5 Top Cozy Mystery Book Cover Designers

5 Top Cozy Mystery Book Cover Designers

By on Aug 28, 2017 in Publishing

cozy mystery book cover designers

If there’s one subgenre of crime fiction that can’t go wrong when it comes to drawing in readers, it’s cozy mystery.

There’s something delightful in reading a book about an amateur sleuth solving a murder that has taken place in a close knit community by a process of elimination of suspects.

And all of this happens without any gory episodes of violence, or explicit sex scenes.

If you’re either a new author looking to publish your first cozy mystery, or an already published author looking for a book cover designer, this post is especially for you.

Continue reading to learn about 5 top cozy mystery book cover designers. Do note the following can also whip up cover designs in other genres and subgenres too.


1. Acapella Book Cover Design

Jennifer Givner founded Acapella Book Cover Design in 1999 and her clients include authors whose books are sold through large book retailers and through Amazon, and first-time authors as well. Jennifer is able to carry out custom book cover design according to specification and also creates premade cover designs. Jennifer’s approach in general, would start with you providing some information on what you’re looking for in your book cover, and after this, Jennifer would proceed to create a mockup. If you’re impressed with the mockup, Jennifer would refine the concept until completion. If you’re not happy with the initial mockup, then the process would start again. Rates are dependent upon the exact project. However, on average, you can expect to pay the following: ebook covers are priced at $149, print covers are $198 and an ebook and print combination is set at $249. Take a look at this page for further details.


2. Deranged Doctor Design

If you’re looking for a completely original cover design for your cozy mystery novel, you may want to take a look at a Deranged Doctor Design. Founded in 2012, this organization specializes in custom designs for self-published authors. Deranged Doctor Design stands out from others, as it consists of a team of designers, book marketing and advertising specialists, and you would be assigned project manager to work on your cover design project. Deranged Doctor Design offers various book cover, and marketing options and packages. To give you a flavor of these, its ebook option is priced at $250 and its ebook and print option is priced at $290. Other packages include social media marketing, and options for box sets. It’s worth taking a look at this page to find out about them. To understand the steps in the process this organization takes when working with authors, see here.


3. EBook Indie Covers

EBook Indie Covers is run by Melody Simmons in London, UK and offers both premade and custom cozy mystery covers. The main focus of EBook Indie Covers is on ebook covers. However, there are extra packages you can purchase for things like paperback cover designs. To give you an idea of some of the options available to you, premade covers cost in the region of $60 – $80 with a turnaround time of a maximum of 24 hours, and custom designs are priced at $180. If you plan on writing a series, any subsequent custom designs you may require would be charged at $150. The custom option comes with 2 samples and unlimited revisions, which is extremely handy. Take a look at this page for more details.


4. EBook Launch

EBook Launch is a family venture founded in 2011, which is run by John Low and his sons Adrian and Dane. The organization has some pretty impressive testimonials from individuals in the industry such as Mark Coker and Joel Friedlander, and has designed numerous cozy mystery book covers. When it comes to book cover design, the organization creates both designs for ebooks and books in print. A custom design for an ebook costs $349 and if you want to add a print cover to an ebook one, the price is $498. Take a look at this page to find out exactly what’s included with these options. If you’re on a limited budget, EBook Launch also offers premade designs as well. In addition, the organization offers additional services to authors such as formatting for ebooks and print books.


5. Book Cover Artistry

Book Cover Artistry is run by author Heather Hamilton-Senter who is based in Ontario, Canada. Heather specializes in book covers for sci-fi and fantasy books, but is also able to create cover designs for the cozy mystery subgenre. Heather offers both premade and custom designs. Get in touch with Heather using the contact page on her website to tell her more about your cozy mystery and the type of design you’re looking for.

Are you book cover designer who also designs cozy mystery premade covers, covers for print, or both? Please introduce yourself and a leave a link to your site in the comments box below!

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