17 Top Ghostwriters in London

17 Top Ghostwriters in London

By on Sep 29, 2017 in Writing & Editing

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An idea about a novel is just the beginning. It needs research, time and patience to execute it to perfection. But what forms the crux of the novel is words and content.

You can have an amazing storyline but if the syntax, the tone or the grammar is poor, your book is doomed before it even had a chance.

A writer who can’t write?

There is no need to panic and fear. This is where you find a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are professional writers who aid you in writing, editing or adding to your story without being credited.

And if you’re from London, a bustling city full of readers from various age groups and cultures, it is vital that your book makes a mark when published.  Most of the ghostwriters also work as editorial consultants in case you feel you need just someone to guide you and not write the book for you.

That’s why we have compiled an extensive list of 17 top Ghostwriters in London who can pen your thoughts accurately.


1. Ghostwriter Services UK  

A full service ghostwriting and writing service based in London, they work on all kinds of mediums- television, novels, film, stage and digital. They have writing samples available that you can check before deciding to collaborate with them. The agency also provides writing consultancy and mentoring to authors looking to improve their writing skills. They can help you write screenplays, blogs, biographies, memoirs and novels. They have a helpful breakdown regarding prices on this page. You can email them or contact them by filling this form.


2. The Ghostwriting Company

A ghostwriting agency that has worked with the top publishing houses is bound to be good at its job. Hachette Book Group, Random House and Bantam Press are just a few of its renowned clients.  The Ghostwriting Company in London calls itself a ‘collective of ghostwriters’ with each writer having special knowledge about a particular genre or medium. There is very little they don’t cover because the topics they can help you write include autobiographies, biographies, celebrity memoirs, self-help, fiction, non-fiction, corporate materials, songs and journalism. They have different packages depending on your budget and you can choose a bestselling ghostwriter or published author or standard package as you see fit. You can find details about the packages and services here. To learn more or get in touch with them, contact them over here.


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3. StoryTerrace

Rutger Bruining founded StoryTerrace with the simple premise of helping every person share their story, record it and create memories for the generations to come. Their motto is- A biographer for every person. Focusing solely on biographies, StoryTerrace in London provides you with professional writers who sit down with you, research and interview you about your life to create the biography you wish to share with your future generations, or the world. Pricing and package details are provided here for your benefit. You can also chat live with their team on their website or write to them here.


4. Ghost-writer

Hannah Reiner has almost 20 years of experience as a ghostwriter and she has an impressive body of work to prove it.  Specializing in creative non-fiction, which means a re-telling of real life stories with an added element of interesting narration and tone, Hannah is based in London and has written books that have ended up inspiring TV programs.  She prefers writing biographies and history. Contact Hannah to find out more and about prices.


5. Alan Howarth

Alan Howarth is a professional ghostwriter in London offering various services like ghostwriting; copywriting and writing proposals that shall help get your book published. From web content to articles to non-fiction and novels, every kind of story or medium can be ghostwritten by AlanThe rates vary for long term or one-off projects but you can find a rough estimate on this page. Contact Alan to learn more about his services.


6. Andrew Crofts

Having worked with almost all the best publishers in the world like Bloomsbury, Penguin, Little Brown, Harper Collins and McGraw Hill to name a few, London based Andrew Crofts is the ghostwriter who has published more than 80 books. He has penned books on ghostwriting to help other writers across the world understand the intricacies of the industry. Andrew has written memoirs, biographies, stories of war affected areas and about abuse. You can write to Andrew and learn more about services and prices.


7. Professional Ghost

Started in 2006 by Teena Lyons, Professional Ghost is a ghostwriting agency that writes books, edits and helps publish work for authors. Teena provides guidance to authors looking to self-publish or ghostwrite their book. If there is no publisher on board, then Teena will charge a fee for the initial stages. Teena also works with publishers who ask her to ghostwrite books for their clients. She has published a book called ‘Complete Guide to Ghostwriting’ which can be a great starting point for writers out there. Write to Teena or fill this form to discuss prices and services.


8. Philip Whiteley

Philip Whiteley recognized the need for forming a group of ghostwriters because if you felt Philip wasn’t the best fit for you, then he could recommend somebody else to you and make it easy for everyone. In 2013, he co-founded the now defunct Cornwallis Ghosts with successful ghostwriters and editorial consultants. A lot of the members have formed United Ghostwriters in February 2017 which is a consortium of ghostwriters on a single website. Located in London, Philip has worked on both non-fiction and fiction, so he has ample experience in different genres. He also has a very good command of Spanish, so he can assist authors who don’t have the advantage of English as a first language. You can email him to understand more about prices for ghostwriting services.


9. Emma Murray

A founding member of the United Ghostwriters consortium, Emma Murray has nearly 10 years of writing experience, which comes in handy when amateurs or first time authors want guidance or help.  She understands that it’s difficult for working professionals to write because of their schedules and the commitment it requires. Her areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, business, psychology, self-help, management, blogs, articles and higher education. You can fill out a questionnaire so that Emma can gauge your interest and requirements and get in touch with you.


10. Spencer Honniball

Spencer Honniball offers various options for anyone looking for a ghostwriter like providing critiques or feedback on an existing manuscripts, copy or developmental edits which imply grammatical corrections or creative changes depending on your needs, write a proposal for a publisher or work on an entire book with you by doing interviews, research and direct contact. He has samples of his work on his website, which can give you an idea about his writing style and tone. He has previously worked on topics like fashion, entertainment, media, sports and finance. Fill out this form so Spencer can get in touch with you or email here.


11. Chris West

Writing professionally since 1991, Chris West is a published writer and a ghostwriter. He lends his own tone and style to the writing which makes the stories more relatable. He is willing to do extra research should the need arise. Crime, fiction, self-help, psychology and business are just some of the genres Chris can work on. You can visit his website to learn more about prices and services.


12. Caro Handley

One of UK’s top ghostwriters, Caro Handley has ghostwritten over 50 books in Britain and the US. Autobiographies, memoirs, self-help and non-fiction are her preferred topics.  Caro can also edit or read your manuscript for you and offer her feedback. Her general fees and terms are mentioned but she is willing to negotiate because every project varies in length and style. Caro has had 4 books ghostwritten by her that made number one on the Sunday Times bestseller list so you know you have an expert on hand to collaborate with you.


13. Indie Publishing Group

A publishing group based in London and Canada, Indie Publishing Group offers self-publishing, editing and ghostwriting services. A perfect solution for amateur writers or new authors working on a budget, you can find ghostwriters for blogs, articles, tweets, social media and website content starting from as little as $15. Write to them to get a custom quote for ghostwriting a book.


14. Cheryl Rickman

Writing for the past 20 years, Cheryl Rickman has ghostwritten 8 books that also include a Sunday Times bestseller, Tycoon. A best-selling author herself, Cheryl can write on business, non-fiction, self-help and management. Cheryl has experience running a start-up and being an entrepreneur, which benefits her while writing on those topics. She has also interviewed and worked with many personalities in the entertainment, music and business fields. She has an extensive payment plan and packages in place so writers and authors know what to expect when working with her. She works on a fixed fee basis. You can contact her via email to discuss services and collaborations.


15. Kate Thompson

A writer, her debut novel Secrets of the Singer Girls became a Sunday Times bestseller. Kate has been in the publishing industry for 20 years, and is also a renowned journalist. She works as a ghostwriter for one of UK’s biggest literary agencies that benefits any writer who collaborates with her. Her journalistic experience gives her the edge to write intriguing biographies, memoirs and diaries of personalities across time. Two of her non-fiction books have landed up on the Sunday Times bestseller list.  Contact Kate by filling the form and learn more about her services.


16. Shannon Kyle

Shannon Kyle has ghostwritten 12 books over a writing career that spans 15 years. She is one of the founding members of the United Ghostwriters consortium. Interested in writing life stories, memoirs and biographies, Shannon has 4 books ghostwritten by her feature on the Sunday Times bestseller list.  Her book, ‘The Race to Truth’ by Emma O’Reilly was nominated for the Irish Sports Book of the Year award. You can write to Shannon to find out more about pricing and services.


17. Ginny Carter

A 22 year career in marketing and social media has led to Ginny Carter understanding how to capture the voices of people in business. Focusing only on business books, she is a ghostwriter and writing coach for every aspiring professional in London. She has also written an award-winning Amazon e-book called The Business Book Outline Builder that can provide amateur authors, or budding writers with ideas about creating an outline for their business book. Ginny is exclusive and takes only two ghostwriting clients at once so expect her full attention should you hire her. Her fees are in the high range but you can be assured of quality and commitment if you choose Ginny to ghostwrite your business book. You can write to her and learn more about services or apply for a free strategy session that benefits your ability as a writer.

That’s our extensive and detailed list of 17 top ghostwriters in London. Most of them work globally and all of them work across the UK.  You need to take your time before you pick one because they are the ones who will be lending a voice to your story and the wrong ghostwriter can make your book seem off putting.

Every ghostwriter will interview you and research with the material provided to create a basic outline or structure. Once the structure is provided, they will write a first draft and send it to you for approval. Read any contract carefully before signing and establish your terms should there be any.

As a novice writer or author, you may be nervous or afraid. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, offer suggestions or feedback, because you are hiring them to collaborate with you and work together. And feel free to ask for writing samples or view their previous work to understand where they are coming from. Ghostwriters will bring professionalism, creativity, tone and guidance to your writing and book, so choose right and let them work with you to create the book you have always dreamed about.

Are you a ghostwriter based in London? Please introduce yourself in the comments box below and leave a link to your website!

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