19 Top Book Publishing Companies in Michigan

19 Top Book Publishing Companies in Michigan

By on Aug 5, 2017 in Publishing

book publishing companies in michigan

It’s interesting how the process of publishing mirrors our journey through life.

The editing process weathers the book down to expose the best version of itself, just as our experiences in life add to and subtract from our individuality.

Once all the purposeless surface matter is gone, a book cover is designed to resemble the content within. That sounds a lot like the personal image we create for ourselves, through our attitude, style and manners, doesn’t it?

Finally, we are our best marketers as we vouch for the strength and stability we bring to others. And that is quite akin to the promotional activities that a book undergoes to sell itself. We make quite an impression and so does a well edited book.

If you’re in Michigan and looking to create noise for your book, here are 19 top book publishing companies in Michigan that you should consider:


1. Wayne State University Press

The Wayne State University Press works in tandem with the researchers and scholars of Wayne State University to publish their discoveries that are important on a global scale. It is based in Detroit, Michigan and was founded in 1941 by a group of professors who identified the need to disseminate the information that was actively being reaped. The subjects that the publisher covers range from anthropology to media studies, fairy tale studies to fiction, memoirs to dance and tons more. Several of its books have won awards. Know The Mother by Desiree Cooper was the winner in Short Story Fiction category in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards; whereas, Great Lakes Island Escapes by Maureen Dunphy bagged the prize in Travel Guide category.  Here’s how authors can get in touch with this publisher.


2. Caffeinated Press

Founded in 2014 by Jason Gillikin, the Caffeinated Press is an independent publisher located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Apart from an annual anthology and a literary journal published semi-annually, they welcome all sorts of books for publishing and review services. Amongst their select prized works, to name a few, there’s a collection of poetry by Lisa Anne Gundry, a dystopian fiction book by Jean Davis and a young adult fantasy book by AJ Powell. They may not have hundreds of books published in their name, but the broad range of genres they sign is a definite plus point. Authors can read their query page to get an idea about how to contact them for submissions.


publishing houses in michigan


3. Discovery House

For all God-related texts, you should check out Discovery House’s catalog. They are a publishing company specialising in content that would interest Christians and texts that are meant to reaffirm people’s faith in God. They began their journey in 1987 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and ever since, have published more than 300 books. They do not publish comics, plays, cookbooks, short stories or novels. As a writer if you wish to submit your manuscript, you might want to go through the submission guidelines to ensure that they accept your writing. Some of the most popular titles are Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Discovery House Bible Atlas and Our Daily Bread Devotional Journal.


4. Scribe Publishing

Jennifer Baum started Scribe Publishing in 2011 to kick-start her dream of working with books. The genres that the publishing house dabbles in are fiction and nonfiction. What’s unique about this company housed in Royal Oak, Michigan is that the range of nonfiction it publishes is quite large, including pets, nature, crafts, social science etc. Take a look at the entire list on the submissions page. Authors can proceed to contact them via email, as per instructions given on the submissions page. Keep in mind that they do not publish children’s picture books, poetry or religious texts. The publishing house went on to amass great success when several of its books won literary awards. The winner of 2012 Book of the Year in Juvenile Fiction category was Easter Ann Peter’s Operation Cool by Jody Lamb. And Our Dried Voices by Greg Hickey was the finalist in 2014 Book of the Year in the Science Fiction category.


5. Wynwidyn Press

Pinckney, Michigan is home to Wynwidyn Press, a company that has published myriad books in the middle grade fiction, adventure, fantasy and poetry genres. It was established in 2012 by Robin Moyer. Those who are looking to publish their book should check out the instructions specified on the website. If crime fiction is something you gravitate towards, you should check out Club Justice, Club Ties, and Club Scars by Mara McBain. On the other hand, Wayne Burkhardt’s Meanderings offers poetry for the sentimental soul.


6. Arbutus Press

Reading is a habit that ought to be inculcated from the very beginning. Looking for books for your little one or in order to gift another child? Look no further than Arbutus Press, a publishing company ideated in the year 2000 and fleshed out in 2002 when it brought home its first award, The Michigan Notable Book Award. They also publish books about travel, food and Michigan history. Susan Stites Bays is the founder of this company located in Traverse City, Michigan. Some of their bestsellers are Ride Michigan by Bill Murphy, Death at the Lighthouse by Loren Graham and The Pink Pony by Charles Cutter. Potential clients can contact the publisher via the form on their website.


7. Hayden-McNeil Publishing

Hayden-McNeil Publishing was set up by Patrick Olson in 1992. Plymouth, Michigan is where this publishing company operates to distribute all manner of educational material like anthropology, economics, finance, psychology, speech and communication etc. Writers interested in publishing any relevant coursework should contact them via phone or email. Mindful Writing by Brian Jackson is one of their featured titles, from the English category, which as writers you should take a peek at.


8. Dickinson Press

A book manufacturer and publisher, Dickinson Press offers a slew of services like eMarketing, campaigning and website development. It was established by Albert and Randel Dickinson in the year 1884. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dickinson Press can be contacted by filling a form on their website. If you know what department you’re looking to contact, there’s a separate page for that too. The company has prior experience publishing cookbooks, children’s books, automobile guides etc.


9. ML Publishing

Troy, Michigan houses ML Publishing, a company that produces inspirational nonfiction books. These are based on the lives of real people and convey enlightening stories. It was started in 2005 as an initiative of the Michigan Institute for Human Performance Inc. They can be contacted via phone or their website. So far, they have published only a handful of books, but if realistic stories are your speciality, you shouldn’t hesitate from contacting them.


10. Dzanc Books

Dzanc Books, a not-for-profit publishing organization puts forth short story collections, novels, nonfiction titles and a monthly literary journal. Founded in 2006 by Steven Gillis and Dan Wickett, some of the titles featured on this publisher’s website are Late One Night by Lee Martin (thriller), Darkansas by Jarret Middleton (horror), Inside My Pencil by Peter Markus (poetry collection) etc. The publisher is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What’s interesting is that they have a mentorship program for writers, wherein you get to work with editors and published authors. You can submit writings in three categories for the 2017 contest which ends in September.


11. Jenkins Group

In Traverse City, Michigan, there’s a company that provides publishing services. Jenkins Group was established in the year 1988 by Jerrold Jenkins. They welcome all sorts of books, including fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. Amongst all the publishing services that they provide, there’s ebook conversion, ghost-writing, marketing, binding, shipping etc. You can contact them via phone or email to discuss the publication of your book. The Waking Hour by Charles Murphy and The Christmas Gift by R. William Bennett are a couple of their recent titles.


12. Kregel Publications

In 1909, Kregel Books was founded by Louis Kregel. When his son, Robert Kregel, took over in 1949 it became Kregel Publications. It was set up to provide spiritual and religious material. Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to this publishing company that has produced over 900 titles. Some of the categories under which they publish books are Biblical Languages, Fiction, Church History, Theology and Religious Studies, Children’s Storybooks etc. If you wish to submit content for publishing, it’s a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, check out their submissions policy. They won the 2017 Golden Scroll Awards for the Publisher of the Year. Some of their recent releases are An Asian Harvest by Paul Hattaway, The Mentoring Church by Phil A. Newton, and Coffee, the World and Jesus, but Not Necessarily in That Order by Ron DeMiglio.


13. New Issues Poetry and Prose

Wish to participate in a poetry and prose contest? Submit your writings to New Issues Poetry and Prose, a poetry publishing company founded in 1996 by Herbert S. Scott. There are specific guidelines you’d have to follow. If you wish to contact them with any questions, do so via the form on their website. It is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. New Issues Press was voted #1 in the 15 Feisty Small Presses list in Huffington Post. They have a huge list of published poetry and prose that you can choose from, to seek some inspiration.


14. Willow Books

A publishing house that aims to represent undervalued literary texts, Willow Books is owned by Heather Buchanan and is based in Detroit, Michigan. It was started in 2007 as an imprint of Aquarius Press. In addition to publishing books, they also engage in post-publishing services for the author such as readings, conferences and workshops. Till date, they have published a great many works by diverse people. A couple of their top titles are Blood Orange by Angela Narciso Torres and This House, My Bones by Elmaz Abinader. You can submit your work to enroll for their 2017 awards program, one of which ends in September and two others wrapping up in December. They accept poetry, fiction, nonfiction and academic papers.


15. Condor Publishing, Inc.

Condor Publishing that came to be in the year 2000 publishes westerns and children’s books. Quite a combination! Authors can contact this publishing house based in Lincoln, Michigan via email. There are a few short stories featured on the website. You can also take a look at other writers who have worked with them. Who knows? Someday, you may be one of them.


16. Gehenna & Hinnom

Fans of Stephen King, Jules Verne and HG Wells have a lot to look out for at Gehenna & Hinnom, a publishing company that has eyes only for good science fiction and horror writings. Instituted in 2015 by author, C.P. Dunphey, Gehenna & Hinnom is located in Hattiesburg, Michigan. While they are not accepting novel submissions till 2018, you can check out what other opportunities are available. You can drop in your queries through this form on their website. They’ve come out with a couple of anthology series, one of H.P Lovecraft and another of Philip K. Dick.


17. Pink Flamingo Media

This one’s for mature audiences. Pink Flamingo Media, which was previously known as Pink Flamingo Publications, is a company that delivers BDSM and General Erotica Fiction. It was founded by husband and wife, Lizbeth Dusseau and Ken in the year 1994. Fiona Thomas along with her husband, Kendall, took over the organisation in 2016. It is located in Richland, Michigan. Writers with a forte in erotica fiction are most welcome to contact them for submissions. But make sure to go through their guidelines. They have a range of sub-categories that you can browse or add to (with any luck, if you get signed).


18. Presa Press

Head over to Rockford, Michigan because that is where you’ll find Presa Press, a publishing company running its course since 2004. Their catalog boasts of a large number of poetry collections and a couple of essays. The poetry you’ll find on their webpage deals with themes like adventure, realism, fantasy, nature etc. If you’re a poet, keen to publish your collection, then what better company to handle your work? Contact Presa Press at this number: +1 616-874-7160.


19. Countinghouse Press

Since 1999, Countinghouse Press has been catering to the general public with books in various genres like cookbooks, memoirs, picture books etc. It was founded by Leonard F. Charla and is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Use their contact page to make any queries you may have. One of their titles, The New Terrorism by Van Hipp discusses terrorism and its treatment in different regions.

Book publishing is a bit of a lengthy process, depending on which route you take. But now, you have ample resources and no time for excuses. Get up, go through these Michigan book publishers and pick one that is right for you. Don’t delay the inevitable and contact the publisher at the earliest. Wouldn’t it be just great to introduce your book to the public?

Are you an author who’s had a story published by one of the above book publishing companies in Michigan? Please share your experiences in the comments box below!

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