5 Top Literary Agents in Ireland You Should Know About

5 Top Literary Agents in Ireland You Should Know About

By on Feb 25, 2018 in Publishing

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If you’re Irish author looking for a literary agent to represent you and negotiate a contract on your behalf with a publisher, this post is especially for you.

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1. Paul Feldstein

A literary agent in Northern Ireland, Paul Feldstein is co-founder of the Feldstein Agency in Bangor. Paul is a highly experienced individual in the publishing sector, especially in sales, marketing and distribution, and has worked for more than 35 years in this sector. His career began in New York at Marboro Books and then he moved to Abbeville Press. He transitioned to the US distributor of UK publishing houses, Trafalgar Square, in 1986 where he worked himself up to the role of Managing Director. He moved to Northern Ireland in 2007. With a degree in English and American Literature from State University of New York at Purchase, he has a large network of contacts in the industry. If you’re interested in making a submission to Paul, you need to send a synopsis of your book (1-2 pages) and a short bio by email in the first instance. If these are of interest, you will be requested for more material. Currently, the Feldstein Agency is accepting adult fiction and adult non-fiction submissions only. Take a look at this page for more details.


2. Svetlana Pironko

Svetlana Pironko is Director of Author Rights Agency in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, which she started in 2006. She is an international literary agent in the truest sense with strong experience of selling rights into international markets and in different languages. She is multilingual and speaks fluently in French, English, Russian and in basic Italian. A well connected individual, Svetlana worked previously as a Director of Lora Fountain & Associates Literary Agency in Paris, France. Author Rights Agency offers various services including direct representation of authors, editorial services, selling of translation rights through co-agents, marketing and PR services through partnerships with other professionals and ebook and print-on-demand publishing. Author Rights Agency is currently closed to unsolicited submissions. Please keep an eye on this page to learn about changes to this.


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3. Dominic Perrem

Dominic Perrum is founder of The Rights Bureau and before he formed this organisation, he ran a business in international packaging and worked as a consultant for publishers in Ireland and the UK offering expertise in sales and editorial. His previous experience has involved working at Phaidon Press as its Head of Rights. An expert in the selling of international rights, this is also the area The Rights Bureau excels in. The Rights Bureau specialises in the selling of international rights of various non-fiction books, and represents both authors and publishers. Publishers it represents include Little Island Books, Mercier Press, The Collins Press and The Irish Academy Press, among authors. If you’re an author looking for representation for a new nonfiction book, you need to submit a proposal that contains an overview of your book, information about other titles already existing and how yours differs in comparison, an outline of each chapter (a few sentences about each chapter) the first three chapters as samples, your biography, and your contact details. You need to send a hardcopy of your proposal to The Rights Bureau’s office in Co Wicklow. Take a look at this page to find out more.


4. Faith O’Grady

A graduate of Trinity College of Dublin, Faith O’Grady is a literary agent at the Lisa Richards Agency and has been working at this organisation since 1998. When its comes to fiction, Faith usually looks for works that are original, have unique voices, enthralling characters and powerful storylines. Faith also represents authors of nonfiction, and topics she looks for are history, biographies, memoirs, self-help, pop culture, humour, and sports books. She also represents authors of children’s fiction for children 8 years old and over. These submissions usually come from contacts and referrals, however, unsolicited manuscripts are also accepted. If you would like to make a submission for fiction, you need to send the first three or four chapters, along with a covering letter and a stamped addressed envelope. On the other hand, if you would like to make a nonfiction submission, you need to send a proposal containing information about your book project, a covering letter and one sample chapter. Materials can sent by email to Lisa Richards at info@lisarichards.ie. Do note that Faith doesn’t accept children’s picture books, screenplays, horror, and science fiction.


5. Susan Feldstein

Susan Feldstein is co-owner of the Feldstein Agency in Belfast. With more than 25 years of experience in the publishing industry, Susan is an expert in rights, commissioning, editorial and publicity. A previous bookseller, she holds an MA in French and German awarded by University of St. Andrews, Scotland and a Postgraduate Diploma in Printing and Publishing Studies; this diploma was received at the London College of Printing. Her work experience involves holding Commissioning Editor roles at Blackstaff Press and at Gill & Macmillan. Her particular interests are literary and historical fiction, and books about history, mind body and spirit and memoirs. If you’ve written a manuscript and would like to make a submission, take a look at this page for submission details. You can also learn about the authors the Feldstein Agency represents here.

Are you a literary agent in Ireland, either in the North, or the Republic? Please introduce yourself in the comments box below and tell us about the types of works you represent!

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