11 Top Book Publishing Companies in Toronto

11 Top Book Publishing Companies in Toronto

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book publishing companies in toronto

Are you a Canadian author who has just completed your book and now want to get it published?

The next step is to find a suitable book publisher who publishes books similar to the one you’ve written.

To help you find a publisher, we’ve compiled a list of 11 top book publishing companies in Toronto, Ontario.

Continue reading to find out about them.


1. Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a specialist publisher of nonfiction books about public policy, social issues, international development, Canadian history, gender and sexuality, global history, media, technology and other topics you can find out about here. Dedicated to promoting social change and equality, Between the Lines practices what it preaches as it has no single owner. Its team of staff and Editorial Committee decide what books to publish through achieving a consensus. If you’re book is designed to inspire social or political change, then Between the Lines could very well be a potential publisher for you. However, this publisher recommends you take a look at the books it has already published to ensure your work is aligned with its values.

If you would like to make a submission, you need to submit a proposal first, rather than your complete manuscript. In your proposal, you need to include a cover letter, which explains the main objectives of your book, your intention behind writing it, its potential market, along with academic courses it might be suitable for, details about why your book is suitable for Between the Lines, an estimation of its word count and a schedule for the completion of the writing of your book. You also need to submit an outline of the manuscript (2 pages), a sample of your writing (such as the first chapter of your book and one more chapter), a list of already existing publications covering the topic of your book, and what makes yours different in comparison. Your resume also needs to be encapsulated in your proposal. Be sure to follow the special instructions found in the submission guidelines.


2. Dundurn Press

An independent publisher of books by authors from Canada, Dundurn Press has been operating since 1972, and was founded by Kirk Howard. Today, it has more than 20 staff members working for it. A twice nominee for the Libris Award for Publisher of the Year, Dundurn Press has published more than 2500 books in print and 1800 eBooks. In terms of fiction, this publisher is currently accepting submissions for middle grade, young adult, mystery, thriller and literary fiction. Nonfiction submissions of interest to Dundurn Press are in true crime, paranormal, business and economics, health and wellbeing, local and Canadian interest, Canadian history, politics, current affairs, travel, and biography and memoir. Your submission needs to include a cover letter, a synopsis of your book (one page), a table of contents, an outline of each chapter, your resume, a marketing strategy for your book, your book’s word count, at least 3 sample chapters and a schedule for the completion and delivery of your book. Take a look at this page for full details.


book publishers in toronto


3. University of Toronto Press

University of Toronto Press (UTP) was founded in 1901. Not only is it Canada’s premier academic publishing house, it is also one of the biggest in North America. Over its time in operation, UTP has published more than 6,500 books. Annually, it publishes around 200 new books, which are scholarly, reference, course and general interest in nature. Renowned, for publishing authoritative individuals (Robertson Davies, Julia Kristeva and Yousuf Karsh are just a few examples), UTP publishes books and journals, mainly in the areas of business, social sciences, and humanities. This press is open to accepting book proposals and submissions for scholarly books that explain and illustrate vital research, course books for undergraduate and postgraduate students, business books that explain how theory can be applied in the real world, and journals that highlight latest research carried out through collaboration. Submission guidelines for scholarly books can be found here, while authors of textbooks should take a look at the submission notes at this page.


4. RJ Parker Publishing

Founded by RJ Parker, an experienced literary agent, writer, publicist and publisher, RJ Parker Publishing is a traditional publisher of true crime and crime fiction books, eBooks and audiobooks. RJ Parker offers an attractive royalty rate to the authors it publishes. This rate is 40% for new authors and 50% for established authors. RJ Parker Publishing is currently accepting submissions for history, nonfiction and true crime works. You can send a description of your book to Agent@RJParkerPublishing.com or complete the form at this page.


5. Annick Press

Annick Press was founded in 1975 by Rick Wilks and Anne Millyard, and is a leading fiction and nonfiction books publisher for toddlers all the way up to young adults. This publisher publishes in excess of 25 books per year and also publishes eBook versions of some of its titles. In particular, Annick Press is famous for its picture books and its nonfiction books. Books published by Annick Press have won awards such as the Michael L. Printz Honor Award; this particular honor was bestowed upon Chanda’s Secrets, which was written by Allan Stratton. If you’re interested in making a submission of your book for children or young adults, Annick Press is currently looking for picture books, teen fiction, middle reader fiction and original nonfiction. Take a look here to get the full submission guidance for this publisher.


6. Pajama Press

Founded in 2011 by Gail Winskill and Richard Jones, Pajama Press is a small publisher of high quality children’s books, which are of interest to children, young adults, teachers, parents and librarians. Specifically, Pajama Press publishes picture books for very young children and school-aged children, along with novels, and chapter books for middle grade children. It also publishes historical fiction, modern fiction for pre-high school children who are between the ages of 12-14 and narrative nonfiction. In addition, Pajama Press is very interested in receiving submissions from diverse authors. If you would like to make a submission for a novel, you need to send a query digitally that contains a brief overview of your book, an excerpt of 3 chapters (picture books do not need sample chapters submitted), and details about your writing experience and background. Take a look at this page for further details. It is also worthwhile taking a look at this guide to find out exactly what Pajama Press looks for in the books it publishes.


7. Groundwood Books

Groundwood Books is an independent publisher of children’s books and is known for its affinity to books that cover difficult topics, or which could be controversial. Its books are distributed to book traders in Canada through University of Toronto Press Distribution, while its titles are distributed in the United States by Publishers Group West. If you would like to make a submission for a picture book, Groundwood Books doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts for such works. If you’ve written a high quality literary fiction novel driven by characters for children, you need to submit a cover letter, some sample chapters from your book and a short synopsis. Take a look here for further details. It is also best to take a look at the books published by Groundwood Books before you make a submission, to ensure your story would be a good fit for this publisher.


8. Owlkids Books

Owlkids Books is a publisher of quality books and magazines for children of various ages. The works it publishes aims to encourage children to develop a love of both reading and learning. If you’re a writer who has a manuscript you would like to submit, Owlkids Books is currently on the lookout for books for children between the ages of 2-13 in the form of early chapter books, nonfiction picture books and middle grade fiction. Owlkids Books recommends you take a look at the books available from its website before you make a submission. A submission needs to be sent through the post to its office in Toronto (email submissions are not accepted), along with a cover letter explaining your writing experience and qualifications. If your work is longer than a picture book, you need to post a query letter with a few pages as samples, as opposed to the whole book. Take a look at this page for further information.


9. Kids Can Press

Kids Can Press is known as the largest children’s publishing house in the world that is Canadian owned. Many of you may recognise the renowned children’s book series Scaredy Squirrel and Franklin the Turtle. Well, these have been published by Kids Can Press. Celebrating its 40th year in operation in 2013, Kids Can Press continues to publish high quality children’s books for a global audience made up of children, teachers, parents and librarians, along with winning prestigious awards in the publishing industry such as the Governor General’s Literary Awards. This exceptional publisher accepts submissions from authors in Canada and is looking for high quality picture books and nonfiction books for children. In addition, it is looking for chapter books for children between the ages of 7-10. It doesn’t accept submissions for fantasy novels, or young adult fiction. If you’ve taken a look at the books already published by this publisher and feel yours aligns with its catalog, you can find guidance on what to include in your submission here.


10. Second Story Press

Margie Wolfe started Second Story Press with three other women in 1988. It is a publisher of books of interest to women that are inspired by feminism, and its works are distributed across the world and many have won awards. The genre of books it publishes includes fiction and nonfiction for adults, nonfiction and picture books, children’s fiction and fiction and nonfiction for young adults. If you’re interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration, Second Story Press looks for works that address the various aspects of the lives of women and girls. It is also interested in books that cover diversity and the empowerment of children. Do note that this publisher focuses only on Canadian writers who are either citizens of the country, or reside permanently in it. Second Story Press also recommends you take a look at its already published work, to get an idea of whether your book would fit with its titles. If you believe it would do so, take a look here to find out what you need to include in your submission. Second Story Press usually takes at least 6-9 months to consider a proposal.


11. HarperCollins Canada

HarperCollins Canada is a division of HarperCollins Publishers, which is one of the world’s largest publishers of English language books. In Canada, HarperCollins operates through William Collins, Sons & Co. Ltd, which is renowned for publishing bestselling and award-winning books, both fiction and nonfiction for adults and children. Some of these awards, among others, are the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction, the Governor General’s Award, the Scotiabank Giller Prize, and the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize. HarperCollins Canada doesn’t accept unsolicited query letters, or manuscripts and recommend authors work with a literary agent. Here is a list of literary agents in Canada that might be able to help you.

Are you looking for a publicist to help you with PR and marketing of your book? If so, take a look at these Canadian book publicists.

Are you a book publisher in Toronto? Please tell us more about your organization in the comments box below!

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