15 Top Book Publishing Companies in Pennsylvania

15 Top Book Publishing Companies in Pennsylvania

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book publishing companies in pennsylvania

So, you’re an author based in Pennsylvania who has written a top notch manuscript and now need a publisher?

Don’t despair. There are a number of publishing houses near you.

Below is a list of 15 top book publishing companies in Pennsylvania. Continue reading to find out who they are, the types of books they publish and how you can go about making submissions.


1. Autumn House Press

Autumn House Press is a not-for-profit publisher based in Pittsburgh. Dedicated to publishing high quality literature and poetry, two key goals of Autumn House Press are to publish the work of outstanding authors who larger publishers have disregarded and to produce beautiful looking books. This publisher has an open call for full-length books of poetry, fiction and nonfiction, and submissions will be considered between 1st August 2018 and 1st November 2018. If you’re interested in making a submission, do take a look at some of the books already published by Autumn House Press to help ensure your manuscript would be a good fit for its catalog. Further details on submitting a manuscript can be found here. You also have opportunities to participate in various contests organised by this publisher, such as the Autumn House Poetry Contest and the Autumn House Fiction Contest, among others.


2. BatCat Press

Based in Midland, Pennsylvania, Deana Baringer started BatCat Press with six high school students in 2009. Since then, this organization has grown to become an independent publishing house that specializes in the publishing of limited edition handmade books. Having published 14 books of prose and poetry and numerous chapbooks and broadsides since it started, BatCat Press publishes the work of both new writers and experienced authors, of all ages. If you’re interested in making a submission, BatCat Press accepts high quality manuscripts in different genres and lengths, across the whole year and has a reading period between September and December. It sends out letters to notify authors about whether their manuscripts have been accepted, or rejected in the months of December and January. Authors are encouraged to make submissions over the summer. Take a look at this page to find out the full submission guidelines for this publisher.


book publishers in pennsylvania


3. Camino Books

Based in Philadelphia, and founded in 1987, Camino Books is a publisher of high quality nonfiction books for people in the Mid-Atlantic states of the United States. It publishes books on cooking, gardening, travel, history, and biographies among others. Although books of regional interest are a main focus of Camino Books, it does publish books with a national appeal from time to time. Always on the lookout for new authors, Camino Books publishes around 6-10 books annually. If you’ve written a nonfiction book that would have readership at either the local, or regional level in the Mid-Atlantic states, and would like to make a submission, you need to submit a book proposal that contains an explanation of the topic of your book, its length and format, an outline or a table of contents, one or two sample chapters, your bio and credentials, evidence of an understanding of the market for your book, and your plans for promoting and marketing your book. Take a look at this page for full submission details.


4. Dufour Editions

Dufour Editions, based in Chester Springs, is a publisher and distributor of books of different genres such as art fiction, memoir, folklore, Irish, children’s books, young adult books, cooking, Scottish, military and many others. The books this publisher publishes and distributes have a particular focus on poetry from Ireland and the UK and on European literature from 1950 onwards. If you’ve taken a look at the books available from this publisher’s website and feel your manuscript would be a good fit for Dufour Editions, you can use the contact details or form at this page to enquire about whether it is accepting submissions, and if so, how you can forward your manuscript.


5. White Mane Publishing Co., Inc.

White Mane Publishing Co., Inc. is a renowned publisher of Civil War era history books, guides, and novels and has been in the business of publishing for more than 35 years. Also a publisher of nonfiction books and historical fiction from the time of World War 1 and 2, and The American Revolution, White Mane also publishes young adult and middle grade books. This publisher has three imprints. These are White Mane Books, Burd Street Press, and White Mane Press. Take a look at the page to find out about the types of books these imprints publish and to learn about how you can make a submission either through post, or online. It’s also well worth reading the guidance for submitting materials.


6. Etruscan Press

With its headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Etruscan Press is a not-for-profit publisher of novels, poems, creative nonfiction, collections of short stories, anthologies, translated works, and criticism. This publisher was founded in 2001 and Dr Philip Brady and Dr Robert Moody are both Executive Directors of the organization. If you’re interested in making a submission to this publisher whose titles have either won or reached finalist positions of prestigious book awards, it’s best to first take a look at some of its already published titles. If your manuscript aligns with the interests of Etruscan Press, take a look at the submission guidelines at this page. This publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts across the entire year and charges a $20 reading fee.


7. Judson Press

Based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Judd Press is a Christian publishing house, which has in excess of 300 titles in print that are available in Christian and secular bookstores, online retailers, churches, educational organizations and libraries. This publisher, annually, publishes between 10 – 12 books and is the publishing ministry of the protestant denomination American Baptist Churches USA, which has 1.5 million members across the United States and the island of Puerto Rico. If you’re interested in making a submission to Judson Press, it accepts proposals for books and also for The Secret Place, its devotional magazine. Take a look at the guidance at this page, which comprehensively describes what this publisher looks for when considering an author and his/her book and what to include in your book proposal.


8. Kallisti Publishing

Based in Wilkes-Barre and founded in 2000 by Anthony R. Michalski, Kallisti Publishing is a publisher of business and personal development books and ebooks. This publisher has various outlets for its books, selling them through retailers, distributors, direct to readers, an affiliate network and to organizations in bulk. If you’re a public speaker, coach, trainer, entrepreneur, or a consultant who has written a personal development book that shares your expertise, then Kallisti Publishing could potentially be a publisher for you. If you would like to make a submission to Kallisti Publishing, some of the key items you need to include are the entire manuscript, a cover letter, a bio sheet and market analysis of your book. Take a look here for full submission guidance.


9. The Local History Company

Based in Pittsburgh, The Local History Company is an independent publisher dedicated to publishing books on topics associated with history and heritage of different states and areas in the United States. Some of the subjects that its books cover are art history, immigrant art, life in rural areas, cities, civil rights, and outdoor guides, among others. This publisher publishes both nonfiction and fiction, which is of interest to national and international readers; however, it has a preference for nonfiction works associated with a locality. If you would like to make a submission, you can submit either a book proposal or your entire manuscript by post. Take a look at the submission notes at this page for full details on how you can make a submission for consideration by The Local History Company. Once you’ve made a submission, if this publisher is interested in your work, it aims to respond within 3-4 months, although it can take a bit longer if the number of existing manuscripts under review is high.


10. Schiffer Publishing

Headed up by Peter Schiffer, Schiffer Publishing began in 1974 as an operation to publish Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, Pennsylvania by Margaret Schiffer, to bring back into circulation out-of-print historical books about antiques, and to publish a book about Chinese porcelain. Since its humble beginnings, Schiffer Publishing has grown and flourished and its achievements include acquiring Cornell Maritime Press/Tidewater Publishers in 2009. If you’re wondering what types of books Schiffer Publishing takes submissions for, they include works about architecture, arts and crafts, how to books, children’s books, fine art, military, mind and body, paranormal, regional and pop culture. You can click on the links at this page to find out specific submission guidelines for the various topics of books this publisher publishes. Please note Schiffer Publishing isn’t currently accepting submissions for memoirs, fiction, autobiographies or poetry.


11. Split Lip Press

An independent publishing house of collections of short fiction, poetry collections, anthologies and novellas, Split Lip Press is headed up by J. Scott Bugher who is also the founder of Split Lip Magazine. Split Lip Press aims to publish high quality books and get them to readerships who appreciate great books. Authors who work with Split Lip Press can expect to not have to wait many years for their books to launch, to receive 20-25% of their sales, have a visually appealing book and get thorough promotion. Although this publisher isn’t currently accepting submissions, keep an eye on this page for details of when this changes.


12. Sunberry Press

Founded by Lawrence Knorr who is supported by a team of staff, Sunberry Press is a traditional publisher based in Mechanicsburg. This publisher publishes trade paperback books, books in hardcover and ebooks across various fiction and nonfiction genres, and sells them through booksellers across the world. Books it publishes are written by new and established authors. Receiving in excess of 1000 book proposals a year, Sunberry Press publishes around 50 books annually. If you’re interested in submitting a proposal, Sunberry Press is always on the lookout for historical fiction, history books, police procedurals, crime thrillers, young adult, steampunk, science, current events, self-help and others, which you can find out about at this page. Submissions through several Sunberry Press imprints can be made using Submittable.


13. University of Pittsburgh Press

Founded in 1936, University of Pittsburgh Press is a publisher of scholarly works, short fiction, poetry and books about Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. Topics of its scholarly books include political science, international studies, history books, Latin American studies, Russian studies, Eastern European studies, history and philosophy of science and literary studies. The subjects of the books it publishes on the Western Pennsylvania region include history, art, photography, architecture, guidebooks and biographies. If you’re interested in making a submission to University of Pittsburgh Press, take a look at this page, which provides comprehensive information on how to submit a manuscript proposal. Inquiries need to be submitted to the appropriate acquisitions editor.


14. Whitaker House

Based in New Kensington, Whitaker House is a Christian publishing house that was founded in 1970 and since this time has been dedicated to spreading the gospel to the world through high quality books. The topics of the Christian books this publisher publishes include Christian living, devotions, biographies, autobiographies, fiction, books of relevance to a particular gender, marriage, family, prayer, inspiration and theology. If you’re interested in making a submission to Whitaker House, it’s best to have a literary agent represent you, as this publisher doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. Take a read of this publisher’s detailed submission guidance document for more information.


15. Quirk Books

Founded by David Borgenicht in 2002, Quirk Books is based in the Old City district of Philadelphia. Publishing 25 books annually, some of the genres of its titles include young adult, mystery books, children’s books, cookbooks, pop culture books and art books. Quirk Books is always on the lookout for manuscripts that are original and fun. If you’re considering making a submission to this publisher, you can submit your book idea through emailing a query letter with some sample chapters if you have them to one of the editors who work at Quirk Books. Take a look here for further details.

Do you run a publishing house in Pennsylvania? Please tell us more about your organization in the comments box below!

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