16 Top Book Publishing Companies in Illinois

16 Top Book Publishing Companies in Illinois

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book publishing companies in illinois

If you are an author who wants to publish your book, then you might face a serious dilemma in your choice for picking the right publisher. That’s simply because there are various factors involved including the reputation of a publisher, its history, quality, other authors associated it and obviously its influence in the market.

In order to help you find a publisher, we’ve compiled the following list of 16 top book publishing companies in Illinois:


1. Agate Publishing

Founded in 2002 by Doug Seibold and based in Evanston, Illinois, initially it was limited to the publication of only African-American literature, but since then it has expanded considerably to include genres ranging from business related nonfiction books to nutrition and entertainment. It is considered as one of the most progressive and dynamic publishing houses operating in the country. Notable authors associated with the house include names like Leonard Pitts and Tadd Waddington. For submitting your work, take a look at this page.


2. University of Chicago Press

Considered as one of the oldest and largest printing presses of the country, University of Chicago Press is controlled and operated by University of Chicago, publishing both scholarly and non-scholarly works. It was formed in 1891 and has since published well-known works such as: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn (1962), A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean (1976) and The Road to Serfdom (1944) by F.A Hayek. Currently, Garrett P. Kiely serves as its 15th director. If you are looking for information on submitting your manuscript, click here.


book publishers in illinois


3. Loyola Press

This organization was established in 1912 as Loyola University Press, but became a separate non-profit entity in 1940, further changing its name to Loyola Press in the year 1995. It churns out 25-30 books per annum with a special focus on Catholic traditions and spiritual matters. If you have something you want to publish, take a look at Loyola Press’s submission guidelines.


4. Featherproof Books

An independent, small publishing house founded in 2005 by Zach Dodson and Jonathan Messinger, Featherproof Books offers a perfect place to publish short story collections and perfect bound novels. Notable publications have included: The Enchanters vs Sprawlburg Springs by Brian Costello, Hiding Out by Jonathan Messinger and Degrees of Separation by Samia Saleem. Do note that Featherproof Books isn’t currently accepting submissions.


5. Brittany Publications

Incepted in 1981, Brittany Publications has maintained its standard up to this day. A traditional and independent company, it specializes in publishing literary fiction, business and marketing communications, and nonfiction primarily focused on woman’s advocacy. If you’re interested in making a submission, do bear in mind that Brittany Publications doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts.


6. Ara Pacis Publishers

If you are willing to participate in a prose or poetry contest, are interested in publishing memoirs, old and modern classics, essays and criticism, travel chronicles, short fiction collections or find yourself opinionated on social, cultural and political issues, then Ara Pacis Publishers is your go to place. Have something you want them to publish, click here to find out how you can do so.


7. Visual Arts Collective Poetry

Evident from its name, this house is one of the many in Illinois which aims to publish and deliver quality poetry books. Originated in 2004, it has since then gone on to publish 50 full length poetry collections. Its vitality lies in the fact that it is able to attract readers from all age-groups and social circles. Although this publisher isn’t currently accepting submissions for its imprints, it is accepting submissions for its online journal called All Roads Will Lead You Home.


8. Johnson Publishing Company

Headquartered in Chicago, it was founded in 1942 by John H. Johnson, a businessman. Considered as one of the largest African-American owned companies in the publishing sector, its book division is credited with publishing content that encourages African-Americans to present their literary writing skills. It published the controversial Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream that caused quite a stir in the market due to its discrimination allegations. For further information, click here.


9. Chicago Review Press

Founded in 1973, Chicago Review Press works as an independent publishing house specializing in diverse genres. It has grown into a dynamic entity with more than 900 titles in print. It publishes general non-fiction on subjects ranging from music, science, film, history, geography and travel. Moreover, if you are looking to inculcate a reading habit in young ones, then this house also stands out by publishing quality children books. If you’re interested in submitting your manuscript to this publisher, take a look at the guidelines at this page.


10. Moody Publications

If you are interested in God-related texts, then this is the publishing house that you definitely need to check out. Publishing content that is designed to reaffirm people’s faith in the Almighty, Moody Publications also aims to publish literature that would educate and evangelize the non-Christian. Moreover, it also provides resources for its Bible Institute that is established with the purpose of providing training to future Christian leaders. If you would like to make a submission to this publisher, do ensure you read its guidelines as it doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. Therefore, you may need a literary agent to make a submission on your behalf.


11. Southern Illinois University Press

With an ideology to publish diverse authorship for a universal readership, this house was formulated in 1956. Publishing almost 50 titles per annum, topics range from political history, science, literature, fiction and poetry. It works to create a better understanding of myriad political and cultural problems of the world and suggests their possible solutions. The notable works published by this press include: The Early, Middle and Later Works of John Dewey and The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant. If you want to publish with Southern Illinois University Press, take a look here to find out how to prepare a book proposal.


12. Swan Isle Press

Incepted in 1999, Swan Isle Press is a publisher of Latin American and Spanish literature. It has maintained its independent stature despite being a non-profit organization with an aim to revive the lost love for literature among the masses. When possible, it publishes bilingual editions with Spanish text and English translations side by side. If you are an avid reader of political history or have written something publishable about it, then this is the house to call for. Although this publisher doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, you can send a letter of inquiry using the guidance at this page.


13. Arktoi Books

If you’re looking for something to read on lesbian or LGBT rights or fiction, this imprint of Red Hen Press provides you with an opportunity to do so. Founded in 2006 by Eloise Klein Healy, Arktoi Press has made its presence felt when it comes to publishing quality LGBT or lesbian authors. Publishing fiction, poetry and literature and having developed a wide readership, this is definitely one of the emerging houses in the market. Although Arktoi Books isn’t currently accepting submissions, do keep an eye on this page for details about when this changes.


14. Northern Illinois University Press

Covering the fields of world and American history, politics, fiction, literature and poetry, Northern Illinois University Press publishes around twenty books per annum.  Created in 1965, it has been catering to the demands of readers mainly interested in political history and fiction. Take a look here to find out how you can submit your manuscript.


15. Sourcebooks

For those claiming to be voracious and eclectic readers, Sourcebooks, based in Naperville, Illinois, provides a wide variety in their list ranging from non-fiction, romance, commercial fiction, literary fiction and gift books. With a slogan of “illuminate, inspire and enlighten” it aims to diversify its readership by providing quality reading material to its readership. If you’re an author who has written a fiction book, a young adult or children’s book, or a nonfiction works, take a look at submission details at this page.


16. Dalkey Archive Press

Founded in 1984 and named after a novel “The Dalkey Archive” by an Irish author Flann O’Brien, this publishing press is known for its publications of poetry, literary criticism, and fiction, and often going for lesser-known or what are termed as “avant-garde” works. With headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, it is well-known for its endorsement of modernist and post-modernist work of literature. The house has a formidable reputation as it has various accolades to its name including the most prestigious Nobel Prize, the Vondel Prize and Premio Valle Inclán Award. Competition to get published by this publisher is fierce, with it receiving around 12,000 unsolicited manuscripts. Take a look at this page to find out its submission requirements.

Though publishing a book is a lengthy and often a tiring process, and finding the exact right publisher for your book demands a lot of research, this list of 21 top book publishing companies in Illinois hopefully make things easier for you.

Go through the list, identify the right publisher and contact them without any further delay.

Even if you are not an author and are looking for some good reads to pass your time, this list serves your purpose by providing you with an opportunity to check out the works of your interest.

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