5 Top Book Publishing Companies in Nevada

5 Top Book Publishing Companies in Nevada

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book publishing companies in nevada

The state of Nevada has the 34th largest population of the 50 states in the United States with a population of around 2.9 million, and is most well-known for containing the resort city of Las Vegas.

If you’re an author in a city in Nevada, whether it’s Carson City, Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, Sparks, Elko, or another one, and you’ve just written a book, and want to get it published, these days you have two main options.

You can use a DIY approach and self-publish your book, or you can find a publisher.

If you’re looking for a publisher and want to keep the development of your book within state, then there are some book publishers around.

Below we feature 5 top book publishing companies in Nevada for you to take a look at.


1. Huntington Press

If you’ve written a gambling book that is based upon sound maths, you may want to take a look at Huntington Press. Founded in 1983 by Anthony Curtis, this publisher also publishes books about Las Vegas and other genres too such as fiction, true crime, and coffee table art books. Some of the authors this publisher has published include A.D. Hopkins, Al Mancini, Annie Duke, Arthur Flowers, Bob Gore and many others.

If you’re interested in submitting your manuscript to Huntington Press, it’s worth knowing it publishes 5 to 8 books annually and mainly publishes books about Las Vegas and gambling. Submission requirements include a preference for a query letter, a description of your book on one page, and details of the market your book is targeted to. If you would like to provide more information about your book, you’re also welcome to submit a book proposal to Huntington Press. Take a look at this page to find out more about how to make a submission and what to include when you do so. Huntington Press prefers to receive queries or book proposals via email to editor@huntingtonpress.com. Alternatively, you can post your proposals or queries to the following address: Acquisitions Department, Huntington Press, 3665 Procyon, Las Vegas, NV 89103.


2. Wolfpack Publishing

Based in Las Vegas, and founded in 2013, Wolfpack Publishing is headed up by Mike Bray who is President and CEO of the organization. The Managing Editor of this publisher is Rachel Del Grosso. This publisher publishes works written by new and established authors, and is also highly experienced in internet marketing. This combined with its team of staff and external partners means it is able to launch books onto the market within weeks. If you’re manuscript was to be accepted by Wolfpack Publishing, it would manage production and marketing activities and cover costs of these, and would split royalties received from distributors with you equally. This publishing house is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts across all genres. Take a look at this page to find out more and to also get answers to questions you might have.


3. City Lights Press

City Lights Press is a Las Vegas publishing imprint of Wolfpack Publishing. This publisher focuses on publishing young adult, new adult, and different types of romance such as contemporary romance, historical romance, and paranormal romance. City Lights Press has published authors such as Carmen Stefanescu, C.K. Crigger, Hannah Godard and Sascha Illyvich, among many others. This organization works with authors at all stages of their careers and if you’re interested in making a submission, this organization is currently taking unsolicited submissions for romance (not erotic romance), young adult and new adult. You can make a submission by completing the fields and attaching your manuscript at this page.


4. Erotic Pleasures Publishing

Another imprint of Wolfpack Publishing, Erotic Pleasures Publishing publishes erotic books from experienced and beginner authors. If your book is accepted by this publisher, expect your earnings to be up to 35% of the price on the cover of your book, to be able to gain global exposure of your book, and have promotion and marketing of your story be taken care of. If you’ve written an erotic tale, Erotic Pleasures Publishing is open to receiving unsolicited manuscripts in erotica, paranormal erotic, romance and other erotic genres. Take a look at this page to find out how you can make a submission.


5. University of Nevada Press

University of Nevada Press was founded by Robert Laxalt in 1961. The focus of this publisher is to publish books that further the knowledge base available about Nevada, the American West and the Great Basin. Other types of books published by this organization are academic texts of subjects such as social sciences, humanities, environmental studies, gaming, Native American studies, a selection of fiction, among others. If you want to make a submission to University of Nevada Press, you need to submit a book proposal that contains a prospectus, your CV, a table of contents for your book and a chapter as a sample. Take a look at this page to find what specifically to include in the prospectus part of your proposal. Evaluations are carried out by independent experts in the area of your book if it is scholarly in nature, and if your manuscript is literary, by writers of the genre of your book and critics with experience of reviewing the particular genre.

Have you had a book published by one of the above book publishers in Nevada? Please share your experiences in the comments box below!

Are you an existing book publishing house in the state of Nevada, or have just started out as a publisher? Please introduce yourself in the comments area and leave a link to your website!

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