19 Top Book Publishing Companies in Connecticut

19 Top Book Publishing Companies in Connecticut

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book publishing companies in connecticut

‘I can write a book’ is a phrase often uttered in moments of joy, despair, anguish and irritation by almost every one.

Few of us take that sentence seriously and even fewer try to actually undertake that challenge of writing a book or penning down their thoughts.

For the brave ones who have managed to turn their words into action and begin writing a book, the next step is finding a publisher willing to believe and promote their book.

Today, writers in Connecticut have the option of going to a traditional publisher or taking matters into their own hands by self-publishing.

Every route has its pros and cons and the goal is to be published, to have your name on a book you have believed in and wanted to share with everyone across the world.

Connecticut is a booming market and for every writer wanting to be noticed, there is a publisher waiting for the next big thing.

We have put together a list of 19 top book publishing companies in Connecticut.


1. Bick Publishing House

Started in 1993 by Dale Carlson, Bick Publishing House has a specific focus on topics like mental illness and rehabilitation, recovery and living which it spreads awareness about through its books. Using science fiction, meditation, life sciences, psychology and arts, Bick publishes books for young adults or teens helping them understand about addiction, mental health and how to live with disabilities. They have won awards like Independent Publishers Book Award and ALA Best Books for Young Adults. Write an email on this address after reading the submission guidelines.


2. Antrim House

With a publisher who is the Poet Laureate of Connecticut, it is no wonder that Antrim House is the go-to publisher for poets in Connecticut. Poetry in any form-traditional or modern or innovative, memoirs, novels and photo-essays are the preferred genres for Antrim House. Founded in 2001 in Simsbury, it encourages collaboration with the writer instead of just ordering them about what needs to be done. Politics, humor, religion, family and relationships are some of the topics they are interested in. They expect the author to be equally involved in the whole process of editing, designing and marketing the book with the publisher acting as a pillar of support and guide instead of a boss. They are selective and publish only a handful of works annually so keep that in mind when you submit your sample to this email address. Antrim also acts as online bookstore for its published authors.


3. Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency

Formed in 2007 in Durham, SBPRA is a full service self-publishing agency that collaborates with writers and promotes their work. Having published nearly 5500 books, SBPRA provides editing, proofreading, designing and marketing services to authors.  They publish print and digital versions of books. Authors of fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, action, self-help, fantasy, comedy, thriller and psychology can submit their pitches. They only accept completed books and have a separate division for kids and children’s books. Their packages and services are detailed here. You can contact them by filling this form.


4. Wesleyan University Press

A multiple Pulitzer Prize winning press established in 1957, Wesleyan University Press is all about celebrating Connecticut art and culture. Books that have won the National Book Award have been published by Wesleyan previously. They promote a Green Press Initiative which encourages sustainable methods of printing in the publishing industry. It is a perfect publisher for authors looking to write about history, culture, poetry, arts, literature and media. Biographies about film and television personalities, music, dance and studies are also some genres they have published books on. Submission guidelines can be found on this page and you can send your manuscript sample to this email address.


5. 21st Century Publishing

Situated in East Berlin, 21st Century Publishing is the new age publisher that blends traditional publishing with modern marketing to give new writers a platform. They publish both print and digital books and have excellent distribution services that can benefit new authors. Fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, action, humor, law, politics and young adult fiction are the genres they are interested in. Aspiring writers can read the submission guidelines on this page and mail their samples to this address.


6. Little Red Tree Publishing

Founded in 2006 by Michael Linnard and Tamara Martin, Little Red Tree was originally started in New London and now has another base in Nebraska. An independent publisher, they promote high quality books in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, literature, art and culture. One of their goals is to preserve poetry and celebrate it by publishing anthologies or print previously unpublished works in poetry. Authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and history can read the submission guidelines over here. And you can contact them by filling this form.


7. Flat Hammock Press

Stephen Jones and Robert McKenna started Flat Hammock Press in 2001 to primarily retrieve and restore maritime classics and share their love of nautical literature. This Mystic based company has a very particular niche that is nautical non-fiction and coastal stories. You can find submission and contact details on this page.


8. Lyons Press

A publisher with 40 years of experience and a bestseller in nearly every genre, Lyons Press is located in Guilford. Lyons Press is an imprint of Globe Pequot. Started with the intent to celebrate sports and nature, Lyons now publishes books in fiction, crime, humor, pets, nature, environment, sports, military, self-help, health, history and outdoor sports. Writers can contact them via email to learn more about submissions.


9. The Story Plant

Committed to publishing quality fiction and encouraging writers all over Connecticut, The Story Plant was formed in 2008 by Lou Aronica and Peter Miller. It was acquired in 2015 by Studio Digital CT. They have an impressive international distribution network which can be a boon to new authors. Amateur writers can also participate in their annual writing contest and get noticed. Helmed by writers and people with 3 decades of publishing experience, The Story Plant is involved and invested in every book they publish. You can submit your fiction manuscripts to this email address.


10. For Beginners

A unique publishing company based in Danbury, For Beginners originated as a publishing co-operative where writers and editors collaborated to publish content they found interesting and challenging. The idea behind it was to educate the masses and unlock the knowledge about real issues by making it easily available as graphic novels. The company originally called Writers and Readers has changed names and owners and was re-launched as For Beginners. Politics, religion, economy, history, social science and ideology are some of the subjects they discuss in graphic novel format. You can know more about submission guidelines here and send your manuscripts to this email address


11. Rowman and Littlefield

A publishing giant that has its offices all across US but also operates in Guilford, Rowman and Littlefield is a publisher for every single genre. You name it and they have published books about that topic since they have a whopping 12,000 titles on their roster. History, literature, academia, military, nature, fiction, fantasy, art, crime, craft, American History, geography, health and fitness, lifestyle, sports, action, young adult, self-help, sociology, science, social science, psychology and travel are just some of the genres they are interested in. Submission guidelines are explained in detail over here and you can find an editor depending on your subject on this page.


12. Globe Peuqot Press

One of the early publishers in Connecticut, Globe Peuqot narrates unknown local stories to preserve history and culture. 60 years of publishing has resulted in a variety of genres being explored like nature, lifestyle, health, sports, fiction, family, humor, romance, crime, action and mystery. You can find out about submissions by writing an email to this address.


13. Grayson Books

A small publisher focusing on poetry, anthologies and chapbooks, Grayson is the new age publisher who gives control to the writer. Selective and exclusive, Grayson only publishes a few books a year. Writers also need to have a promotion and marketing plan when submitting their manuscripts to Grayson, as they will support you while you take charge of the entire marketing and promotional process. New writers and authors can learn more about submission guidelines here and send their manuscripts on this email address.


14. Elm Grove Press

In the pursuit of finding outstanding books, Elm Grove is the publisher for today’s author. They work with writers to create books that exceed expectations of the readers. Non-fiction, essays, biographies are some genres they are currently interested in. You can send query letters to this email address and find out more about the submission process.


15. Stamford Publishing

A boutique publishing agency, Stamford Publishing located in Stamford is the apt agency for writers looking for a personal touch when working with a publisher. They offer editing, proofreading, designing and publishing services. Fiction and non-fiction writers can learn more by writing to them.


16. Homebound Publications

L.M. Browning launched Homebound Publications in 2011. Browning is an accomplished writer and publisher who also sits on the Board of Directors for the Independent Book Publishers Association. She started Homebound with the belief of using literature and written word to salvage culture, arts and history. Publishing only 15-20 titles a year and 75 titles distributed worldwide, Homebound champions genres like social issues, non-fiction, humanities and poetry. Their previous books have won awards like Nautilus Book Awards and Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year. Writers and authors can read about submission rules and guidelines on this page.


17. Dick Margulis Creative Services

This New Haven based company offers the whole gamut of self-publishing services for writers. Reviewing manuscripts, editing, proofreading, designing and marketing are just some of the things they can help you with. You can write to them and get a quote about fees and package details.


18. Words by Jen

In 2003, Jen Payne decided to start Words by Jen as a one-stop shop for writers, authors and creative people looking to promote their art. Initially started as a writing and editing service, she expanded into publishing, designing and marketing to offer new authors guidance. Book designing, editorial consultations, manuscript reviews, marketing assistance, book printing and publishing are some of the services Jen Payne can provide should you choose this Branford located agency. You can write to Jen and find out more about services.


19. InnovativeKids

Based in Westport, innovativeKids is about making early education, development skills and learning fun for kids. Launched by a husband and wife, it was to design tools for learning and education in kids till the age of 12. Using books, puzzles and games to help children learn easily, it is a small publishing company that is looking out for writers of children’s and kid’s learning materials. Artists, writers and illustrators can read the submission guidelines here and send their manuscript to this email address.

That’s our list of the top 19 book publishers in Connecticut. We can compile a list and give you the details but it is up to you to find out which publisher suits you and is the right choice for your book.

Use this list as a blueprint for understanding every publisher and what they are best at.  As a first time writer, you need to be very careful about who you choose to publish your first book with.

Often writers form a permanent working relationship with their first publisher and that benefits both of them. So, think of the long term picture. Is the publisher worth believing in? Does the publisher believe in you and your potential? Could you see yourself working with the publishing house for years?

If you decide to self-publish, then research the market for your genre. You can reach out to other writers or attend workshops to hone your skills and learn more about the publishing industry before you take a call. Or sometimes the best bet is to go with your gut feeling.

If it feels right to you, just pick a particular publisher and work towards a mutually beneficial partnership.

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