your book after two years or more of long, hard graft.

You’ve also got your book professionally edited, and have worked with a cover designer to create a dazzling cover that fits its genre.

But how do you let people who might be interested in your book find out about it?

Publicity is one way.

Publicity involves getting coverage of your book through interviews and features in traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and radio, and in new media such as blogs and social media. This type of coverage is usually free.

You could teach yourself methods of publicising books, create contacts with individuals in media and pitch your book to them.

The alternative is to hire the services of an experienced book publicist who already has a network of media contacts, and is experienced in the use of public relations methods; examples would be writing of press releases, finding certain angles in your book and your background that would appeal to relevant people in the media, and using these to reach out to them.


If you’re searching for a book publicist to promote your book, continue reading to learn about 7 top book publicists in Australia.


1. Katie McMurray

Katie McMurray runs KatieMac Publicity and is an extremely experienced publicity professional, who since 1998 has been publicising business books, book festivals and events such as science awards along with others. Her organisation is one of Australia’s premier publicity organisations and if you’re a business author who is looking to publicise your book, the approach Katie uses is to assess your current reputation in your industry, review the state of your current digital identity, and from this establish ways in which you can launch your book. After this, she would create a plan to attract your audience to your book and you, which would involve maximising the use of social media and digital media effectively for your own circumstances. KatieMac Publicity offers a Book Launch Program and other ones such as a Dangerous Blogging Program. If you’re interesting in finding out more about Katie’s program for launching books, or any of other her services, you can contact her using the form at this page.


2. Emma Noble

Emma Noble runs Noble Words Boutique Communications and Book Publicity, which has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Emma has in excess of 15 years of experience in the area of book publicity. Emma’s experience includes working with publishing houses, large ones, smaller ones, and even e-publishers. She has promoted celebrated individuals such as Michael Palin, Barry Humphries, Ian Rankin and Harlan Coben, and has also helped to kick-start the careers of self-published authors and beginner writers. Having promoted both fiction and nonfiction authors, Emma can plan and carry out a custom campaign for you to help you gain maximum exposure across traditional and new media, while also showing you how you can become your best promoter of you and your books. Contact Emma to make an enquiry about a book publicity campaign. If you’re on a tight budget, Emma has also written book entitled The DIY Book PR Guide, which you may want to take a look at.


3. Brendan Fredericks

If you’re looking for a highly experienced Australian book publicist, then Brendan Fredericks is your man. Born and based in Sydney, Brendan has been in the business of book publicity since 2006. With a passion for reading which was developed at school, and after gaining a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from The University of Sydney, Brendan worked as a book publicist with stints at organisations like Bloomsbury Australia and Hachette Australia. His experience involves promoting some of the very best authors out there such as Margaret Atwood, Tim Cope, Khaled Hosseini and Favell Parrett, among many others. Take a look at this page to find out about the book publicity services Brendan offers, and you can email him to find more about he can help you at brendan@bfrederickspr.com.


4. DMCPR Media

Founded by Debbie McInnes in 1993, DMCPR Media is based Leichhardt, New South Wales. It is publicity and communications agency that offers various services, one of which is PR and marketing campaigns. DMCPR Media also specialises in working with self-published authors and independent publishers and a key strength of this organisation is its network of professionals including journalists.

DMCPR Media has a distinguished list of clients from the arts sector and from the publishing industry. Some examples of its clients include among others, Australia Council for the Arts, The British Council, Harlequin Books and Ernst & Young. Take a look at this page to find out more about the clients the agency has worked with along with its author clients, who include Bob Joss, Clive James, Dick Francis, Frank Blount, Jackie Collins and Lynda La Plante. To enquire about a tailor made publicity and marketing plan for your book, you can contact this agency using these contact details.


5. Watterson Marketing Communications

Watterson Marketing Communications is an independent public relations agency based in Sydney, and whose principal is Hannah Watterson, an experienced editor and PR consultant. A member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, Watterson Marketing Communications also offers a book publicity service. This is delivered through WBOOK, which is the book publicity arm of the organisation, and its activities include the creation of targeted publicity campaigns for Australian authors and publishers, bringing back to life lists of older books, and helping authors to create profiles that can attract audiences across the world. Contact Watterson Marketing Communications to find out more either through phone, email, post, or the contact form on its website.


6. Quickmark Media

Quickmark Media is based in Melbourne and is a specialist in book and lifestyle products publicity campaigns across Australia, and in building profiles of businesses and consultancy organisations. Led by Scott Eathorne, Quickmark Media has strong links with media contacts across the nation, and takes a personalised approach when working with clients; this being the reason why it only works on a limited number of projects at any time. When it comes to publicising books, the organisation has worked on hundreds of campaigns with publishers, big and small. Contact Quickmark Media to find out more about how it can help you to promote your book.


7. Vivid Publishing

If you’re an independent author who has been published by Fontaine Press’s imprint Vivid Publishing, a Book Publicity Consultancy service is on offer to you. The service consists of some key elements such as a media release, a list of a media targets to target for reviews and features about your book, advice on how to contribute to media interviews and on events for writers to attend, and also digital marketing support. The output of the Book Publicity Consultancy service would be a publicity plan. Email Vivid Publishing at info@vividpublishing.com.au to find out more about the fees for this service and to ask any questions you might have.

Are you an Australian book publicist offering book publicity services? If so, introduce yourself in the comments box below!

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