9 Top Book Publishing Companies in Virginia

9 Top Book Publishing Companies in Virginia

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book publishing companies in virginia

So, you’re an author based in the US state of Virginia who is looking for a book publisher?

One of the following 9 top book publishing companies in Virginia could be the right one for you.

Continue reading to find out about them and the types of books they publish.


1. American History Press

If you’ve written a book about American history, then American History Press, which is based in Staunton, Virginia, is a publisher who publishes books on this topic and all its different angles. American History Press welcomes inquiries from authors who may be at the initial stages of writing a book, or who have a completed manuscript. Please note though, that this publisher does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you wish to make an inquiry to find out more, you need to send American History Press a description of the scope of your book, how it helps potential readers, your marketing strategy and an overview of sources you have used for your work. You can email these details to contact@americanhistorypress.com.


2. The University of Virginia Press

Founded in 1963 to further the academic interests of The University of Virginia Press and other higher education institutes across the state, The University of Virginia Press, annually, publishes around 50-60 new books. As you might expect from a scholarly publisher, new works go through a strong peer review process. If you’re interested in publishing your academic research and are considering The University of Virginia Press, it is worth knowing that this publisher has a reputation for publishing high quality scholarly work about American history and government, Afro-Caribbean studies, 18th century and Victorian literature, cultural religion, trade books that would be interest to readers regionally, along with architectural and environmental history books. It is advised that you take a look at the website of this press to review other books it has published, in order to ensure yours would be a good fit. If you deem this to be the case, you would then need to send a query to an appropriate acquisitions editor. You can access an outline for a book proposal at this page.


3. Brandylane Publishers

Richmond, Virginia is the home of Brandylane Publishers. This publishing house was founded in 1986 by Robert Pruett who is President of the organization. Robert is supported by a strong team of staff who together share a passion for creating and publishing books. A key mission of Brandylane Publishers is to help unpublished authors and poets get published in the print medium. If you’re interested in making a submission to Brandylane Publishers, you don’t need a literary agency and can send in an unsolicited submission. This publisher accepts quality manuscripts in most genres and topics, and in particular looks out for books whose goals it is to promote, educate and inspire people to be tolerant and peaceful, and also works which encourage the preservation of the environment. Books about health and wellbeing and those which aim to improve the lives of individuals and communities living in the United States and across the world are also acceptable at Brandylane Publishers. Do take a look at this page to find out more, and to learn about what to include in your submission, which you would need to send through email.


4. Blushing Books

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Blushing Books is the result of a company that has been evolving since it started in 1999 when it was known as ABCD Graphics, and operated as a membership site that made available erotic spanking and BDSM stories. These days, Blushing Books is primarily a romance publisher and sells standard erotic romance works and erotica, while still maintaining its emphasis on spanking and BDSM topics. A publisher of both books in print and digital, Blushing Books publishes the majority of its titles as eBooks. Authors who publish with this publisher can expect to get paid a 50% royalty rate, an amount many other publishers would struggle to compete with. This organization also has a strong platform for the publicity of the books it publishes, with 15,000 people on its newsletter list and a book publicist working within its team. If you would like to make a submission, Blushing Books is very specific about the types of books it publishes and those it doesn’t. You would need to submit a completed manuscript and ensure you’ve not sent your manuscript to another publisher. If your book is accepted, Blushing Books would aim to publish it within 2-3 months. Take a look at the submission guidance notes for more details.


5. Cedar Creek Publishing

If you’re an author in Virginia who is looking for a publisher who publishes books written by authors from the state, then Cedar Creek Publishing is definitely worth taking a look at. This publisher publishes writers who have written works about a topic related to Virginia, or which have a setting in Virginia. Its authors are those who have won writing contests, or have had their work been published in literary journals, anthologies, or magazines. Founded by Linda M. Layne, a veteran of the publishing industry with over 30 years of experience in the sector, all authors based in Virginia are welcome to make a submission to Cedar Creek Publishing’s Virginia Literary Journal. However, works such as novels, short stories, poetry, anthologies or children’s books are not accepted as unsolicited manuscripts. Such forms of literature are usually published as a result of relationships Cedar Creek Publishing develops with authors through networking.


6. Curiosity Quills Press

Curiosity Quills Press is a publishing house that publishes books for adults, new adults and young adults. The genres of the books include speculative fiction, dark sci-fi and paranormal. Headed up by Eugene Teplitsky and Lisa Gus, this publisher offers a full publishing service, which also includes marketing assistance. If you’re interested in making a submission, you’re advised to take a look at what the acquisitions editors at Curiosity Quills Press are looking for to ensure your proposal is a good match. If after doing so, you would like to continue with your submission, take a look at the submission guidelines, which you can find here, along with a useful set of frequently asked questions. Although you don’t need an agent to represent you, if you do have one submitting on your behalf, your submission would be given priority.


7. Gival Press

With its headquarter in Arlington, Gival Press is an independent publishing house that was founded by Robert L. Giron in 1998, and is focused on publishing fiction, poetry and nonfiction in the form of essays and educational texts. Interested in publishing quality work of authors and poets that contain social or philosophical insights, the LGBTQ community can find many of Gival Press’s books of interest. If you’re interested in making a submission to this publisher, you need to send a query first as unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted. Take a look at this page to find out what to include your query. You also have an opportunity to submit work to four writing contests that Gival Press sponsors, or submit fiction, poetry or art to its online journal, Arlington Literary Journal (ArLiJo).


8. Tidal Press

Founded by Laura Jones in 2014, Tidal Press is an independent publisher of books across different genres. Its titles usually depict the life of an outsider, an underdog, or an explorer and some are also humorous. Take a look at the authors this publisher has published at this page. Tidal Press isn’t currently accepting submissions in order to focus on books it currently has in its pipeline. Keep an eye on its submissions page to find out about when submissions reopen again.


9. Köehler Books

Köehler Books was initiated by John Köehler who serves as President of this publishing house. It is a publisher of fiction in various genres such as young adult, Christian, mystery, thrillers and suspense. Nonfiction in the form of self-help works and how-to books is also acceptable at Köehler Books. If you’re interesting in submitting your work to Köehler Books, you would need to send your complete manuscript, which typically needs to be between 20,000 – 90,000 words long. Children’s books can be shorter. Köehler Books publishes books in three ways. One is through a traditional publishing approach suitable for experienced writers with a history of being published, a co-publishing approach for emerging writers and self-publishing for new writers. Take a look here to find out more about these three approaches, and to also get details of how to submit your manuscript.

Do you run a book publishing company in Virginia? Please tell us more about your organization in the comments box!

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