11 Top Book Publishing Companies in Arizona

11 Top Book Publishing Companies in Arizona

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book publishing companies in arizona

If you’re an author in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, or another city in Arizona, and are looking for a book publisher, you might have discovered that finding publishers isn’t always easy. After all, you don’t usually see billboards or advertisements for publishing companies.

That’s why in this article, we will show you 11 of the best book publishing companies in Arizona.


1. Golden West Publishing

Golden West Publishing is located in Phoenix, Arizona and was originally a one book company known as The Real Estate Primer. Today, though, they publish a variety of books including westerns, cookbooks, field guides, and more. Their most popular books, though, are the field guides and their American Traveler series, both designed to help readers explore the western United States. Their cookbooks are another popular choice, varying from Southwestern dishes to books full of home cooked favorites that they describe as some of Grandma’s recipes. If you’re interested in inquiring about how you might get published by this Phoenix based publisher, you can find contact details including an email address at this page.


2. Jones Media Publishing

Jones Media Publishing is another company that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. It is owned and founded by Jeremy C. Jones and Claudia Jones, two very talented names with experience in the field of publishing. They vow to treat authors like people and work to get your work published under your name with 100% ownership staying with you. Compared to other publishing companies, Jones Media Publishing is especially dedicated to authors who keep 100% of profits from their books. You can also take advantage of a free book strategy session, which you can book here.


top book publishers in arizona


3. Story Terrace Publishing Company

Once again in Phoenix, Arizona, the Story Terrace Publishing Company is dedicated to capturing and sharing stories such as autobiographies, memoirs and biographies. It was started after founder Rutger Bruining took inspiration from the unwritten stories his grandfather told and became determined to preserve the stories of others. The Story Terrace Publishing Company connects writers to people if they want to share their own stories but lack the writing skills, an opportunity most companies don’t offer. If you’re interested in having your story recorded and written by someone else, take a look at the packages on offer by this organization.


4. Heritage Publishers

Heritage Publishers is based in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded in 1985 by John Myers, If you are an independent author, this isn’t the publishing company for you. Instead, this publishing company caters to businesses, healthcare providers, non-profits, fraternities, sororities, and other similar organizations. What sets this publishing company apart is that it seeks to share the history of companies and organizations – not just people. Their stories follow the organizations as entities – not their owners or founders. You can request a quote by completing the form at this page.


5. Remedia Publications

Remedia Publications is mainly focused on education and has been making books for educators out of Scottsdale, Arizona since 1978. Their education tools come in many different formats, all made to entertain while teaching basic skills. These vary from a teacher teaching an average student to anything that an educator may need, from tools for students with learning disabilities to bored students in a traditional classroom. Remedia Publications is unique thanks to its variety of materials. In addition to books and ebooks, they publish games, flashcards, and various software. If you’re written a book that you feel would be of interest to Remedia Publications, you can contact them to find if they are open to accepting submissions.


6. Best Life Media

Gilbert, Arizona is home to an independent publishing company called Best Life Media. It offers books on taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. This includes titles such as Living Tao and a ChunBuKyung Practice Kit. The company is inspired by Ilchi Lee, mainly. Lee is described by the company as a “visionary who globalized Korea’s mind-body transition” and many of their books are by Lee. They aim to use their books to give people a happier, healthier life and create a world with more peace. This company also carries some essential oils, mists, and other similar items that would aid in practicing what their books promote. If your manuscript covers a topic such as brain training, self-healing, personal transformation, or meditation, get in touch with Best Life Media to find out if they are accepting submissions, and if so, how you can send in a proposal.


7. Vesuvius Press Incorporated

Originally founded as Tau Publishing in August of 2002, Vesuvius Press Incorporated in 2017 has five imprints, which publish different types of book genres such as Franciscan, Catholic, Wellness, Medical, along with many others. Based in East Watkins Street in Phoenix, Arizona, the publisher and CEO of this organization is Jeff Campbell and currently it has in excess of 300 books from 100+ authors. Vesuvius Press Incorporated is a full publishing company with expertise in acquiring manuscripts, editing, design, binding and sales. Do note that this publishing house isn’t accepting submissions at present.


8. Wheatmark

Wheatmark is a publishing company located on East Speedway Boulevard in Tucson, Arizona. This company was founded in 1999 by Sam Henrie to provide independent authors with a different of way of getting published than traditional publishing. They do this by using an approach that mixes the use digital printing and Internet-based channels with the help of publishing professionals. In addition, they aim to do this at a much lower price than other companies, giving first-time authors a fair chance. Today, they have published over 1700 titles and most of their authors publish with them more than once. Take a look at this page to learn about Wheatmark’s book publishing process.


9. Lawn Gnome Publishing

Lawn Gnome Publishing is a independent publisher located in Flagstaff, Arizona and which was started in 2002. They are focused on giving first-time authors a chance to write and to support local, talented individuals to get published. Lawn Gnome Publishing also serves as an online store. They sell some of their own works as well as a variety of classics such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  They also organize events in Arizona such as poetry nights to keep the performance side for authors alive and celebrated. Take a look here to find out about submissions.


10. Poisoned Pen Press

Poisoned Pen Press has been around since 1997 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The president and founder of the company is Robert Rosenwald, run with his editor-in-chief and wife Barbara Peters and their daughter Susan Malling. If the name Poisoned Pen Press sounded menacing, it reflects the content they sell. Each book under Poisoned Pen Press is a mystery novel. They even refer to themselves as a company “Bound by Mystery”.  Their books have even been praised with awards and honors. To distribute their books, this company works closely with Ingram Publisher Services. If you’re interested in making a submission to Poisoned Pen Press, do take a close look at the books this publisher has published, and read the information on this page. The great thing about this publisher is that they accept submissions all over the year.


11. Rio Nuevo Publishers

Rio Nuevo Publishers promise to show the world the “best of the West” in both pictures and stories. They were founded in 1999 and sit in Tucson, Arizona on the edge of the Santa Cruz River. It is actually a family business, owned by Susan Lowell and Ross Humphreys. This organization accepts book submissions about the West and Southwest through literary agents or directly from authors, which focus on history and folklore, cooking and cuisines, travel and tourism, memoir and biography, photography, and wildlife, among other things. Take a look here to find out the full list of genres this publisher publishes and to understand how you can make a query.

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