7 Top Book Publishing Companies in Montreal

7 Top Book Publishing Companies in Montreal

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book publishing companies in montreal

Are you an author who is a resident of Canada looking for a book publisher for your French-language manuscript?

If so, you’re in luck. Montreal has a number of publishing houses who might be interested in publishing your work.

Below you will find 7 top book publishing companies in Montreal.


1. Béliveau Éditeur

Founded in 1975 by Mathieu Béliveau and based in Boucherville, Béliveau Éditeur is a publisher of French-language books. The types of books this publisher publishes are varied and include motivational books, books about personal development, social sciences, sexuality, health, novels, romantic relationships, psychology and research into psychoeducation. Examples of authors Béliveau Éditeur has published include Kim Rusk, Annabelle Boyer, Pascale Dufresne, France Hutchison, Bill Marchesin, Helen Meloche and Alain Samson, among many others.  Béliveau Éditeur is open to accepting book submissions, which need to include a complete manuscript, a table of contents, title, author name and contact details. A submission can be sent either through email, or through the post. Take a look at this page to find out further details.


2. Éditions les Allusifs

Les Allusifs has been in operation since 2001 and was founded by Brigitte Bouchard. It is publisher of French-language novels and short stories. Based on St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, if you would like to make a submission, Les Allusifs advises you take a look at its already published books at its website or in bookstores, to help ensure your book would fit with its titles. If you feel yours would, you can send your manuscript either in Microsoft Word or as PDF document via email to manuscrits@lesallusifs.com.


3. Éditions du Boréal

Éditions du Boréal is an independent publishing house, which was founded in 1963 by a group of historians. It was known at this time as Boréal Express. For more than 50 years, Éditions du Boréal has grown and diversified in the types of books it publishes, many of which have won prestigious literary awards. It publishes history books, novels, essays, general literature, theater books, children’s books, biographies, and poetry. This publishing house accepts paper-based submissions (electronic submissions are not permitted), which need to be sent through the post or in person at its office. Éditions du Boréal’s address is Éditions du Boréal, 4447 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2L2. It usually takes this organization 2-3 months to make a decision as to whether a manuscript has been accepted. Take a look at this page for full submission details. Do note this publisher only reviews submissions by authors who are residents in Canada.


4. Éditions Hurtubise

Éditions Hurtubise, a French-language publisher, was founded by Claude Hurtubise in 1960. It publishes essays and fiction for young persons and for adults. This publisher has published approximately 800 titles. If you would like to make a submission, it is worth knowing that Éditions Hurtubise receives almost 1000 manuscripts a year, so competition is strong. This publisher looks mainly for novels, and for young readers, it is looking for novels for children 12 years old and over. Do note that unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted for life stories, poetry, science fiction, autobiographies, drama books and news collections. If you’re an author from Canada and would like to make a submission for a novel, you need to send the complete manuscript, along with a cover letter and a synopsis of your book. This publisher usually takes around 3 months to review a submission. You can find out more here.


5. La Courte Échelle

La Courte Échelle was formed in 1978 by Bertrand Gauthier. At that time it was the first publishing house in Quebec to focus on children’s books. Currently run by Mariève Talbot and Raymond Talbot who bought the organization in 2015, La Courte Échelle over the years has grown and expanded through publishing books for different age groups of young readers ranging from very young children, to those starting to learn to read, to novels for pre-teenagers and teenagers, along with poetry for young people. A publisher of many award-winning works, during its first 30 years in operation, La Courte Échelle sold just shy of 10 million books. If you have written a book that stimulates the imagination of children or teenagers and are interested in making a submission, you need to send your manuscript, a synopsis, and a cover letter with your contact details on it. You can email the required materials to: manuscript@courteechelle.com or post them to: Division La courte échelle, Comité de lecture 4388, rue Saint-Denis, bureau 315, Montréal (Québec) H2J 2L1. Do ensure to take a look at the full submission guidance notes.


6. Éditions Fides Presses de l’Université de Montréal

Founded in 1962, Éditions Fides Presses de l’Université de Montréal has four major goals. These are to publish results of academic research through books, journals and digital publishing, to publish works on current issues affecting with city of Montreal, provide wide audiences with access to scientific knowledge and further the influence of the Université de Montréal across Canada and the entire world. The press has published in excess of 650 works across all knowledge areas. If you’re a professor or research professional from Université de Montréal, or another higher education institution, and have written a book in French about a social science topic, medicine and health sciences, or human sciences, and would like to make a submission, you need to send a book proposal first with an accompanying letter of introduction. The letter needs to include a brief overview of the objectives of your book, its target audience, word count, a table of contents, an explanation of how your book advances knowledge in the field of interest, how novel it is compared to other existing literature, and an outline of your publications. Take a look at this page for complete submission details.


7. Les Éditions des Intouchables

Founded by Michel Brûlé in 1993, Les Éditions des Intouchables is a publisher of literature written in French-language for children primarily, but also publishes select novels and essays. Dedicated to publish books for young people, both girls and boys, it is keen on increasing the number of new series in its catalog. Les Éditions des Intouchables is a publisher of only Canadian authors and its process for submitting a manuscript starts off with you submitting a synopsis of 200 words or less of your book. This publisher would then read your synopsis within a week. If what you send is in line with the types of works Les Éditions des Intouchables publishes, you would then be requested for the full manuscript via email. Upon receiving the complete manuscript, this publishing house would review it within two months and then inform you about its decision to publish or not. Take a look at this page to find out more. Do note that this publisher doesn’t publish collections of short stories.

If you’re looking for more Canadian book publishers, take a look at these 11 in Toronto.

Are you a book publisher in Montreal? Please tell us about your organization in the comments box below!

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