21 Top Book Publishing Companies in North Carolina

21 Top Book Publishing Companies in North Carolina

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book publishing companies in north carolina

With easy access to technology, every other person has a blog or writes poetry and calls themselves a writer, but the testament to a true writer is their capability to become a published author.

Finding the right publisher has never been as crucial as it is in this age of overload of information and readers being spoilt for choice.

Writers need to think, focus and choose the right publisher if they want to excel in the literary field.

North Carolina has an interesting history in publishing with a late start due to its agricultural economy and then a boom in printing books because of high costs involved in transporting books from other states.

Now, North Carolina is a burgeoning market for all kinds of publishing companies.

Writers here can take their pick without being overwhelmed and come out a winner if they choose any of our 21 top book publishing companies in North Carolina.


1. Warren Publishing

An award winning author of children’s books, Cathy Brophy founded Warren Publishing in 1988 and Mindy Kuhn is the current owner. An all women agency that provides a 5 step process to publishing, Warren Publishing has won awards for its unique approach to getting books published. They also have an annual writing contest for women military veterans or women military family members. Writers can expect to work with the team in collaboration to give their book every chance it deserves to succeed. The Charlotte based company is currently looking for manuscripts in fiction, children’s books, thriller, mystery, lifestyle, fitness, cooking, travel and self-help. You can find submission guidelines on this page.


2. Chapel Hill Press

Edwina Woodbury took over Chapel Hill Press in 1999 and has turned it into a profitable self-publishing company. Since then, they have managed to help many writers achieve their dream of becoming a published author. The full service agency offers editing, proofreading, designing, planning and marketing services for writers.  Fiction, biographies, self-help, mystery, coffee table books, children’s books and memoirs are just some of the genres they are interested in. Writers can fill this detailed form to learn more about services and packages.


book publishers in north carolina


3. Wisdom House Books

Ted Ruybal and Clara Jackson started Wisdom House Books to use their publishing experience and help guide writers through the complicated literary world. This boutique publisher aims to give you various services such as editing, indexing, ghostwriting, designing, layout, photography, publicity, marketing, social media, illustration, branding and digitizing.  They are interested in publishing children’s books, romance, fiction, memoirs, suspense, crime, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and graphic novels. You can get a free 10 page evaluation of your manuscript by submitting it to ted@wisdomhousebooks.com.


4. Carolina Wren Press

A unique non-profit publishing organization that is actively promoting social issues, women’s rights and education, Carolina Wren Press was launched by Judy Hogan in 1976. Championing causes for nearly 3 decades, Carolina Wren has retained its activist image and fights to publish writers ignored by the big and traditional publishing houses. While it is a press at heart, they also hold writing seminars, workshops, literary panels, developmental projects in partnership with local organizations and sessions to encourage writers, minorities and promote authors of color, women authors and gay/lesbian authors. They are currently accepting manuscripts of prose and poetry but only accept fiction and memoirs through their writing contests. You can find submission guidelines here and write to them on this email address to submit your manuscript.


5. Black Mountain Press

Originally started in 1994 to print books about outdoor sports and nature, Black Mountain Press has now shifted its focus to emerging writers. Amateur or unpublished writers of creative stories, short stories, poetry, fiction and non-fiction can approach this agency located in a renovated farmhouse. They have strict guidelines and are a small agency that only accepts submissions via regular mail. They are currently not accepting stand-alone poems or stories. You can find the guidelines and address on this page.


6. McFarland Books

One of the state’s most prolific publishing companies, McFarland is rooted in North Carolina heritage. Robert McFarland Franklin established McFarland Books in 1979 calls itself a ‘library oriented publisher’ because of its focus on printing academic and non-fiction books. Boasting of a whopping 5100 titles in print, they publish more than 400 titles annually in print and digital. Reference books, guides, monographs on topics like academia, sports, education, literature, cinema and arts are just some of the genres they can cover. They are currently accepting non-fiction manuscripts only in genres like sports, health, history, war, film, art, women’s studies and literature. Read the submission guidelines here and send your manuscript to this email address.


7. Backbone Press

A small press offering opportunities to aspiring writers and poets, Backbone is based in Durham. They are interested in sharing the stories of immigrants, ethnic writers and women in US and using poetry to engage in cultural debate and discussions. Submission guidelines can be found here and you can fill the submission form to contact them.


8. Press 53

Since October 2005, Press 53 is in the publishing market trying to put together the best writing talent. Located in Winston-Salem, the company reaches out to authors by ways of contests, conferences or by contacting them after reading their published articles or stories. New authors need not worry, they have a writing contest that you can enter and get a chance to be published.  Press 53 chooses to publish a very limited number of books annually. They are currently only interested in short stories, poetry and anthologies. You can read up more about submission requirements here.


9. The University of North Carolina Press

Founded in 1922, UNC Press was one of the first university presses in the nation. With a strong emphasis on creating and developing a regional publishing program, UNC Press has published nearly 5,400 titles among which are Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners.  While the press maybe regional, it is involved in printing books about local, regional, national and international issues. It only publishes non-fiction in areas like history, law, media, culture, business, science, economy, sociology and politics. Interested writers and authors can read the submission requirements on this page.


10. Pulse Publishing

A new age publishing firm based in Durham, Pulse Publishing is committed to creating content for the young readers globally. They have various imprints dedicated to different genres like romance and fantasy. Writers of fantasy fiction, passion, erotica, mystery, thrillers and paranormal can submit their manuscripts and find the guidelines here.


11. Taylor Made Publishing

Offering self-publishing, Taylor Made Publishing is based in Greenville. Editing, designing, proofreading, formatting, promotional materials and media kit are some of the services they offer in their package. Children’s books, relationships, fiction, mystery and family are some of the genres they are interested in. You can fill the form for submission of your manuscript here.


12. Carolina Academic Press

As the name suggests, Carolina Academic Press prints academic and non-fiction books. For 30 years, they have published reference books and academic journals in varied fields like law, history, sociology, political analysis, management and crime. Located in Durham, they are looking for authors in genres of non-fiction and academia specifically. You can contact them by filling this form along with your manuscript details.


13. Alabaster Book Publishing

An independent publisher since 2004, Alabaster Book Publishing has a wide range of titles in its kitty. This Kernersville located company provides turnkey services so that the author is in control of the creative process. Fiction, children’s books, mystery, fantasy, how-to, poetry, suspense, thriller, romance, action and memoirs are some topics they wish to publish books in. Writers can find submission guidelines and contact details on this page.


14. Intellect Books

This United Kingdom headquartered company with an office in Wilmington; Intellect Books has a very clear niche. It only prints books in arts, films, media and culture. While the subjects in these areas can increase according to the time and nature of the world, they stick to those fields and are an independent academic publisher. They believe in finding a topic and then looking for an author instead of the traditional method, but you can fill their questionnaire after reading the guidelines to submit manuscripts in media, photography, arts, cultural studies and cinema.


15. Duke University Press

The Durham based Duke University Press acts as a gatekeeper for Duke University by publishing scholarly, academic and educational books. Books engaging discussion, debate on social, political and local issues are also considered by this publisher. The list of topics that they are interested in for printing are vast and non-fiction only like gender, politics, religion, philosophy, leadership, history, American history, media and film. You can find submission guidelines with contact details on this page.


16. Regal House Publishing

Regal House Publishing is a small and traditional publisher looking for new talent and wishing to work directly with the author. They have interests in various genres and are eager to offer support to the author in promotion and marketing. Fiction writers of short stories and novels can read the submission guidelines here and mail them on this address.


17. Lulu

One of the biggest self-publishing successes in the country, Lulu was founded by Bob Young in 2002. It has made its mark in the self-publishing industry and made it possible for anybody out there to publish a book. There is no genre that they don’t print right from fiction, mystery, crime, thriller, romance, action, murder, humor, family, love and children’s books. The website is easy to use and allows you to create your book, sell it and includes a host of great resources teaching you how to self-publish. You can learn more about getting your work published at this link.


18. Author’s Boutique

Sherrie Wilkolaski launched Author’s Boutique realizing the fast paced growth of self-publishing. Using social media and marketing, she has managed to make Author’s Boutique a complete publishing and consulting firm that can give new authors the necessary tools to succeed. They can evaluate your manuscript and help you know where you stand from a publishing point of view or they can also edit, proofread and market your book for you. You can contact them here to know more about services.


19. Baen Books

Jim Baen established Baen Books in 1983 to promote science fiction and fantasy. He was an innovator who understood the potential of e-books and became a pioneer in e-book production over the years. Baen Books has many eminent authors and awards in science fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy.  Located in Wake Forest, they are currently accepting manuscripts only by form submissions and not via email. The submission guidelines can be found here.


20. Less Than Three Press

Started by three women, LT3 is a network to promote and encourage the LGBTQ community and foster a sense of pride and togetherness. Based in Rocky Mount, they are on the lookout for stories of LGBTQ romance, relationships and love. They are currently interested in romance, fantasy fiction, sci-fi and contemporary fiction in the LGBTQ world. You can find submission guidelines here.


21. Old Harbour Press

This Greensville located publisher has worked on titles in fiction, trips, travels, non-fiction and culture. They are currently accepting manuscripts for the same and you can find submission guidelines here.

Those were our 21 top book publishing companies in North Carolina.

There has been a recent increase in the number of self-publishing companies which is thanks to the success of authors venturing on their own. While everyone’s story is subjective and what works for someone may not necessarily work for you, you can always draw parallels and use the success of others as an inspiration and motivation to start this journey.

It is also heartening to notice that the genres accepted by publishers are expanding and it comes as a relief to writers of every gender, race and class that there is something for them to write and share.

Publishers are acknowledging that the readers are keen on exploring new genres. It is not about traditional publishing or self-publishing, but the best way to reach your goal of being published and the means to that is a publisher that knows what they are doing without ignoring you in process.

The idea is to work on your dream without compromising your ideals and goals on the way.

Are you a book publisher in North Carolina? Please introduce yourself in the comments box below and leave a link to your website!

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