5 Top Book Publishing Companies in Manchester

5 Top Book Publishing Companies in Manchester

By on Jan 14, 2018 in Publishing

book publishing companies in manchester

If you’re an author who has just completed a manuscript and are looking for a book publisher in the North West of England, Manchester is definitely a city worth extending your search to.

And this post will help you get started in your quest to find a publisher for your book.

Below is a list of 5 top book publishing companies in Manchester.


1. Comma Press

Comma press is a not-for-profit publisher which focuses on bringing to light new writing, and has a primary focus on short stories that go beyond the boundaries set by cultures and disciplines. An organisation which aims to further the publishing of literary fiction across the UK, and which works to create opportunities for new and established authors, it also runs creative writing courses and workshops throughout the year. In addition, it has developed technology in the form of writing apps such as the MacGuffin self-publishing platform. If you’re based in the UK and would like to make a submission, Comma Press advises you to first read some of its anthologies, such as this one to get an idea of what this publisher looks for in a story. If after reading some of its published material, you still want to continue with your submission, head over to its submission guidance page, which explains how Comma Press engages with an author making a submission, and provides detailed information on the types of stories this publisher isn’t look for.


2. Manchester University Press

Manchester University Press (MUP) was created in 1904 and is one of the largest university presses in England. MUP publishes in excess of 170 books annually along with seven journals. In particular, MUP is renowned across the world for publishing outstanding research in the fields of social sciences and humanities. If you’re interested in making a submission, rather than sending the complete manuscript, you need to submit one or two sample chapters first along with an outline of your book project. MUP has provided a useful book proposal guidance document. After creating a proposal using the outline in the guidance provided, you need to send it to the appropriate commissioning editor handling the subject area of your book. You can find the proposal guidance document and also details of commissioning editors at this page. The peer review process is also well worth taking a look at to understand the process MUP uses when assessing manuscripts.


3. Bella Tulip Publishing

Co-owned by Taniquelle Tulipano and Rebecca Week, Bella Tulip Publishing was formed in 2016. It is an independent book publishing house currently accepting unsolicited submissions through email in contemporary fiction, romance and new adult books. In your submission, you need to include a query letter, a brief synopsis giving an overview of your story from start to finish, your complete manuscript in Word format, and details of the genre of your book. Bella Tulip Publishing requests you send a well edited manuscript to ensure it isn’t rejected due to the need for extensive editing. The email address to send your manuscript to is submissions@bellatulippublishing.co.uk. Both new and established authors can make submissions to this Manchester book publisher who usually takes up to two weeks to review manuscripts. Take a look at this page to find out more.


4. Crécy Publishing

Headed up by Jeremy M Pratt, Crécy Publishing is recognised as one of Europe’s major publishers of World War II aviation works. Writers who it has published include holders of the Victoria Cross along with renowned authors and historians, and it has in excess of 200 titles in its catalogue. If you’ve written a high quality book about military or transport history for historians, modelers, enthusiasts, or readers who want to learn about the history of transport, or transport used in previous battle situations, Crécy Publishing accepts unsolicited manuscripts. To find out what exactly to include in your submission, you can email enquiries@crecy.co.uk or call + 44 161 499 0024.


5. Cillian Press

Cillian Press is an independent publisher that publishes fiction across various genres including young adult, literary fiction, contemporary and adult books. Some of the authors Cillian Press has published are Romy Wood, Susan Sellers, Andrea Busfield and Alex Mellanby. You can take a look at the titles this publisher has published here.  This publishing house works with new and established authors. Currently, Cillian Press is closed to accepting new submissions due to a large backlog of manuscripts to review. Keep an eye out on this page for when submission windows open up again.

If you’re looking for more book publishing companies in the UK, here are some in Kent and in the West Midlands.

Have you had a story published by one of the above book publishers in Manchester? How did it go? Please tell us more in the comments box below!

Also, if you’re a Manchester book publisher, please introduce your organisation!

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