8 Top Book Publishing Companies in South Carolina

8 Top Book Publishing Companies in South Carolina

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book publishing companies in south carolina

South Carolina is a US state with a population of nearly 5 million people. It shares borders with both North Carolina and Georgia.

The state of South Carolina also has some top book publishers which operate within it. If you’re an author looking for publishing house for your manuscript, one of the following 8 book publishing companies in South Carolina might be able to help.


1. Ambassador International

Ambassador International was started up in 1980 in Belfast, Northern Ireland by Dr Samuel Lowry. Dr Lowry in 1995 opened an office in Greenville, South Carolina. Ambassador International has grown into a Christian publisher that now has 6 staff members who work full time for it. With a mission to amplify Jesus Christ and His message through publications, Ambassador International has published in excess of 35 authors. If you would like to make a submission to this publisher, you will need to provide your contact details and a query letter, which gives an overview of your book, its purpose and its word count, information about the target readership of your book, a table of contents, details of reviewers who might be willing to endorse your work, and a completed manuscript. Take a look at this page for full submission details. You can make your submission through completing an online form.


2. Arcadia Publishing

Founded in 1993, Arcadia Publishing has been operating for more than 20 years as a publisher of hometown history, which help people re-engage with the communities they belong to. Pictures create a central part of this publisher’s books, which bring to life people, events, places and memories that make a community. Arcadia Publishing assesses book proposals on various topics related to history at the local and regional level. If you’ve produced an illustrative book about local history in a town, city or state and would like to make a submission, Arcadia Publishing advises to take a look at this page to get an idea of what is currently acceptable. After this, you can complete the online form found here.


3. The History Press

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, and founded in 2004, The History Press is a sister imprint of Arcadia Publishing. This imprint publishes books about local and regional history, and works about the culture of areas spanning across the whole of the United States. Take a look at the books published by The History Press to get a feel of what would be acceptable as a submission. If would like to submit a work about local or regional history for a corresponding local or regional audience, complete the form at this page to get the ball rolling.


4. Arbordale Publishing

Arbordale Publishing, based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is a publisher of picture books for children. These books can take the form of stories and nonfiction works that aim to educate children in science and maths. This publisher publishes both books in print and as eBooks. Some of its books have won awards such as IRA/CBC Children’s Choices Award, and NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books Award. The works it publishes contain an activities section at the end designed to help children learn the concepts and ideas introduced in a particular book. If you want to make a submission, you should note that Arbordale Publishing prefers fiction and narrative nonfiction works as opposed to standard nonfiction. Your manuscript would need to be less than 1000 words, be fun to read, have a scope that has national or regional appeal, and have a theme that covers a science or maths subject suitable for elementary school children. Be sure to take a look at the full submission guidelines for this publisher here.


5. Joggling Board Press

Founded by Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, who is supported by a team of staff, Joggling Board Press is an independent publisher based in Charleston. This book publisher publishes books about the American southeast and its culture, history, biographies and fiction set in this part of the United States. Many of the works it has published have gone to become National award winners such as Carnival of Destruction by Tom Elmore. If you want to make a submission, you can do so unsolicited and without an agent. An initial submission can be made online and expect a response rate of up to 60 days. Take a look here to find out what you need to include in your book proposal.


6. The University of South Carolina Press

One of the most respected publishing houses in the Southeast, the University of South Carolina Press is also one of the oldest with it being established in 1944. Since its beginnings, it continues to further the University of South Carolina’s scholarly reputation and develop its profile across the world through the books it publishes. It has published in excess of 2000 books, and publishes around 50 new books every year. In addition to publishing research carried out at the University of South Carolina, and at other higher education institutes, this publishing house also publishes many regional books series such as Southern Revivals, Women’s Diaries and Southern Classics, among others.

The University of South Carolina also publishes a number of scholarly books series such as Understanding Modern European and Latin American Literature, Studies in Personalities of the Old Testament and Studies in Comparative Religion. You can find out about others at this page. If you’re wondering what types of submissions the University of South Carolina accepts, it looks for original scholarly books about regional studies, religious studies, literature, rhetoric, and in history. General regional books about the American South outdoors, fiction, art, architecture, culture, and gardening are also acceptable. Take a look here to find out about what materials you need to include in your submission, and who to send your submission to.


7. Hub City Press

Hub City Press is a not-for-profit independent press based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Founded in 1995, it strives to find new and exciting authors from the American South and give them a platform to publish works such as short fiction, novels, memoir, poetry and books about the culture and history about Southern United States. In particular, it is focused on giving opportunities to people from the American South who might be disadvantaged, such as ethnic minorities, religious minorities, LGBTQIA and disabled people. Hub City Press has published more than 75 books since it started and it publishes between 5-12 new books every year. Its books have won awards such as Kirkus Book of the Year in 2015, an NPR Best Book of 2016 and 16 Independent Publisher IPPY awards. This publisher accepts submissions in March and April and September and October. Take a look here to find out how you can send your work to Hub City Press.


8. Sandlapper Publishing

Established by Frank N. Handel in 1983 and sold to Christian and Amanda Gallman in 1997, Sandlapper Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor of books about the South and mainly about South Carolina. It is a specialist publishing house of nonfiction. Particular nonfiction books it publishes are about cooking, history, photography, natural history, folklore, travel and history. Sandlapper Publishing is particularly interested in books about the American Revolution, slavery, geology, day trips, lighthouses, and about South Carolina’s natural history. This publisher is currently closed to submissions.

Do you run a book publishing house in South Carolina? What types of books do you publish? Please tell us about your organization in the comments box below!

Also, if you’re an author who has had a book published by one of the South Carolina publishers featured in this post, please share your experiences.

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