19 Top Freelance Christian Book Editors

19 Top Freelance Christian Book Editors

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freelance christian book editors

Writing a book is difficult.

Writing a book about faith, religion, spirituality and questions of the mind and soul is extremely difficult.

When set to share a story about the soul, the spirit and matters of faith, even the best writers can need a little nudge and push.

That’s where we can use a good book editor.

The right editor will not just read your manuscript but they will be able to grasp the story, the message and the moral you want to share without diluting the essence.

A book editor will work on your grammar, the flow, the tone and the complete symmetry of the story and the book. If edited poorly, your book will be unable to convey its true message.

You think I am exaggerating?

Go back to any favorite movie or book. Think about its scenes, the characters, the plot twist if any and the climax. Imagine if it was a hodge-podge or in any random order or stretched way too long or repeated multiple times. You would have lost interest and the author or the creator would have wasted time creating that book or movie.

That’s why we have created a list of 19 top freelance Christian book editors to help writers struggling with getting their manuscript in the right shape.


1. Jeanette Windle

This committed Christian found her calling years ago when she became a mission journalist. The journalistic experience soon translated into editing as Jeanette enabled writers and authors connect with Christian audiences by spreading the message of love and faith. Her parents were missionaries which led to her understanding the power of kindness, compassion and love at an early age. She was exploring, learning and researching about faith, religion and scripture. Jeanette is an award winning author herself, she has written in English and Spanish. She is currently based in Lancaster in Pennsylvania. She will edit your book; proofread it and custom edit your book depending upon your needs and budget. You can find details and prices listed here.


2. Nancy Arant Williams

Having turned to Jesus in her childhood, Nancy felt the need to encourage others to write, talk and share their belief and faith in Jesus through books. She started writing at a late age and it unburdened her soul so she decided to become an editor and help others in need. Wanting to read and edit positive, uplifting stories about Christian faith, love and life, Nancy is living in Missouri. She is open to new or previously unpublished writers and provides editing, proofreading and creative rewriting services. The services available are explained on this page while you can write to Nancy requesting a quote here.

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3. The Write Editor

Erin K. Brown started The Write Editor in 2002 as a creative outlet to combine her love of reading, editing and Christianity. The idea was to bridge the gap between storytellers and the audience by making the stories simple, relatable and crisp. She is also the technical editor for Christian Fiction Online Magazine.  To authors and writers, she offers a sample edit so you can get an idea about her style of working and editing while she understands your expectations. Writers of Christian fiction and non-fiction can contact her for proofreading, editing, manuscript evaluation and copy editing. You can fill this form and contact Erin for a free sample edit or more details.


4. Kathy Ide

A writer, editor and ghostwriter, Kathy Ide has spent years working with authors writing stories about the Christian faith. Her career has included founding and working for conferences, networks and organizations that help connect Christian authors to editors and proof-readers, establishing a support system that can spread the word about Christianity and its teachings. She understands that a lot of new writers need help and guidance when they are starting out so she also provides mentoring and coaching services. You’ll have to fill this form to contact Kathy and she’ll get in touch with you about services for writers and authors.


5. Kristen Stieffel

Living in Orlando, Kristen Stieffel has been a writer all her life which led to her feeling that she could help other writers and authors too. She considers herself more of a writing coach than a book editor because she wants to do more than just correct grammar and punctuation in your manuscript. An ordained elder, Kristen continues to devote her personal and professional life to enriching the lives of others by using Christian faith as a tool. She loves editing fantasy fiction and science fiction. Writers looking for copy editing, substantive editing, line editing, and manuscript evaluation, editing and developmental editing can find the prices listed on this page. Contact Kristen Stieffel by filling out this form.


6. Pam Lagomarsino

The owner and founder of Above the Pages, Pam Lagomarsino started her career by helping a friend edit their book in 2015. In a short time, Pam has understood the business and uses her skills to improve, polish and compress incomplete manuscripts, poorly written or edited books and materials. Her focus is in the non-fiction genre of books such as devotional materials, children’s books and Christian non-fiction. While she is eager to edit any book, she prefers it to be educational, inspirational and faith based. Her services include editing, proofreading, manuscript review and developmental editing. The prices for the services are listed on the home page of her website.  Writers can find the instructions to mail their manuscript and e-mail address here.


7. Mick Silva

A freelance editor based in Portland, Mick Silva has been in the book editing business for 20 years. He has struggled with the Christian faith in his childhood but as he grew up he realized that the idea of faith and God in Christianity is vast and incomprehensible and that makes for good story telling.  He has worked with publishing houses like David. C. Cook, Chalice Press and Blackstone. You can request a sample assessment by sending the first 30 pages of your manuscript to Mick.


8. Jeanne Marie Leach

Jeanne Marie Leach formed Novel Improvement to give writers and authors a shot at getting their manuscripts evaluated and edited by a fellow author and speaker. She is an honored member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and has also been awarded the 2012 Member Service Award. Jeanne is also a teacher who uses workshops, exercises and seminars to mentor, guide and push writers and authors to get published. She can provide ghost writing, copy editing, manuscript review and novel submission review. You can contact her via email and she will explain her services and prices in detail.


9. Rachel E. Newman

Living in Oklahoma, Rachel is a freelance editor with years of experience and contacts. She has guided authors and writers to complete and publish their books and manuscripts.  A teacher at the PEN (Proof readers and Editors Network) Institute, where she teaches future editors and proofreaders.  She owns and runs Revisions by Rachel, a professional editing and indexing service to edit your book, critique and evaluate manuscripts for upcoming writers. You can find contact details here.


10. Jenne Acevedo

Acevedo Word Solutions was launched in 2014 by Jenne Acevedo as a consulting, editing and writing business. A multi-tasking woman with her hands full as a writer, editor, business owner, board member of various Christian editorial networks, Jenne respects the power of connections, building relationships and meeting people who share the same faith and beliefs. She is also the director of PENCON, an annual conference for Christian proof-readers and editors. She runs a writer group named the ACW Chandler Writer’s Group to foster talent and allow writers a platform for their stories. Writers can contact her for services such as editing, copy editing, proof-reading and substantive editing.


11. Greg Baker

An editor and member of the Affordable Christian Editing group, Greg Baker feels it is so difficult to get Christian literature written and published. Understanding the frustration of writers, he has gotten together a team of experienced, established book editors focused on Christian literature, materials and books. The reason all authors with books about Christianity need an editor is because the message they have is crucial and an editor will be the one to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the medium. You can find their prices listed on this page. Fill out this form to send them your details and Greg will be in touch with you.


12. Blake Atwood

Blake Atwood is a successful book editor, author, co-author and ghostwriter. Having edited and ghostwritten many bestsellers, he is the go-to person if you want to have a concise, intriguing and well written book. While he is open to all genres, he prefers Christian living, Christian faith and spirituality. He only does copy editing for fiction and for non-fiction he does both copy and developmental editing. You can read his prices and fill this client intake form to send him a request.


13. Deb Haggerty

Deb Haggerty is a writer, book reviewer and editor living in Plymouth. A breast cancer survivor, Deb knows the power of hope and prayer during tough times in life. She has started Positive Grace to write book reviews and edit works for authors who need a kind, encouraging editor for their book. You can write to Deb and request a quote for her services.


14. Christy Distler

An editor for nearly fourteen years, Christy Distler started Avodah Editorial Services to combine her work with worship, lending authors a hand in spreading the word of Jesus. Her faith and belief in Christ is of importance to her so she offers reduced fee or no cost services to ministries and non-profit organizations.  Christy does content editing, copy editing, proofreading and manuscript review. You can contact her by filling a form and she will do a no-cost sample edit up to 3 pages or 750 words.


15. Lindsay A. Franklin

A published author with HarperCollins Publishing, Lindsay is an editor since 2014. She also teaches writing and editing at conferences. She has worked with bestselling authors, first time authors, indie authors and anyone looking to get a professional book editor for their book. Lindsay proofreads, does line editing, content editing, critique and editing for authors and writers. You can find the prices for her services listed on this page. You can contact Lindsay by filling this form.


16. Jennifer Edwards

Having a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies, Jennifer Edwards has used that knowledge and training to guide authors, writers in spirituality, faith, Christianity and beliefs. She works in tandem with authors to take their story and give it an editorial twist with her insights. You can contact her for editorial services and explain about your project.


17. Christy Callahan

Christy is an intelligent, dedicated professional editor and proof-reader. She is a published writer and has completed doctoral studies in prenatal and perinatal psychology. Her deep abiding love for writing and faith has made her a committed, experienced editor. She does editing, critique of manuscript, proofreading and typesetting. You can mail Christy to get a free quote for her services.


18. Jeanette Cameron

Providing fiction editing and coaching to writers and authors, Jeanette has strong beliefs in the Christian faith. She works on fiction, fantasy fiction, romance, science fiction and adult fiction while using the Christian teachings and simple, clean writing. She does substantive editing, proofreading, copy editing and coaching. Jeanette offers a free sample edit if you send her your first three pages.


19. Phyllis Wheeler

Phyllis is a writer, reviewer and editor of fiction. She is also a member of a professional organization that connects Christian editors with authors and writers, the Christian Editor Connection. Phyllis focuses on developmental editing, copy editing, substantive editing, and layout design and ebook creation services. You can write to Phyllis to request a quote for her services.

And that was our list of 19 top freelance Christian book editors. The key is to realizing that you can be a great writer but you may be an average editor. An editor shouldn’t be viewed as a person who trims and cuts, but as a person who comes and decorates a mess of your house to make it appear welcoming and interesting.

Before you approach any editor, learn about the different types of editing to know which one you need or want in particular. If you are unsure about the stage of your manuscript, ask the book editor for their honest and professional opinion. There are different types of editing and not all may be suitable or essential for your manuscript, but it depends on your level of writing skills. The right editor will tell you what you need and help you achieve your dream of having a complete, edited manuscript.

Do you need a Christian book publishing house? Here are 11 Christian book publishers currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

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