5 Top Literary Agents in the Netherlands

5 Top Literary Agents in the Netherlands

By on Oct 12, 2017 in Publishing

literary agents in the netherlands

Are you a Dutch author looking for a literary agent to represent you?

If so, there certainly are some agents who can help.

Continue reading to find out about 5 top literary agents in the Netherlands who can assist you to find a Dutch publisher.


1. Marianne Schönbach

Marianne Schönbach runs the Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency in Amsterdam. She is an experienced publishing professional, having worked in the industry for more than two decades. Her roles have been varied ranging from a publisher to an Acquiring Editor of German fiction, to a critic and translator. Educated in Germany and France, Marianne founded the Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency in 2001 and is supported by a team of staff. Her organization acts as an agent for Dutch and Flemish authors and also represents the translation rights for authors from across Europe, Canada, United States, Australia and Israel, among others. Authors that this agency has represented include Paulien Bakker, Britta Bolt, Mick Boskamp, Lizette Dalebout, and Walter Lucius, among many others.

It is worth knowing that this organization mainly represents authors who are writing books in Dutch. The genres which are considered include commercial fiction, literary fiction, children’s books and nonfiction. If you’re interested in sending your manuscript to Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency, the time this agency would take to review your submission would be three months. If they like what they see, they would then request a full manuscript from you. If your manuscript is deemed to have potential, you can expect an invite to the agency’s offices in order to discuss an agreement and a possible contract. Take a look at this page for more details.


2. Paul Sebes

Paul Sebes is a co-founder of Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency and has more than 25 years of experience in the publishing sector. His career in the industry began in 1990 when he worked for Prometheus Publishing House, working himself up to the role of Assistant Publisher, while also heading up book publicity. The year 1998 saw Paul combine with Caroline van Gelderen to work as the first literary agents for Dutch authors in Dutch-speaking countries. Among others, some of the authors Paul has represented include Caroline de Gruyter, Rob Kamphues, Marcia Luyten, and Manon Uphoff. He is also an experienced seller of Dutch translation rights and Scandinavian translation rights of renowned authors such as Stephen King, George RR Martin and Amy Tan.

At Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency, Paul works with his co-founder Willem Bisseling and a team of experienced literary agents and junior agents. Together, they represent both established and beginner writers in all types of nonfiction and general adult fiction and children’s fiction. The organization represents mainly authors who write in the Dutch language and operate as a sub-agent for authors of books written in English. If you would like to find out if this agency is currently accepting submissions, and if so, how you can make a query, send an email to office@sebes.nl.


3. Wampe de Veer

Wampe de Veer started Blackbird Literary Agency in 2014. Her organization is a specialist in international rights and sells translation rights on behalf of authors, agents and publishing companies. Wampe is an experienced foreign rights publishing expert and her previous experience has seen her work in the UK at the Cathy Miller Literary Agency, as a Foreign Rights Assistant, and then at Sutton Publishing (now called The History Press) as a Foreign Rights Executive. In the Netherlands, Wampe has worked at Ankh-Hermes Publishing as an Acquisition Editor, responsible for the buying and selling of book translation rights. If you’re an author who has published a high quality nonfiction, or fiction book in the language of your country and want your title to enter foreign markets, take a look at Blackbird Literary Agency’s submission guidance.


4. Linda Kohn

Linda Kohn heads up the The Internationaal Literatuur Bureau (ILB), a family owned organization based in central Amsterdam, which celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2016. Linda’s background includes studying Public Relations in the city of Tilburg at the Academy for Journalism, gaining an Information Science PhD from the University of Amsterdam, and working as an editorial assistant at Gottmer. She took over The Internationaal Literatuur Bureau (ILB) from her father in 2003. The organization since its inception, has gained knowledge of different international markets for books, and their individual characteristics, and is well versed with the requirements of publishers in the Netherlands. Contact this agency to tell them more about your book, and to find out how you can make a submission.


5. Monique Oosterhof

Monique Oosterhof founded Mo Literary Services in 2007 for the purpose of representing foreign-language publishers and agents to the Dutch market. Monique has worked in the publishing industry for almost two decades during which she has held positions at publishing companies, and also as a literary agent at Caroline van Gelderen Literary Agency. Mo Literary Services represents various genres including fiction, nonfiction, books for young adults and children’s books. Publishers and agents looking to get into the Dutch market should email Monique at mo@moliterary.nl to enquire about how she might be able to help.

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