21 Top Book Publishing Companies in Georgia

21 Top Book Publishing Companies in Georgia

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book publishing companies in georgia

Every writer struggles with two things- getting an idea and getting the idea out there.

Finding an idea, polishing it, researching and writing it is a personal and introspective process.  But the second half of the journey need not be a solitary one.

Once you know what you are writing, your next step is finding a publisher. You need to approach the right publisher and ensure your book reaches the readers. How do you find the right publisher for you?

Amidst the many publishers out there, it may be easy to get lost and submit your manuscript to the wrong one but we are here to give you a look at the top publishing companies for any genre that you might want.

There are traditional, boutique and self-publishing companies for you to choose from. We have also mentioned the links and guidelines to submissions to the various publishers so you can be prepared.

Below is a list of the 21 top book publishing companies in Georgia, United States.


1. Peachtree Publishers

Founded in 1977 by Helen Elliott, Peachtree is an independent trade publisher. The Atlanta based publishing house is known for children’s books- board books, picture books, young adult fiction and nonfiction. Emphasizing on Southern authors, they also have a backlist of adult titles covering consumer references in health, education and parenting.  Some of their famous authors include names like Erskine Caldwell, Bill Harley. Philip Dray and Adrian Fogelin. If you are interested in writing children’s fiction, nonfiction or young adult fiction, nonfiction then you can send your submissions here.


2. Deeds Publishing

Bob Babcock started Deeds in 2005, primarily as a hobby. It soon took off and is now a successful business with nearly 200 titles. Writers of nonfiction military history, memoir, biography, sports writing, children’s books, and photography and local/regional history can approach Deeds which is based in Athens, GA with manuscripts.  Deeds Publishing has authors like Katie Crawford, Diane Lang, Peggy Spear and David Crowe on its roster. Their submission guidelines are available here.

book publishers in georgia

3. August House

Ted Parkhurst and Jon Looney first formed August House in 1978 as a publisher of Arkansas poetry. It gradually developed into a publishing house of picture books, story collections and resource books from the world’s great oral traditions.  The company moved to Atlanta in 2004 and has Willy Claflin, Heather Forest, Roberta Simpson Brown and W.K. McNeil among its authors. August House is home to the famous Maynard Moose picture book series. Submission guidelines for aspiring authors can be found on this page.


4. BearManor Media

A publishing house focusing on a unique genre, BearManor Media was established in 2001 by Ben Ohmart. Located in Albany, it is known for publishing books about TV, films, theater, historical radio, along with animation.  Their catalogue claims to feature more than 900 subjects.  BearManor is an eminent publisher of rare autobiographies and biographies of African-American show business legends, famous voice actors, directors and writers.  Known authors like Christopher Knoph, Kathy Garver and Tom Sawyer have written for the independent commercial publishing house. Writers of fiction or nonfiction who want to send their submissions can find out how to do so at this link.


5. Clarity Press

An American progressive publisher of books, Clarity was started in 1984. They focus on global issues, promote human justice and put forward foreign and public policy alternatives. A number of its titles have also been published in French, Urdu, Chinese, German and Arabic. Atlanta based Clarity has published books by Cynthia McKinney, Paul Craig Roberts, James Petras, Stephen Lendman and Eric Walberg. Send your manuscripts over here if Clarity is the publisher you are looking for.


6. InnerLight Publishing

Owned by an African-American woman, InnerLight Publishing was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of publishing books by black people, women and LGBT authors. Situated in Decatur, it involves the author in the publishing process and establishes relationships that last beyond just a book. Nikky Finney, Carol Gee and Alice Walker have worked with InnerLight.  For anyone looking to write literary novels, poetry collections, essays, metaphysical nonfiction and short-story collections, you can send your submissions here.


7. L.B. Publishing

Formed in 2009, L.B. Publishing is a royalty paying boutique publishing house.  With its office in Atlanta, this publishing company helps authors reach a wide variety of readers by publishing fiction and nonfiction in hardcover, paperback and ebook format. They publish young adult, fiction, children’s books and historical fiction. Marian L. Thomas, V.F. Porzio and A.R. Bingham are some of the authors that publish with L.B. You can submit your work to the publishing house here.


8. Elevation Book Publishing

A publisher looking to work in partnership with authors, Elevation has its office in Atlanta. It offers you traditional publishing services and also digital publishing, Authors at Elevation include names like Jason Sibley, Anthony Magyar and Mitchell Goldstein. If you want to write fiction (Drama, Mystery/Suspense, and Romance) or self-help then you can find the submission guidelines and address here.


9. Allwrite Advertising & Publishing

A successful full-service publishing company formed in 1996, Allwrite offers self-publishing and conventional publishing depending upon your needs. They publish nonfiction, self-help, biographies and textbooks. Allwrite also wants to promote excellent poetry and children’s books. You can write to them at this address to enquire about submission guidelines. Allwrite publishes the state approved textbook ‘Emerging Writers.’ Allwrite also has a helpful blog that covers topics like plagiarism, tips to start writing and copyright issues.


10. Yawn’s Publishing

Farris Yawn initially ran a bookstore and saw a lot of customers publishing books of low quality at a high price. To change that, Yawn’s Publishing was launched in 2008. It offers self-publishing packages should you wish to go that way. The Canton based publisher is currently accepting manuscripts for autobiography/biography/memoir, children’s books, cookbook, fiction, history and nonfiction. Write to Nadine Yawn for submissions or enquiries. You can look up the submission guidelines on this page.


11. Brick Road Poetry Press

An independent poetry press based in Columbus, Georgia, Brick Road publishes poetry on topics like mischief, sarcasm, humor and thematic collections. They have very specific preferences and usually publish only 1-2 manuscripts over a certain period of time.  Founded by Keith Badowski and Ron Self in 2009, they also hold an annual contest in which the winner receives a publication contract with Brick Road Poetry Press, a $1000 prize, publication in both print and ebook formats, and 25 copies of the printed book. Contest guidelines can be found here while you can send manuscript submission at this link. Authors like Amy Wright, David Oates, Albert Garcia and Susanna Lang have worked with Brick Road.


12. Stroud & Hall Publishers

Started in Macon in 2005, Stroud & Hall is a privately held company. They focus on politics, biography, history, culture and entertainment. Famous authors include Zell Miller, Charles Pickering and Bob Barr. The detailed submission guidelines can be found here.


13. Top Shelf Productions

Top Shelf publishes critically acclaimed graphic novels.  Originally formed by Chris Staros and Brett Warnock in 1997, it was acquired by IDW Publishing in 2015. This Marietta based company has Alan Moore, Craig Thompson and Nate Powell among its authors.   Chris Staros is now the editor-in-chief who accepts submissions at this address. For complete submissions guidelines please visit this page.


14. Vikki Hankins Media & Publishing

Founded in 2008 by Vikki Hankins, this publishing house was started with the purpose of opening door for authors and helping the enjoy the process of being an author. It is a full-service publishing organization that offers services like manuscript evaluation, digital advertising, websites for books/authors and commercial production for books.  Vikki Hankins Media & Publishing has also received the 2017 Best of Atlanta Award in the Book Publisher category. They are currently accepting submissions in memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, poems, short stories, cookbooks, novels and children’s books.  The submission guidelines can be found on this page.


15. Hundreds of Heads Books

An interesting take on publishing and writing, Hundreds of Heads is a company launched by Yadin Kaufmann and Mark Bernstein. The concept they use is interviewing thousands of people to give real advice to their readers about things like weddings, death of a loved one, graduation or finding a new home. Writers looking to discuss real topics or write self-help books should consider working with them. You can write to their ‘headhunters’ and be interviewed on any topic you wish. They are looking for experts on topics like motherhood, empty nest, midlife crisis and how to get ‘A’s.  You can find the complete list and further details here.


16. Frederic C. Beil Publisher

Situated in Savannah, Beil publishes general trade books in the fields of history, biography and fiction. It was started in 1982 and counts names like James Sloan Allen, Marlin Barton and Ray Edinger among its authors. They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts so you can read the guidelines on this page to make enquiries.


17. UrbanEdge Publishing

It is a small, traditional publishing house interested in printing books on fiction. UrbanEdge offers services like cover design, editing and proofreading free of cost while they share the royalties with the author. You also own the copyright to your book. They are searching for books on crime/mystery, young adult and self-help. Submission guidelines can be found on this page while you can send the submission to this email address.


18. Mercer University Press

Established in 1979, Mercer University Press publishes books in the fields of humanities, religion and Southern culture. It has published almost 1400 books and releases 35-40 titles annually.  Based in Macon, its authors include Lisa Alther, Toni P. Anderson, Raymond L. Atkins and Joseph Bathanti. They are seeking writers of religious studies, philosophy and fiction. You can read the complete submission guidelines on this page.


19. University of Georgia Press

The oldest and largest book publisher in the state, University of Georgia Press was founded in 1938.  They print a variety of topics including works of scholarship in areas of American literature, African-American history, Southern studies, environmental studies and international affairs; creative and literary works, regional books focusing on local culture, history and poetry.  University of Georgia is also the founding partner of New Georgia Encyclopedia, an award-winning, on-line multi-media reference about Georgia. They have a long list of award-winning books and authors like Carol McCabe Booker, Maurice Daniels and Kayne Lanning Minchew. Prospective authors can visit this page to find out the submission requirements.


20. LitFire Publishing

Initially started as a digital book publisher in 2008, LitFire added self-publishing services in 2014. It has over 200 titles published and almost 1000 titles assisted with marketing and promotion. They offer printing, digital publishing, editorial services or just assistance with marketing depending on your requirements. Located in Atlanta, they have books in fiction and non-fiction. To know more about their submission guidelines and publishing services, visit this page.


21. Jera Publishing

Founded by Kimberly Martin in 2003, Jera is a self-publishing company offering a range of services from editing to designing to assisting with self-publishing. For writers wanting to do-it-yourself they act as guides and help navigate the publishing process. If you wish to have a closer look at their interior and cover design skills, you can peruse through the website for previously published works. The complete service and package list can be found here.

That’s our exhaustive list of 21 top book publishers in Georgia. From traditional to boutique to self-publishing companies, we have covered every one so you can decide what works best for you. First-time writers waiting to be published can consider self-publishing with the companies we have mentioned.

A lot of publishing companies have specific genres they are good at, so select the one that meets your needs and approach them. Once you do submit a manuscript, do not message them repeatedly asking for an answer. It is crucial to remember that getting a book published requires patience and time. Publishers always give you an idea of how much time it takes them to reply so consider that before jumping to conclusions. Self-publishing works on a different timeline than traditional publishing so don’t compare the two.

It can be a difficult and challenging journey because you need to trust and believe that the publisher wants the best for your book and will do anything it takes to put it out there.  We may get uneasy or feel rejected if we don’t get any answers but there’s always another publisher and another way for you to make sure you tell your story. The idea is to never give up and keep writing.

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