21 Top Book Publishing Companies in Southern California

21 Top Book Publishing Companies in Southern California

By on Oct 26, 2017 in Publishing

book publishing companies in southern california

Brewing the magic potion for a successful book is by no means an easy task.

It demands more than just an eloquent writing expression: finding the right publishing house is an equally important ingredient.

If you’re a writer, here are 21 top book publishing companies in Southern California that you should consider:


1. Silver Dolphin Books

This one’s for the children. Based in San Diego, CA, Silver Dolphin Books has been operating for nearly two decades with a desire to create and promote books that inspire children to learn more about the world they live in. They have made a name for themselves in the market by publishing innovative books that engage children and develop a zeal for empiricism. With a long history of publishing titles that are appreciated by both, children and parents, they have over 500 publications ranging from beautifully illustrated board books for pre-schoolers to award-winning non-fiction books for 12 year olds. Silver Dolphin Books has amassed numerous accolades over the years, including the prestigious 2012 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year and the 2013 NAPPA Honours Award. Here’s how you can get in touch with them.


2. Thunder Bay Press

This publishing house makes no attempt to segment its reading audience: it offers something for everyone. Thunder Bay Press is based in San Diego and published its first title almost three decades ago, back in 1990. It has since published across difference formats and categories, such as activity titles and kits on topics including cooking, games, crafts, and art, along with reference books about pets, art, fitness, travel, culture, history, nature and even sports. ‘12 Years a Slave’ and the ‘Canterbury Classics’ series are two of their most popular works that have graced people’s bookshelves. You can find all the details about how to contact them here.


book publishers in southern california


3. Portable Press

Portable Press is a top publisher of trivia books and the home of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, the longest running and most popular trivia series of its kind that has over 15 million books in print around the globe. Portable Press has its headquarters on Barnes Canyon Road in San Diego, CA. They have been publishing anthologies of history, fads,  humor, quotes, puzzles, and children’s books for almost 30 years now. Here’s how you can contact them for any queries and suggestions.


4. Living Waters Publications

Evangelism – that’s what they are all about. If you are a Christian interested in expanding your knowledge about the religion, you should definitely check out their catalog. But this publisher will be of special interest to writers who are seeking publishers to get their theological writings published. Living Waters Publications is based in Bellflower, CA, and with awe-inspiring titles like ‘What Did Jesus Do?’ and ‘Made In Heaven’, it has a history dating back to April 1972. You can read all about it here. They have a three-fold vision of INSPIRING, EQUIPING, and FULFILLING so if you believe your manuscripts meet this simple criteria, you can contact them here and get yourself published.


5. Brown Paper Press

This is a small publishing company founded by Jennifer M. Volland and Wendy Thomas Russell in Long Beach, CA. The organization works with a relatively small but highly qualified and competitive team of marketers, designers and editors. They have published authors like Peter Gaidics and Tim Grobaty and with books like ‘The Inheritance of Shame’ and ‘I’m Dyin Here’, Brown Paper Press proudly boasts some extremely influential published works out there. They publish writings pertaining to a range of different genres, namely narrative non-fiction, philosophy, parenting, memoirs, sociology, pop culture and humor. They have a complete set of guidelines regarding submissions that you can read here.


6. Prostar Publications

ProStar Publications is an established book publisher that has produced and published over 1000 new editions since its inception in 1991. It is the largest publisher and distributor of U.S. Nautical publications worldwide. All of its titles including ‘U.S. Sailing Directions’ and ‘Navigation Rules (International and Inland) are US Coast Guard approved. They have a branch in Annapolis, MD and another one in Inglewood, CA. Here’s how you can contact them.


7. Waterton Publishing Company

This company celebrates book in all its forms and genres. Originating from Los Angeles, CA, Waterton Publishing is a relatively new publishing company that aims to promote quality literature encompassing various fiction and non-fiction genres for children, young adults and adults. The international thriller ‘Illusion of Splendor’ by J.D. Easley, is perhaps their most notable publication yet. For more information and queries regarding submissions, you can contact them via their website.


8. Rare Bird Books

Los Angeles, California houses Rare Bird Books, an organization that has published numerous celebrated authors and entertainers such as Greg Anton, Isaac Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Deaver and Gary Phillips. It was founded by former independent book sellers in 2009, and it has since published 50+ titles every year. ‘Black Sheep Boy’ by Martin Pousson is one of their featured titles that was recently awarded the 2017 Pen Center USA Award for Fiction. The company can be contacted via their website and the e-mail addresses provided here.


9. Prospect Park Books

Prospect Park Books is one publisher that values quality over quantity. Based in Altadena, CA, this organization will go an extra mile to ensure that they meet all your requirements with precision. In their ten years of active service, Prospect Park Books have served many ‘big names’ such as the Holy Family Church, St. Andrews Church and Alere Health; so it’s no surprise that several books they published have won editorial and design awards. It has several acclaimed titles under its belt, such as the ‘Righteous Rebels’ and ‘Non Essential Mnemonics’. Prospect Park Books offer a wide array of value added services including creative development, writing, editorial, photography, printing, art direction, marketing consultancy, and distribution consultancy. The company specializes in cookbooks, art/gift books, humor, regional titles and fiction, but they do not publish general non-fiction (biography, business, self-help, how-to etc.), fiction other than mystery, creative non-fiction, and poetry. You can find out more about their submissions guidelines on this page. And if you are a writer who wishes to avail their services, here’s how you can get in touch.


10. Theosophical University Press

The Theosophical University Press is a publishing arm of The Theosophical Society. The society was founded by H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, and H.S. Olcott in 1875. It has its international headquarters situated in Pasadena, CA. The press only publishes theosophical works that encourage the study of ancient and modern sciences, religions and philosophies. ‘The Secret Doctrine’ and ‘Expanding Horizons’ are just two of its recently published works. You can find more about them directly through the contact details provided here.


11. Pauline Books And Media

This is the publishing branch of Daughters of St. Paul, an apostolic mission that aims ‘to reach out to real people struggling to live the real faith today’. It was founded in 1915 by Mother Thecla Merlo and it has since developed a vast network of Catholic bookstores, producing and distributing books, e-books, smartphone apps, music and movies. Based in Culver City CA, the organization only publishes resources that attempt to rejuvenate and resurrect the Catholic identity. With books like ‘Awakening Love’ and ‘Treasury of Catholic Prayers’, Pauline Books and Media is one of the most trusted Catholic Publishers in the U.S. It is open to submissions from the general public. You can go through all their submission guidelines and policies here.


12. The New World African Press

Originally founded as Elsie Mae Enterprises in Northbridge, CA back in the 1990s, The New World African Enterprises has undergone several evolutionary phases over the years. The organization primarily associates itself with publishing manuscripts that focus on the Diasporic World – a major void left by many publishing houses. However, that’s not all that this press is concerned with: it also welcomes non-Diasporic manuscripts and literature. ‘The African American Odyssey’ and ‘Growth of the Liberian State’ are two of its widely recognized publications. Think this is the company you’ve been looking for? Go ahead and mail your submissions to the company at the address provided on their website.


13. Estep & Fitzgerald Books

This is another publishing house based in Los Angeles, CA that takes great pride in bringing out authentic, bold stories that serve to inspire as well as entertain. They offer a unique platform to writers from various cultural backgrounds to share their manuscripts with a mass audience. This is a publishing house that has fully embraced the digital age, having released books for smartphones and tablets in addition to the traditional hardback and paperback versions. ‘By Dawn We’ll Be Free’ and ‘Pink Cloud Hunting’ are two of their featured top-sellers that are definitely worth a read. If you are interested in making a submission, you can find all the contact details here.


14. Chimayo Press

Chimayo Press was originally set up as an independent educational publishing company in Los Angeles, CA that expanded in 2011 by adding fiction to its offered niches. It was founded by Janet Levine in 2005 when the company launched its first Advanced English as a Second Language title, ‘Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics’. The company recently added Dennis E. Hackin to its impressive list of published authors that already includes Erick Roth and Toni Aberson. You can use their contact page to make any queries that you may have.


15. Chemical Publishing Company

Chemical Publishing Company has been disseminating quality literature for professionals such as doctors, scientists, engineers, and other highly skilled individuals from its headquarters in Palm Springs, CA since 1934. It’s a well reputed STM (Scientific Technical Medical) based industry chemical publisher that has distribution partners all around the world. They publish works related to Cement Technology, Applied Sciences, Chemical Formularies and a range of other diverse scientific fields. Here’s how you can submit them your manuscript for publication.


16. Desert Springs Publishing

Based in La Quinta, CA, Desert Springs Publishing publishes dynamic custom books and assists authors in a way that promotes their creative vision and provides a global audience for their stories. The firm publishes literature in the traditional paper versions as well as the ebook versions. They have a creative team of professionals that can take projects from conception to printing to distribution. If you have any queries regarding their publishing process, you can address them to these personnel mentioned here.


17. Nature Trails Press

If you’re a nature lover from Southwest America that loves to admire the serene landscapes and wildlife through writing, this is the perfect publishing company for you. Housed in Palm Springs, CA, Nature Trails Press publishes and distributes books on nature and the outdoors. Some of their recent titles include ‘Wildlife of the Southwest Deserts’ and the ‘Desert Palm Oasis’. If you feel this is the company you’ve been looking for, here’s how you can get in touch.


18. ALTA English Publishers

Head over to East Palm Canyon Drive because that’s where you’ll find ALTA English Publishers, a publishing company that has been catering to the educational sector with classroom textbooks and teacher resources for more than three decades now. Aaron and Simone Almendares-Berman initiated the company from their basement in their home in San Francisco. With publications like ‘Teaching English Worldwide’ and ‘Handbook for Language’, the organization continues to grow. Contact them to find out about how to make submissions.


19. Phoenix Books

A familiar name? That’s right, this giant publication house is based in Beverly Hills, CA. Phoenix Books have published some brilliant authors over the years including Stephen Hawking and Neale Donald Walsch. They have an extremely extensive list of published titles that span a multitude of genres. ‘The Governor’ and ‘The Patriotic Thinker’ are two of their acclaimed titles. It’s not easy to get published with Phoenix Books, but you can always try your luck. You can address all your queries about submission guidelines here.


20. Taschen

This is a multinational art book publisher that has been publishing masterpieces since 1980. It was founded by Benedikt Taschen in his hometown of Cologne, Germany. Today, the company has numerous branches around the world, including one in Beverly Hills, CA. Taschen publishes art books of many different genres including fetishistic imagery, queer art, pornography, and historical art. You can learn all about them in their FAQ section or contact them directly for any further information.


21. Gab Brands LLC

This Moreno Valley based publisher strives for excellence in all departments and warmly welcomes submissions from all genres. ‘Inspired Word’, ‘The Belly of a Woman’, and ‘Slow Down Baby Girl’ are three of its books that are an absolute delight to read. You can create a contact request here to enquire about submission guidelines.

Book publishing can be bit of a strenuous task, but if you’re fortunate enough to find the right people, nothing’s more rewarding for a writer.

And now that you know all about the best publishing companies in Southern California out there, what’s the wait?

Get working on your manuscripts and introduce yourself to the world!

Are you a book publisher in Southern California? Please tell us about your activities in the comments box below!

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