7 Top Book Publishers in Kent

7 Top Book Publishers in Kent

By on Aug 31, 2017 in Publishing

book publishers in kent

When it comes to the map of England, the county of Kent is located in the South East of the country, sharing borders with Surrey, East Sussex, Greater London and Essex too.

Are you an author based in Kent, or close by looking for a book publisher?

If so, we’ve a compiled a list of 7 top book publishers in Kent that are worth taking a look at.


1. Search Press

Headed up by Martin de la Bedoyere who is Managing Director with support from his wife Caroline, a Director, and a strong team made up of sales and marketing, editorial and warehouse professionals, Search Press is a publisher based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The organisation, which was founded in 1970 by Charlotte de la Bedoyere, who is Martin’s mother, specialises in publishing arts and crafts books. In addition to acting as a distributor of books for other publishing houses, Search Press also publishes up to 100 of its own titles per year.

Search Press is a publisher with experience of the whole publishing process, from taking forward a unique book idea to the physical transportation of produced books in its warehouse. If you’ve written an arts and crafts book that is well illustrated, practical, inspirational, or is meant to be a reference text that is targeted to artists and crafts enthusiasts (either beginners or experienced professionals), and would like to submit a book proposal, take a look at the guidance on this page.


2. CPI Books

Based in Chatham, Kent, CPI Books is part of CPI Group, which was founded in France in 1996. CPI Books offers various services to different customers. One example is trade publishing and the organisation works with more than 2000 publishers spanning Europe; these publishers range from small independent presses to large, global publishing companies. CPI Books is able to produce hardback, paperback, colour books, religious books and thin papers. Books and guides produced can be made on mass in different formats, varying paper size, finishing and sizes. If you’re looking for a quote for more than 1500 books, you can contact Andy Howarth at: spt@cpibooks.co.uk.

CPI also offers a print on demand service, and to get a quote for the production of a limited amount of books, you can complete the form at this page. If you’re an author who is self-publishing, CPI Books also supports writers to self-publish books right through the process, from planning your book, its manufacture and then its sales. Take a look here to find out more. CPI Books is also member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.


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3. The Conrad Press

Named in honour of writer Joseph Conrad, The Conrad Press was founded by James Essinger, a writer and a literary agent. James founded this publishing house in 2015 in response to a problem he experienced while working in the industry; namely of high quality novels being rejected by large publishers on the basis that they deemed them to be unprofitable, as they believed they would not be able to sell thousands of copies in the short term. James wanted to run his publishing house without such commercial pressures, while offering more to authors whose books his organisation publishes through continued promotion over the long term.

The Conrad Press publishes both fiction novels, which are at least 60,000 words in length, and nonfiction books. Some of the authors it has published include among others, Fay Henson, Lucie Maxwell, Paul Crampton and Jovanka Houska. If you’re interested in making a submission, you need to do so through Canterbury Literary Agency and preference is given to submissions made from authors in the UK. Take a look at this page to find out how you can submit to this literary agency.


4. Caffeine Nights Publishing

Caffeine Nights Publishing is a Chatham based independent publisher of crime and horror fiction. The organisation publishes books in paperback and also digitally through ebooks, and has been in the business since 2010. The founder of Caffeine Nights Publishing is Darren Laws and the aim of this publishing house is to publish fiction that is dark, unconventional and which entertains readers. Caffeine Nights Publishing has published authors such as Colin Edmonds, Richard Blake, Mike Craven and Tess Makovesky. Take a look at this page to find out more about these, and the many other authors who have been published by this publisher. Although Caffeine Nights Publishing is currently closed submissions, you may want to enquire about when it plans to start accepting manuscripts again.


5. Calisi Press

Based in Folkestone, Kent, Calisi Press was founded by Franca Simpson who is an experienced translator and holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from London Metropolitan University. The organisation is an independent publisher whose niche is the publishing of English translations of books by modern Italian women writers, and has a goal of promoting Italian female writers in English speaking countries. Examples of books published by Calisi Press are My Mother is a River and Bella Mia, both of which have been authored by Donatella Di Pietrantonio. If you would like to enquire whether Calisi Press is currently accepting submissions, you can find contact details or a form to fill in at this page.


6. River Publishing

If you’re written a book on relational Christianity, then you might want to take a look at River Publishing, whose founder is Tim Pettingale, an experienced professional in Christian publishing. Some of the authors the organisation has published include Mark Marx, Nicola Neal, Tamsin Evans, Debra Green OBE, among many others. River Publishing is particularly interested in authors who have been recipients of insightful and deep revelations, books that teach universal truths uniquely, and works that lead to life transformation change, or broad culture change. You can enquire about making a submission using the form at this page. River Publishing can be found at Bradbourne Stables, East Malling, Kent, ME19 6DZ.


7. Historical Publications

Founded in 1971 and based in Whitstable, Kent, Historical Publications is a specialist publisher of books about London and towns close to the capital of England. This publisher publishers books about the histories of single areas, books which give  A-Z accounts of particular areas, and books that look at certain aspects of London, such a politics, theatre and public places such as gardens. If you’ve written a well-researched and illustrated book, which gives a historical account of a part of London or a location just outside, contact Historical Publications to find out more about making a possible submission.

Are you an author who’s had a book published by one of the above book publishers in Kent? If so, please share your experiences in the comments box below!

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