8 Top Book Publishing Companies in Alabama

8 Top Book Publishing Companies in Alabama

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book publishing companies in alabama

If you’re an author from Alabama looking for a book publisher to publish your book and get it to its target readers, the purpose of this post is to help make your search quicker and easier.

Continue reading to learn about 8 top book publishing companies in Alabama.


1. OnStage Publishing

Always interested in hearing from new authors, OnStage Publishing of Madison, Alabama is an independent publisher of children’s books and publishes chapter books, middle grade books and young adult books. If you would like to make a submission for a printed book, OnStage Publishing is happy to receive your unsolicited manuscript. You need to submit a covering letter that includes your name and address, date, a short one page summary of your book, the target audience such as middle grade readers, young adult readers etc., and also information on word count and the number of chapters in your book. Take a look here for full submissions guidelines for a printed book. You can also make a submission for the publishing of a mystery ebook. With an ebook, you need to be invited to submit your full manuscript. The way to get in invite is to email in the first three chapters of your book. Take a look at this page to find out more and to discover what content OnStage Publishing looks for in ebook submissions.


2. Menasha Ridge Press

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Menasha Ridge Press has been operating for more than 35 years as an independent book publishing house. Books it has published have become bestsellers and award-winning, covering topics such as wilderness sport, the outdoors, wildlife, history, eating out, global travelling and cooking. Menasha Ridge Press publishes books with Wilderness Press, its sister organization. If you’re interested in making a submission, you would be well advised to browse the books currently available at the Menasha Ridge Press website to ensure your book is aligned with the types of works this publisher publishes. If you feel your book would be a good fit, you can email a covering letter with a proposal form. The latter along with further submission guidance can be found at this page.


3. Mentor Enterprises, Inc

If you’ve a member of the US military who has written a book, or developed a piece of software, you should know about Mentor Enterprises, Inc who is a publisher of military books and digital media. Based in Madison, Alabama, the CEO of this organization is Mark Gerecht and has as its customers, members of the US Armed Forces such as soldiers, marines and sailors. The organization also runs several websites; examples of two are Mentor Military, its online store which sells books and digital media, and Army Counselling Online, where army leadership software can be found. If you would like to make a submission to Mentor Enterprises, you can send your manuscript to the address found at this page.


4. Publishing Designs Inc

Publishing Designs Inc is a publisher of books with a Christian theme, such as works about the Church, women’s inspirational books, fiction, home and family, and books for teenagers. Based in Huntsville, Alabama and founded in 1989 by James Andrew, this publisher helps authors navigate the world of self-publishing including providing services such as editing, book design, and cover design. If you would like to submit your manuscript to this publishing house, take a look at this page to find out how to prepare it in the correct format. You can submit your manuscript either through email or via post.


5. Red Bike Publishing

Founded by Jeff Bennett, a service disabled veteran owner, Red Bike Publishing is a niche market publisher that has a strong social cause, as it donates a percentage of its profits to different charitable organizations. Red Bike Publishing publishes high quality fiction, nonfiction, traditional books and also works in digital format through ebooks. It also publishes resources for training. If you’ve written a book that has been rejected by traditional publishers, then Red Bike Publishing has a publishing solution that doesn’t charge you to publish. However, an investment you make is to pre-purchase 150 paperback copies of your book for $10.00 each, or 125 hardback copies for $20.00 each. Once your book has been published, Red Bike Publishing would ensure it is accessible nationally through 39,000 book distribution centers and through a number of online sellers of books. You can find out more about what you would gain through publishing with this publisher at this page, along with self-publishing options also offered by Red Bike Publishing.


6. River City Publishing

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, and whose owner is Carolyn Newman, River City Publishing is a committed publishing house of Southern stories and a supporter of Southern writers. Some of its award-winning books include The Life and Art of Jimmy Lee Sudduth by Susan Mitchell Crawley, Lies by William Hoffman, The Man Under My Skin by Juliana Gray and Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon, among many others. It publishes novels, short stories, and narrative nonfiction, although it is currently closed to submissions for poetry and children’s books. If you have written a contemporary book with a Southern theme and which has national appeal, River City Publishing is happy to receive an unsolicited submission. Be sure to take a read of this page to find out exactly how you can make a submission when sending it through post, and also to find out specific details about the types of books this publisher is looking for and what it doesn’t publish.


7. NewSouth Books

NewSouth Books formed in 2000, and previously known as Black Belt Communications Group (which began in 1986), is co-owned by Suzanne La Rosa and Randall Williams. It is an independent book publisher that is a specialist in publishing regional books that can attract audiences nationally. The specific genres this publisher publishes is high quality fiction, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. It has a particular affinity for Southern history, and biographies and autobiographies of Native Americans and African Americans, and topics related to civil rights. Although NewSouth Books is currently closed to submissions, do keep an eye on this page for details about when submissions open up again.


8. Whosoever Press

Started by Nate Fortner in 2012 after his negative encounter with a self-publishing company, Whosoever Press has its home in Boaz, Alabama. The publisher of Christian books has its titles distributed to more than 35,000 retailers globally, and you can take a look at the authors whose books this organization has published here. If you would like to make submission to Whosoever Press, take a look at this page for further details. This publisher aims to give a response to author submissions within two weeks.

Are you a book publisher in the state of Alabama? Please tell us about your organization in the comments box below!

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