11 Top Christian Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

11 Top Christian Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

By on Mar 21, 2018 in Publishing

christian publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

Are you an author in the United States who has written a Christian book?

The next step is to get your book published.

In order to do so, you could find a literary agent to represent you and find a publisher who might be interested in publishing your book.

The other alternative is to approach a publisher directly with your manuscript.

The great news is that there are a number of Christian publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts, such as the 11 top ones featured in this post.

Continue reading to learn more about these American Christian publishing houses that are accepting submissions.


1. Abingdon Press

A Christian publisher in Nashville, Tennessee, Abingdon Press has been involved in the publishing of religious works that cross denominations for more than 200 years. It is an imprint of The United Methodist Publishing House, and publishes nonfiction works such as academic books, professional books, inspirational texts and spiritually uplifting books. Not only does it publish books, Abingdon Press also publishes digital media and others forms of print media. If you’ve written a book that could be of use in ministry, or for individuals who want to develop their faith, and would like to make a submission, you can send a proposal online to this publisher. Your proposal needs to include a brief summary about your book, details of the target readers, an outline of the chapters, your biography as an author, details about your author platform, your plan for marketing your book, along with up to 2 sample chapters; one of these needs to the first chapter of your book. You can find further details on the ‘Submissions’ page.


2. Dove Christian Publishers

An evangelical Christian publisher based close by to Washington, D.C., Dove Christian Publishers has been publishing and distributing Christian books and digital books of different genres throughout the world. Founded in 1998, The fiction works it publishes are diverse and include historical fiction, urban fiction and Amish fiction. Nonfiction books it publishers include Christian ministry books and works that assist readers to live their lives through their faith more expansively.

If you’re interested in making a submission to Dove Christian Publishers, it has a strict criteria and it’s important you follow it carefully. Its requirements include your having a strong presence on social media, your ability to send in a statement of faith if requested. Your submission should not be for a biography, memoir, poetry, Bible, horror of autobiography. Unless you’re submitting a children’s book, your book needs to be longer that 32,000 words in length, needs to be copy edited by a professional editor, and not have been published before. Take a look at this page for more information. Dove Christian Publishers offers authors a royalty rate of 15% of the list price if sold through its website, or 10% of the list price if sold through a distributor. For eBooks, it offers 25% of the list price. If your book doesn’t fit the required criteria, Dove Christian Publishes also offers paid self-publishing services through its imprint called Inscript Books.


christian publishing houses accepting unsolicited manuscripts


3. Crossway Books

Crossway Books is a leading publisher of evangelical Christian books. An imprint of Good News Publishers that is based in Wheaton, Illinois, Crossway Books publishes books that are Bible and gospel focused and which honor Jesus Christ and the church. If you’re interested in making a submission to Crossway Books, you need to submit an email query first and if this publisher is interested in your idea, it will request a full proposal. Nonfiction books of interest to Crossway Books include those about key issues facing Christians in their lives, books that aim to provide a broader understanding of the Christian faith and how it can be applied by people daily, books about how Christianity has an impact on the wider world, and academic and professional books such as those for pastors, college students and those being educated in seminary. You can send your query to submissions@crossway.org. Be sure to take a look at this page for full details on the submission process used by Crossway Books.


4. CrossLink Publishing

Another Christian publisher accepting unsolicited manuscripts is CrossLink Publishing, a family owned publishing house that is also a part of the CrossLink family of ministries. CrossLink Publishing works primarily with authors in North America and is also a member of the Christian Small Publishers Association. It has a strong distribution network and has active partnerships with the Bowker Database, Baker & Noble, Noble Marketing and Ingram Distribution. If you would like to make a submission to CrossLink Publishing, you can do so by completing the form at this page. Do note that the manuscript you submit needs to be between 12,000 and 60,000 words long. In addition, CrossLink Publishing does not accept submissions for poetry, autobiographies, and children’s books.


5. Paraclete Press

Based in Brewster, Massachusetts, Paraclete Press is the publisher of the nondenominational monastic community called the Community of Jesus, and was formed in 1983. Publishing around 40 books a year, Paraclete Press also publishes sheet music and educational videos. The types of books Paraclete Press publishes are varied including prayer and faith formation, monastic spirituality, spirituality, grief resources, Christian classics, and children’s books among others, If you would like to make a submission, you can submit a book proposal via email. Your proposal needs to include a short summary, your author bio, the expected completion date for your manuscript, a table of contents, potential people who might endorse you book, the introduction, a sample chapter, the readers your book is targeted to you, why your book is different compared to others, and a marketing plan for it. The proposal needs to be contained in a Microsoft Word document attached to your email and the email address to send it to is submissions@paracletepress.com. Be sure to take a look at this page for more details.


6. CKN Christian Publishing

An imprint of Wolfpack Publishing in Nevada, CKN Christian Publishing is a publisher of books that create inspiration in God. It publishes fiction such as Amish, romance, western, historical, science fiction and mystery, along with nonfiction such as books about relationships, marriage, parenting, theology and Christian living. If you have written a book in one of these genres, CKN Christian Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Both submissions for new works are accepted, as are titles from back lists. Take a look at this page for more information and to find a form that you can complete to make your submission.


7. Paulist Press

Based in Mahwah, New Jersey, Paulist Press is a part of the society of missionary priests known as Paulist Fathers. Paulist Fathers was started in 1858 by Fr. Isaac Hecker who wanted to create a way of sharing Jesus’s gospel and American Catholicism. Paulist Press publishes academic books, popular books, books for clergy, and children’s books. You can find guidelines for proposal submissions for each of these genres at this page. The email address to send your proposal to is submissions@paulistpress.com.


8. The Crossroad Publishing Company

An independent publishing house in New York City founded in 1980, The Crossroad Publishing Company publishes books based upon Judeo-Christian values and aims to share the experiences of Catholic people across the world, both present and past. The books published by The Crossroad Publishing Company include those about family life, spiritual tradition, community building, discipline, personal development, professional development and academic works. This publisher is happy to receive unsolicited book proposals. However, it requests you to have a proper understanding of the publishing process and to have carried out market research into the profile(s) of the target reader(s) of your book, to have reviewed similar books already available and have created a plan for the marketing of your book. Take a look at the guidance at this page to learn what you need to include in your book proposal if you would like to make a submission to The Crossroad Publishing Company.


9. Dancing With Bear Publishing

A full service Christian book publisher, Dancing With Bear Publishing strives to provide authors with high royalty rates which stand at 50% of sales of a book. They offer support through the whole process including editing, cover design, ISBN, and promotion. With a focus on accepting high quality manuscripts, when it comes to Christian fiction, Dancing With Bear Publishing is looking for any genre and setting. However, stories need to glorify God, and contain morals with solutions to problems that are godly in nature. In Christian nonfiction, this publisher looks for real life stories about individuals and how they become a Christian, or how an individual’s Christian life was challenged, or how one was a Christian, only to turn their back on their beliefs, and then became a Christian again due to a difficult life event. Books which share stories about how God came to your rescue to help you through a challenging period in your life, devotional books, and study guides are also acceptable. Be sure to read the full submission guidelines, which also explains how to format your manuscript before submission.


10. Wipf and Stock Publishers

With its headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, Wipf and Stock Publishers publishes religious books in numerous genres such as American history, biographies, business, resources for the church, church history, fiction, ethics, humanities, Islam, children’s books, ministry, bible, among many others. It is well worth taking a look at the categories of books it publishes to get a full idea of the scope of Wipf and Stock Publishers. This publisher produces in excess of five hundred new works annually through its six imprints. These imprints are Slant (literary fiction), Pickwick Publications (scholarly works), Wipf & Stock (books about the church), Cascade Books (books that are academic yet are for a broad readership), Resource Publications (academic and non-academic works), and Front Porch Republic Books (books about locality, community and decentralization).

If you would like to make a submission to Wipf and Stock Publishers, it is currently open to receiving unsolicited proposals for all of its imprints excluding Front Porch Republic Books and Slant; it is currently closed to submissions for these two. Your submission needs to include a completed Proposal Form, a sample chapter (if you have one) and your CV. Your submission needs to be emailed to proposal@wipfandstock.com. This publisher usually takes 4-8 weeks to respond to submissions. You can find full submission details here.


11. Zondervan

In operation for more than eight decades, Zondervan is a globally leading Bible publisher and of other Christian resources such as books, academic materials, curriculum and digital products. A part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Zondervan is based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and its products are available in almost 200 languages. If you’re interested in making a submission to Zondervan, this publisher is currently accepting unsolicited book proposals for academic books (seminary and college textbooks covering topics including biblical studies, church history and theology), reference books (including handbooks, encyclopaedias and commentaries) and ministry resources (such as books and materials for professionals working in ministries and for pastors).

Your proposal needs to be submitted in Microsoft Word format, unless it is in a language other than English, in which case you need to submit your proposal as a PDF document. In your proposal, include the title of your book, a table of contents (with a few sentences about each of the chapters), a short description of your book, along with an explanation about how it is unique, your target readership, and your biography. Take a look at this page for further details on submitting a book proposal to Zondervan.

Do you run a Christian publishing house that accepts unsolicited manuscripts? If so, please introduce your organization in the comments box below!

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