6 Top Book Publishing Companies in Buffalo, NY

6 Top Book Publishing Companies in Buffalo, NY

By on Feb 1, 2018 in Publishing

book publishing companies in buffalo

If you’re an author in New York looking for a book publisher for your fiction, nonfiction or poetry book, here are some in New York City.

There are also publishers in other parts of New York such as the following 6 top book publishing companies in Buffalo, NY.

Continue reading to find out who they are.


1. No Frills Buffalo

Always on the lookout for passionate authors, No Frills Buffalo focuses on a community dedicated to producing high quality books. If you publish with this publisher, expect to receive a top royalty rate of 90% after tax and shipping has been deducted. No Frills Buffalo is accepting submissions in various genres including fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and collections of short stories, graphic novels, young adult books, and children’s books. The latter two are published through Amelia Press, which is No Frills Buffalo’s children’s division. No Frills Buffalo works with authors throughout the entire publishing process, providing services for editorial support, interior design, cover design, ISBN, distribution to retailers, publicity and conversion to eBook format. To kick start your submission, you can complete the form at this page.


2. Buffalo Heritage Unlimited

Buffalo Heritage Unlimited was started in 2006 and since then has focused on publishing and promoting Buffalo and various facets of this city in New York. The genres it publishes are varied and include books about art and architecture, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, coffee table books, memoir, and religion. If you’re interested in making a submission to Buffalo Heritage Unlimited, you can do so by email and sending a cover letter that gives a short explanation of book, its target audience and age range, an outline of each chapter, a minimum of two sample chapters or the full manuscript, and a short biography. The email address to send your submission to is info@buffaloheritage.com. Take a look here for full submission details.


3. Cambria Press

With a mission to publish high quality research of a scholarly nature, and a thorough peer review process used to select work for journals and books, Cambria Press develops long term relationships with writers and researchers. It provides various services including editorial, publishing and promotion. When it comes to publishing, Cambria Press uses various mediums such as hardback, softback and eBooks. If you’re educated to PhD level, have experience as an academic and have written a book for an academic audience, you can submit a proposal to Cambria Press. Be sure to complete the form you can download at this page and also provide the requested materials in it. You can expect a response in a week.


4. Prometheus Books

Started by Paul Kurtz in 1969 and based in Amherst, Prometheus Books has in excess of 2000 books in print and on average releases 100 new works annually. A leading publishing house of philosophy, popular science, critical thinking, and atheism, it also publishes books about current events, true crime, social science, Islamic studies, psychology, self-help, religion, health and medicine, along with other genres. If you would like to make submission, you can make an inquiry to find out if this publisher is currently accepting submissions.


5. PYR

An imprint of Prometheus Books, PYR was started in 2005 and is a publisher of science fiction and fantasy. More specifically, PYR has published subgenres such as epic fantasy books, hard science fiction, steampunk, combinations of science fiction and fantasy, space opera, near future thrillers and sword and sorcery stories. It has also ventured into Young Adult books. If you would like to make submission, you should be aware that PYR prefers novels to be between 100,000 – 130,000 words long. If your book is a science fiction one, it needs to be a minimum of 85,000 words long and if it is a fantasy book, it needs to be at least 95,000 words in length. PYR doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions, so you’ll need a literary agent to email a query on your behalf. The query from your agent needs to include a short synopsis (one to three paragraphs) in the body of the email. Take a look at the page for more details.


6. Seventh Street Books

Formed in 2012, Seventh Street Books is another imprint of Prometheus Books and is dedicated to publishing mystery and thriller fiction. It has published many awarding winning books, such as Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty, The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens and A Brilliant Death by Robin Yocum, among others. If you’re interested in making a submission, you can do so either directly, or through an agent. If you’re planning on making a submission yourself, you need to send your complete manuscript with short synopsis in an email. If an agent is submitting on your behalf, then he/she needs to make a query first through email that contains a short synopsis of your book. Seventh Street Books would then request a manuscript if it is interested. Take a look at the full submission guidelines here.

Have you had a book published by one of the above book publishing companies in Buffalo, NY? If so, please tell us about your experiences in the comments box below!

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