9 Top Book Publishing Houses in Los Angeles

9 Top Book Publishing Houses in Los Angeles

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book publishing houses in los angeles

Does the following describe you?

You’re an LA based author looking for a publisher to publish your book and help you get your work out to its intended readers.

If so, there are some great publishers who not too far from where you’re sitting right now.

Continue reading to learn about 9 top book publishing houses in Los Angeles.


1. Angel City Press

Based in Santa Monica, Angel City Press was formed in 1993 and its forte is the publishing of quality, and fantastically illustrated nonfiction books. If you would like to make a submission to this publisher, it advises you to take a look at some of the books it has already published, in order to get an idea of what types of works it publishes. A minimum of 60% of your books needs to be made up of photos. Angel City Press in particular is on the lookout for book proposals for works that are historical or nostalgic, and ideally cover two niches (for example the Hollywood film industry and cuisine), and which are aimed at readers both in the general and gift markets.

This publishing house also prefers you send a query letter first before your proposal. Proposals need to include the proposed title of you book title and a short overview of what it is about, the expected length of your book, the number of photos and illustrations in it, the introduction, a chapter as a sample, a few copies of the artwork you plan on including in your book, an explanation of the target market for your book, your ideas for how you will promote it, a list of other works similar to yours and how yours is unique in comparison and your biography. Do take a look at the full submission guidelines here. Submissions are only accepted via postal mail.


2. Prospect Park Books

Founded by Colleen Dunn Bates in 2006, Prospect Park Books is a Californian general trader publisher through and through. It publishes print books and eBooks in genres including fiction, cooking and food, humor, regional, gifts, and mysteries. Focused on working with writers, artists and designers who operate outside of New York, this publisher publishes quality books, as opposed to many books. Currently, Prospect Park Books is not accepting submissions, as it has plenty in its pipeline and doesn’t have the time to read new manuscripts. Expect this publisher to reopen submissions around mid-2018 or later, at which time it will be accepting submissions made by literary agents such as these on the West Coast. Keep an eye on this page for updates.


3. Unnamed Press

Based in Los Angeles, Unnamed Press is an independent publishing house that publishes fiction, nonfiction and books that are somewhere in the middle by authors from across the globe. Examples of authors this publisher has published include Deji Olukotun, Kristiina Ehin, Gallagher Lawson, Fabienne Josaphat, James Boice, among many others that you find out about here. Its books are distributed through Publishers Group West. If you would like to make a query, or a submission, you can do so by emailing info@unnamedpress.com.


4. Phoneme Media

A sister press of Unnamed Press, Phoneme Media is a not-for-profit media organization whose mission it is to promote understanding across different cultures, and connect people and concepts through producing quality literary films and publishing translated books. This organization currently isn’t accepting submissions.


5. Red Hen Press

Red Hen Press, a not-for-profit literary press in Pasadena, was started up by Kate Gale and Mark E. Cull in 1994. It publishes literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, memoir and is dedicated to producing high quality literature, promoting literacy in schools within the locality and supporting diversity. It also offers a number of literary awards every year such as the Benjamin Saltman Award. If you’re interesting in making a submission to Red Hen Press, it is advised you take a look at books it has already published before you do so. A submission needs to include a cover letter that concisely describes your book, your background, a list of any of your previous publications, and an explanation of why you believe your book should be a Red Hen Press one. You also need to send a short synopsis of your book, and the manuscript (either complete or 20 to 30 pages as a sample). Take a look here for more details.


6. Arktoi Books

Arktoi Books, an imprint of Red Hen Press started by Eloise Klein Healy in 2006, publishes high quality literary fiction by lesbian authors. Arktoi Books isn’t currently accepting submissions. However, keep an eye on this page for when this changes.


7. Boreal Books

Another Red Hen Press imprint is Boreal Books, which publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and books containing visual art from Alaska. If you’ve written a book with a connection to Alaska, and would like to make submission, you can email founder, Peggy Shumaker at peggyzoe@gmail.com.


8. Asylum Press

A publisher of premium graphic books along with graphical novels in the genres of science fiction, action and horror, Asylum Press’s books are unique, character-driven tales which contain artwork of cinematic quality. As an organization, it emphasizes on digital publishing and new ways of distributing its works across the States and the wider world. Do note that this publishing house doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions for stories or scripts.


9. Rare Bird Books

Rare Bird Books is the publishing arm of Rare Bird and is an independent publisher founded by Tyson Cornell. Tyson is a former Marketing and Publicity Director at Book Soup bookstore and at Rare Bird is backed up a team consisting of

Julia Callahan, Sales and Marketing Director, Guy Intoci, Editorial Director, Hailie Johnson, Editorial and Design Manager, Gregory Henry, Director of Publicity and Jake Levens, Marketing and Publicity Manager. Red Bird Press publishes more than 50 books annually in print, as eBooks, audiobooks, limited editions and is dedicated to creating and publishing works of the highest quality. This organization doesn’t accept unsolicited agents, so you’ll need a literary agent to make contact on your behalf.

Have you had a book published by one of the above book publishing houses in Los Angeles? If so, please share your experiences in the comments box below.

If you run a publishing house in Los Angeles, please tell us about your organization, what books you publish and how authors can make a submission!

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