Top 105 Blogs and Websites for Writers and Authors

Top 105 Blogs and Websites for Writers and Authors

By on Apr 13, 2015 in Special Features


Are you a creative writer looking to improve your skills? Maybe you’re a beginner novelist looking to pen your first book. You might be a blogger wondering how to make more money from your blog. Whatever type of writer you are, the Internet has some wonderful blogs and websites that provide advice, tips and inspiration to help you. This article takes a look at 105 of the top blogs and websites for writers and authors.

The blogs and websites have been categorized using the following headings: (1) Writing, Publishing, Sales and Marketing, (2) Freelancing, (3) News, Industry Analysis and Advice, (4) Blogging and (5) Writing Platforms and Communities.

There are of course more blogs and websites relevant to writers and authors. If you think you’re blog or website should also be included in this list, please do comment in the comments box at the end of the article and let us know about you, your blog, what it is about and how it helps writers and authors.

Without any further delay, let’s move onto the 105 blogs and websites!


Writing, Publishing, Sales and Marketing


1. Sameer Kamat

Sameer Kamat is a bestselling author of two books; namely Business Doctors, and Beyond the MBA Hype. He also has a website, which has a list of great articles that Sameer has written based upon his own experiences of writing books and ebooks. You can find advice on both self-publishing and on the traditional route. Many of the articles Sameer has written are geared to helping writers get published in India. These in particular, are great reads.

2. InstaScribe Blog

InstaScribe is an online app designed to help authors create professional looking ebooks. There is also the InstaScribe blog, which provides articles about ebook publishing, writing in different languages, and latest news from across the world in the areas of books and publishing. The InstaScribe blog also has some eye catching visuals in the form of inspiring quotes, and infographics in the areas of writing, and publishing ebooks. You can also read an interview with the founder of InstaScribe, Jaya Jha here.

3. Writers Helping Writers

The Writers Helping Writers blog is run by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. The blog is packed with great articles that help you to improve your fiction writing. In particular, articles at the blog about how to create different types of characters and how to give them various personalities, traits and skills are extremely useful. Interested authors can also submit guest posts to Writers Helping Writers.

4. Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford is a former literary agent and author. He also runs an extremely popular blog. He writes articles giving authors advice on how to improve their writing craft, on editing, formatting and get published; both through self-publishing and traditional publishing (and its associated requirements, writing query letters, synopses, finding literary agents etc.).

5. Write to Done

Mary Jaksch is Editor-in-Chief of Write to Done (WTD), which is a huge resource for writers whose archives date back to 2008. The website is updated regularly and contains expert opinions and actionable advice on all aspects of writing including blog writing, writing sales copy, freelancing, writing novels and non-fiction. If you happen to be new to WTD, the blog is well worth a visit.

6. The Procrastiwriter

The Procrastiwriter provides articles that share writing tips to help you to improve your writing, on motivation to inspire you to write, and on how to deal with self-doubt of your ability to be a successful writer. The blog is run by Shanan Haislip.

7. Entrepreneur India

If you truly want to turn your writing into a publishing venture that is profitable, you’re going to have to learn and develop business skills. Entrepreneur India is India’s largest platform on entrepreneurship. On it, you will find latest news, information and advice on starting a business, running it, and growing it.

8. Writer’s Digest

The Writer’s Digest magazine has been going since 1920 and has been helping writers to improve their craft since then. There is also a corresponding website. Among many other things, on the website, you will find articles that teach you how to write in different genres, articles that help you to achieve particular goals (like completing a first chapter), and advice that is specific to a writer’s experience level, ranging from a writer who hasn’t written anything before, to someone who is a published author. There is also a very active forum at the site.

9. Live Write Thrive

The Live Write Thrive blog is run by author and editor, C.S. Lakin. If you’re a fiction writer, then you will love Live Write Thrive. Not only does the blog contains heaps of advice on the dos and don’ts of novel writing, character creation, grammar and punctuation, it also includes excellent checklists to help you with your fiction writing and offers guidance with approaching agents. The blog also regularly features expert writers and editors who contribute with their knowhow.

10. Laxmi Hariharan

Laxmi Hariharan is an author and marketer who also blogs. Her award-winning blog contains short stories written by Laxmi, chapters of her books and also a number of interesting articles by Laxmi on being an author-entrepreneur, and running a start-up.

11. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman’s blog is a big resource for writers and publishers. You can find articles that cover areas, which among others include, helping you to get published, marketing, e-books publishing, social media, writing tips, inspiration and the business of writing. Jane herself has over 15 years of experience in book and magazine publishing and is a sought after speaker.

12. Helping Writers Become Authors

If you’re looking for a mentor to assist you with making the transition to a fully-fledged author, K.M. Weiland can help you do so at her website Helping Writers Become Authors. There you can find comprehensive articles on fiction writing that really get to the core, covering topics such as structuring stories and scenes, writing mistakes and how to fix them, character development, editing and inspirational articles for writers. Also, check out K.M Weiland’s interview with e-Books India.

13. Let’s Get Digital

Let’s Get Digital is a website run by author David Gaughran and is dedicated to all things self-publishing. David also gives top advice on book marketing and shares latest insights from the self-publishing industry.

14. Sue Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

If you write crime fiction and are looking to connect with a great crime fiction writer, we definitely recommend checking out Sue Coletta’s blog. Sue shares tips and advice on writing crime stories, including ideas on the right types of words to use in such tales and also on book marketing. She also collates useful resources from other sites and shares them on her blog, explaining how writers can apply concepts to their work.

15. Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips is a blog that was started by Daniel Scocco. The site has a broad remit covering areas such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, business writing and freelance writing. Daily Writing Tips is a multi-author blog and the writers and editors over there are highly experience in writing, publishing and the English language.

16. A Novel Experience

If you’re an author who is self-publishing, there are so many things you’ve probably got on your to-do-list, from writing, to publishing, to sales and marketing. Of course there are great resources available on the Internet to help you. However, there are many of them. Wouldn’t it help if some of the key articles to help you were in one place? This is exactly what Hazel Longuet does at her website A Novel Experience. She finds useful articles and shares them, saving you time, as you don’t need to search for information.


Suze St. Maur runs the popular blog. Suze is an expert in different types of writing and at her site there’s something for everyone, ranging from advice for business writing and blog writing, all the way to writing speeches, fiction and humor. Altogether, Suze’s blog contains well over 1000 articles.

18. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a website dedicated to helping an author to write a book, get it published and market it. The Creative Penn is run by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Joanna Penn and contains thorough resources in it such as advice articles and also a popular podcast, which Joanna runs.

19. Goins Writer

Goins Writer is of course Jeff Goin’s blog. It is a wonderful place for writers to get advice on how to write better and on inspiration to create change, challenge yourself, and become a better person. He also does podcast shows, which feature high profile experts from the writing and publishing communities.

20. The Write Practice

The Write Practice blog is a first class resource for writers. Run by Joe Bunting and his team, The Write Practice shares articles on writing, storytelling and publishing tips, and at the end of each article there is an exercise for writers to put into practice what they’ve learnt.

21. Copyblogger

Founded by Brian Clark in 2006 as a one man content marketing blog, Copyblogger has turned into a leading training and software business. If you want to learn about what is working at the moment in terms of creating amazing content that actually increases visitors to your site and results in sales of your products and services, Copyblogger is the place to go to. It is easily the biggest and most popular blog about content marketing and copywriting in the world.

22. The Indie Writer’s Network

The Indie Writer’s Network is a real international community for indie authors. Authors can actually use this platform to post guest articles to help promote their expertise and work. The Indie Writer’s Network also has a number of paid services, such as book features, author spotlights and author services.

23. Lindsay Buroker

Lindsay Buroker is a fantasy author, blogger, online marketer and expert in self-publishing. She writes top articles that help authors with the entire publishing process, including writing, editing, publishing, sales and marketing.

24. Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine is a writer based in Ireland and also a self-published author. She has some detailed articles to help anyone new to self-publishing on her blog that are based upon her own direct experience. Not only can one learn how to self-publish from Catherine’s blog, one is also able to learn how to navigate the world of traditional publishing.

25. JA Konrath

Joe Konrath’s blog A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing is a must visit place for any author just getting started in self-publishing. It is well worth checking out articles from the archives of the blog that started in 2005. You will find inspirational advice on writing and marketing and a get a strong sense of Joe’s opinions on the publishing industry, its flaws and virtues.

26. Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith is a USA Today bestselling, prolific author who has published over 100 novels spanning 40 years. His work has been and remains inspirational to authors who want to publish independently and approach their book publishing as proper businesses. Dean has made available a number of articles on his website that completely transform common myths in the publishing industry, and help authors to truly believe in their ability to succeed in this game.

27. Thriller Writing

Thriller Writing is a blog that is maintained by Uday Satpathy, who is a thriller writer and author of the book entitled Brutal. Uday has some excellent interviews with fellow thriller authors on his blog, and his opinions and views on the Indian publishing industry are insightful, and well worth a read.

28. Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Kristine is a bestselling author who writes in multiple genres that include science fiction, romance and mystery. Her blog contains tons of advice on the business of books, on the evolution of the publishing industry and how authors can respond to changes. Kristine has also written an excellent resource for freelancers called The Freelancer’s Survival Guide.

29. Grammar Girl

If you want to ensure you’ve got your grammar and word choice correct in your writing, then you definitely want to check out Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl blog. Her site contains countless articles that really simplify different grammar rules, the use of words and correct and incorrect spellings.


Founded by Harvey Chute, is the number 1 forum for publishing your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle platform. If you are new to publishing on Kindle and have questions, it is highly likely that the answers to your queries can be found on As the forum has evolved over the years, it has become much more than just being Kindle focused. It is a place to find advice and tips and share experiences on all areas of self-publishing. It’s also a great arena to find editors and cover designers. Do read Harvey Chute’s interview with us.

31. Carly Watters

Carly Watters is a senior literary agent with P.S Literary Agency and is also a blogger. In her blog, she gives advice to authors to help them write better, get inspired and move around the world of submissions, query letters, publicity and working with literary agents.

32. The Book Designer

The Book Designer is of course Joel Friedlander, a globally recognised and award-winning expert in book design and self-publishing, and you can find numerous articles on the specifics of each these areas on his blog. E-Books India has also carried out an interview with Joel.

33. Karen Woodward

Karen Woodward’s blog is a great place for students of writing. You will find advice on numerous topics at Karen’s blog. Some of these include creating settings and characters in fiction, structures for short stories, writing a mystery book, self-publishing, blogging and advice on writing query letters.

34. Writing Prompts

If you’re feeling your creativity stifling and it hampers your ability to write, writing prompts can help kick-start you writing. A great place to find such prompts in the form of words, sentences, and pictures is the Writing Prompts blog on Tumblr.

35. Author Marketing Club

Author Marketing Club is a website that was started by author and entrepreneur Jim Kukral. As the name of the website suggests, Author Marketing Club is all about helping authors promote their books and make more sales. Author Marketing Club is free to join and there are a number of training videos, and marketing resources such as a free book submission tool, where you can notify major book blogs and websites when you have a free promo of your ebook running on Amazon. Author Marketing Club also offers a paid premium membership where authors can access more resources and training materials including video based courses.

36. InkyGirl

InkyGirl is a blog run by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, an author and illustrator of books for young people. Her blog InkyGirl provides tips and advice to budding young authors and illustrators. At the blog, you will find many interviews carried out by Debbie with experienced children’s books authors and illustration specialists.

37. Storyfix

If you’re looking for a blog that provides tips and techniques to help you write better, and one that gets really deep into the art of structuring stories, then you will love writer Larry Brook’s blog called Storyfix. The blog covers story writing, novel writing and screenwriting. The articles at Storyfix where Larry deconstructs particular novels and analyses what is going on at each stage, in particular, are fantastic.

38. Writer Beware

In the literary scene, unfortunately there are scams out there, which look to defraud writers out of their money. This could be for instance fake competitions, editors offering paid services who are unqualified, bogus writer PR services and publicists, and literary agents who are scam artists looking to rip writers off. As a writer, it’s wise to be aware of such problems. The Writer Beware blog provides a resource that exposes those that try to take advantage of writers.

39. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed was founded in 2006 by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton and is a blog that that helps writers with all aspects of getting published, including tips to improve writing craft, creating characters, on genre, and about the business of writing, marketing and promotion. Writer Unboxed has numerous contributing writers from those who’ve just entered the field to bestselling authors, and leading industry experts.

40. Writers in The Storm

Writers in The Storm was created in 2010 by co-founders Laura Drake, Jenny Hansen, Orly Konig Lopez and Fae Howen. The blog has a large number of articles; many written by bestselling writers and industry professionals on fiction writing, how to improve your writing technique, getting motivated, inspired and increasing productivity. Other areas covered on the blog are marketing, developing an author platform, and getting your manuscript ready for submissions to literary agents and publishers.

41. Steve Scott

Steve Scott is an expert in internet marketing and in successful Kindle ebook publishing. If you want to run a thriving book business and are using self-publishing and the Kindle platform as your main vehicle, Steve has some top advice for you. He’s recently also started a podcast dedicated to answering questions about self-publishing.

42. Positive Writer

Positive Writer is Bryan Hutchinson’s excellent blog. The articles you can find at Positive Writer are all geared to encourage, inspire and motivate writers to overcome self-doubt, set goals, write better through learning the art of story creation and development, and market themselves and their work. The blog has a team of expert contributors.

43. Vikrant Khanna

Vikrant Khanna is a bestselling fiction author who also shares advice and tips from his own experience, to help budding authors get inspired and improve their book writing skills. Vikrant in particular, has a brilliant series of articles he has written on helping authors write books and get published in India.

44. Babbles from Scott Eagan

Scott Egan is a literary agent for Greyhaus Literary Agency. He also has a blog where he writes posts that help writers understand literary agents better, and make submissions to them. Scott also has some brilliant advice on how to improve your stories, based upon reviews he carries out of the submissions he receives.

45. No Rules, Just Write!

No Rules, Just Write! is a blog that is run by bestselling author CJ Lyons. Over at CJ’s blog, you can find guidance on self-publishing, traditional publishing, marketing, getting motivated, and the business of writing and making money from your work.

46. Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and also the National Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre, which provides a whole host of writing training courses online and across Australia. Valerie also co-hosts with Allison Tait, a very popular podcast show called So You Want to Be a Writer about writing, publishing and blogging.

47. Divine Write

Are you a copywriter looking to hone your skills? Perhaps you’re a freelance copywriter looking to land more clients. Whether you’re new to copywriting, or a seasoned professional, the Divine Write Blog run by Glenn Murray can help you.

48. Martha Alderson

Martha Alderson (aka the Plot Whisperer), is an international plot consultant who works with renowned novelists, memoir writers and screenwriters. She provides some wonderful articles at her blog on plot planning, development and story writing. If you want to learn how to create memorable plots, plot twists and intriguing characters, then do check out Martha’s blog.

49. Wordserve Water Cooler

Wordserve Water Cooler is a blog that is contributed to by multiple authors of stories and novels who share their own experiences of writing, editing, publishing, networking and promotion. The articles are interesting and practical, as authors reading them will be able to relate and learn from them, in order to apply in their journeys.

50. WOW! Women on Writing

WOW! Women on Writing is an ezine that promotes women writers and authors, and helps to connect them with editors, literary agents, publishing houses and readers. There is also a blog, which is updated daily with writing tips and inspirational posts.

51. The Blabbermouth Blog

Literary agent Linda Epstein runs The Blabbermouth Blog. Over at Linda’s blog you will find some top articles on writing tips, on how authors can improve and submit queries to literary agents, along with interviews with editors from publishing houses; these in particular give invaluable advice to writers.

52. Writers Write

Writers Write is a massive website for books, writing and publishing. You can find excerpts of latest books, author interviews and advice about different types of writing and publishing, which among others, includes blogging, fiction writing, digital publishing, business writing, poetry, song writing and technical writing.

53. Evil Editor

Want feedback on your query letter before you submit it to an agent? Sending it first to Evil Editor could be an option for you. If it is accepted for consideration, Evil Editor could give you feedback on your query on his blog. You might also get additional views from commenters at Evil Editor’s blog.

54. Author Media Blog

Author Media are a team who provide website and marketing services to authors. Headed by Thomas Umstattd Jr, Author Media also run a blog, which is a welcoming place to get tips on how to build a writer platform, write better, social media marketing and creating websites that have maximum impact.

55. BookBaby Blog

BookBaby is a self-publishing and ebook and print on demand distribution platform for authors. The President of BookBaby is Steven Spatz. The organization also runs a comprehensive blog that offers advice to writers on writing, self-publishing and marketing ebooks and books in print. The blog also has some excellent infographics.

56. Self-Publishing Advice Blog

The Self-Publishing Advice blog is the official blog of The Alliance of Independent Authors. At this blog, you can find out all there is to know about self-publishing, such as the history of the field, selecting self-publishing platforms to publish your work, writing tips, marketing and networking.  You will also find out about the very latest developments in independent publishing.

57. Writing Forward

Writing Forward is a creative writing blog that was started by Melissa Donovan in 2007 and is a jam packed resource where you can get grammar tips, advice on getting published, writing tips, inspirational quotes, prompts and exercises to help you practice and develop your writing.

58. Publetariat

Publetariat is a website founded by author April L. Hamilton. At the website, you will find daily, curated articles from other blogs, websites and magazines. If you’re into writing (either digital or in print) and the business of publishing, then you’ll enjoy Publetariat.

59. All Indie Writers

If you’re into freelance writing, indie publishing or blogging (or a combination of these), All Indie Writers is a website worth taking a look at. Your will find advice, resources and tips through articles, slides, podcasts and forums that help you enhance your writing career and make a living from doing so. All Indie Writers is run by Jennifer Mattern, a freelance writer, indie author and professional blogger.

60. Write It Sideways

Write It Sideways is a resource that provides writers with articles that help them to learn new writing skills, set goals, be more productive and get ready for publication.  You will find on the site, information about writing fiction and nonfiction, advice on language use, editing, publishing, interview authors, book reviews and material on getting inspired. Write It Sideways was founded by Suzannah Windsor and has a team of contributing writers.

61. The Wicked Writing Blog

The Wicked Writing Blog, run by Dr John Yeomen contains numerous articles that help writers write better stories. Over at Dr Yeomen’s blog, you can find tips on story ideas, plotting, characterization, dialogue, editing, genre writing, agents, publishing, among many more topics.

62. Tara Lazar

Tara Lazar is a children’s book author and her blog is dedicated to authors who write books and picture books for kids. Over at Tara’s blog you’ll find articles that help you to create concepts for children’s books, create characters, plots, get your work published and find funding for your book projects. Tara is also the creator of PiBoldMo (Picture Book Idea Month), which is the picture writing world’s answer to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and is run every November on her blog.

63. Writers and Authors

Writers and Authors was founded by award-winning and bestselling author Jo Linsdell in 2006. The blog offers daily doses of writing tips, quotes, advice on author branding, book marketing, on effective use of social media for marketing, virtual book tours and networking. The blog also covers ways to get published using traditional routes and self-publishing.

64. Now Novel

Now Novel is an online writing course, with options for writers at different skill levels. The team over at Now Novel consists of Bridget McNulty, Brendan McNulty, Dagmar Timler, Dr Jenny Barlow and Peter Barlow. Now Novel also runs a blog devoted to novel writing and covers areas such as writing settings and characters, plotting, creating conflict and resolution, writing dialogue and endings, editing, marketing and publishing of books and ebooks. There are also some fine infographics at the blog.

65. The Write Conversation

The Write Conversation is a blog that was started by leading writing instructor, Edie Melson. You can find inspirational and informative articles over at The Writer Conversation on social media for writing, indie publishing, industry trends, writing prompts and advice and opinions on living the writing life. The Write Conversation also has a team of several contributors made up of bestselling authors and experts from the publishing industry. The legendary Warren Adler happens to be one of these contributors.

66. Romance University

Romance University is a blog that helps writers become better writers, publishers and marketers, and ultimately advance their careers, through actionable advice and tips. The blog was co-founded by Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn and Adrienne Giordano, and has an extended faculty and contributors consisting of experts from the book publishing industry including authors, and editors.

67. How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book

How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book is a blog that is run by Mary Carroll Moore who is an internationally published author, writing teacher, and editor. Mary’s blog offers tips, information and opinions on topics that among others, includes becoming a better writer, structuring and outline stories, writing dialogue, characterization, conflict creation, scene development and transition.

68. A Writer of History

If you’re a budding writer of historical fiction, you might want to take a look at the Writer of History blog run by novelist Mary Tod. At Writer of History, you will find interviews with authors, advice on writing historical fiction and being a writer, and opinions from Mary on the books she has read.

69. Your Story

Want to get inspired to run your book business successfully? If so, you need to check out Your Story, which is India’s premier platform for entrepreneurs. Founded by Shradha Sharma, on Your Story, you will find stories about Indian start-ups introducing new products and services, and creating disruptive change in various sectors. Your Story also contains advice articles on starting up businesses.




70. Indian Freelance Writers

Founded by writer, editor and blogger Shuchi Kalra, Indian Freelance Writers is a place where you can find everything and more that is related to freelancing writing. The blog has countless articles, many of which are written by guest contributors who share tips to become a better writer and give sound advice on making money from writing. There is something for everyone at Shuchi’s blog, whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate level writer, or an experienced professional.

71. Productive Writers

The Productive Writers blog is run by John Soares, who is an experienced full-time freelance writer and author. At his blog, John shares advice on to succeed as a freelance writer and stay motivated, how to be more productive, marketing your services and how to get paid well for your output.

72. Writers in Charge

Writers in Charge is a blog that was founded by Bamidele Onibalusi. At the blog you will find guidelines to help you start a freelance writing business, writing tips to help you improve your technique, advice on grammar and punctuation and how to increase your income from your writing.

73. FreelanceWriting

FreelanceWriting is a website totally dedicated to freelance writing. The site contains information and advice on all the ins and outs of freelance writing, problems you might face when starting up as a freelancer and how to deal with them, legal advice, how to write query letters to sell your articles to magazines, and to make money and manage it. These topics are a just a brief flavour of what you’ll find at FreelanceWriting. There is much, much more at the website.

74. EsmeeNetwork Blog

EsmeeNetwork is a digital marketing company founded by Chitraparna Sinha. Chitraparna also runs a blog and shares excellent advice on freelancing writing and blogging, along with industry insights into these areas.

75. Work N Hire

If you’re a freelance writer in India looking for opportunities to sell your services, then Work N Hire is a website you may want to consider. It is a growing marketplace, connecting freelancers with clients who are start-ups and small businesses, and looks set to be a market leader in the freelance space in India. The founders of Work N Hire are Kumar Mukul and Manish Prakash.

76. The Renegade Writer

Are you a freelance writer struggling to make ends meet? Perhaps you’ve been following all the rules set out for freelancing in so called expert books and are still not getting the results you want. If this sounds like you, take a look at The Renegade Writer. Founded by Linda Formichelli, you’ll find top guidance on creating a querying approach that works uniquely for you, deal with fear created by freelancing, and setting up your own methods for getting work done and earn more from your freelance writing.

77. Make a Living Writing

Are you writer looking to move into freelancing? If so, Carol Tice’s blog Make a Living Writing can certainly help. In it, you will learn all there is to know about freelancing writing, how to get clients that you want to work with, how to deliver great work, to earn more, and grow your writing business.


News, Industry Analysis and Advice


78. Booksy

Booksy is a news website covering the Indian publishing industry. Founded by Vinutha Mallya, whose background includes book publishing and journalism, Booksy publishes news stories, features articles and curated news. The website is well worth a visit.

79. Digital Book World

Digital Book World is the go to place if you’re after breaking news from the publishing industry. The website is updated daily with latest developments in the modern publishing world, expert opinions, and advice from renowned individuals from the sector that help authors and publishers create practical strategies, which help them to develop and grow. Digital Book World also holds an annual conference and exhibition.

80.The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice is a blog run by Passive Guy and is a wonderful resource that is updated daily; several times in fact. The articles are latest news of interest to authors and the self-publishing and traditional publishing communities; many of which have the Passive Guy’s opinions added to them.

81.Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is an American magazine dedicated to the publishing industry that has been going since 1872. Available as paid subscription, it also has an online version providing news, advice and columns targeted to publishers, librarians, literary agents and booksellers. A large part of the magazine involves providing book reviews. Publishers Weekly also has a dedicated self-publishing website called BookLife!

82. The Bookseller

The Bookseller is one of the UK’s longest existing magazines, whose first issue was released in 1858. It is an industry leading news resource providing information on latest developments in the publishing and bookselling areas, and covers other aspects like book previews and author interviews. It also provides a dedicated section just for digital publishing.

83. Porter Anderson Media

Porter Anderson is a journalist and leading influencer in the digital publishing industry. Porter wears several hats, which among others include being an Associate Editor of, which is the digital publishing section of The Bookseller, a columnist at Thought Catalog and contributor at Writer Unboxed. Porter’s blog is a great place to find out more about his latest articles across the blogosphere. He also happens to be a highly sought after speaker and event planner.

84. Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives is an online magazine that has a completely international outlook, covering news from the global publishing industry with expert contributors from different countries providing insights into latest developments in their respective nations. Publishing Perspectives also contains features articles, discussions, advice and views on self-publishing.

85. EBook Bargain UK Blog

The EBook Bargain UK Blog provides excellent insights into the ebooks industry across the world. The articles published at the blog are well-researched and illustrate trends and developments in ebooks, which authors can use to plan their publishing and marketing activities in different countries.

86. The Independent Publishing Magazine

The Independent Publishing Magazine is an online magazine for independent authors and publishers, and is headed up by Mike Rooney. At the Independent Publishing Magazine, you can find news, opinion articles, advice articles, author service reviews and technology information; both from a self-publishing and traditional publishing perspective. Another area covered by the magazine is marketing.

87. The Shatzkin Files

The Shatzkin Files blog is a place to find out about latest developments in the publishing industry provided by Mike Shatzkin. The articles demonstrate thought leadership, are insightful and thought provoking, covering modern day publishing and the way it impacts business processes, and people and organizations involved in the entire publishing supply chain.




88. BloggersPassion

As a writer, do you have a blog? Do you want to transform your blog into an exemplary one that attracts more visitors because it is optimized, and gets larger amounts of engagement? Maybe you want to become an expert at the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If so, one person can certainly teach you. His name is Anil Agarwal and you can find out more at his blog BloggersPassion.

89. Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud is the brainchild of professional blogger, Harsh Agarwal. Harsh’s blog is dedicated to helping people transform their blogs into profitable businesses. Not only is the blog one of the most successful in India, but also across the whole world. Writers can learn from Harsh’s own experiences in the areas of blogging, making money online, internet marketing, SEO, Internet tools, social media and WordPress.

90. BloggerTipsTricks

BloggerTipsTricks is a great blog that covers a number of topics. Among others, these include helping people create better blogs, SEO, social media optimization, advice on increasing traffic, and tips on making money from blogging. The founder of BloggerTipTricks is Ankit Kumar Singla.

91. IndiBlogger

If you are new to the blogosphere, have just created a blog and are now wondering what to do with it, IndiBlogger is a community of bloggers which can help. You can join IndiBlogger and connect with other like minded bloggers, create relationships and help each other out through blog post promoting and commenting. The IndiBlogger platform has a number of useful tools for bloggers such as a forum, the ability to organize blogger meetups, and an affiliate programme. IndiBlogger was founded by Renie Ravin, Karthik DR, Vineet Rajan and Anoop Johnson in 2007.

92. Boost Blog Traffic

Boost Blog Traffic is one of the most authoritative blogs in the world in the area of blogging. Founded by Jon Morrow, you can learn how to create authority, get more comments, increase blog traffic, increase the number of subscribers on your email list, about content marketing and design, email marketing and money making strategies.

93. The Smart Passive Income Blog

As a writer you most likely want to make money from your writing in the first instance. And you most likely have a blog as well to help you to promote your work. There are also other ways to maximize your writer platform though. You can learn how to increase the traffic to your website, and earn money from other avenues such as content marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising and creating your own digital products such as ebooks. Pat Flynn, the owner of The Smart Passive Income blog teaches you how to do all these things, and more.

94. Quicksprout

If you’re a writer using the Internet to get more work through your website, of if you’re an author using your blog to sell more of your books and ebooks, then a boost in traffic to your platform would be a welcome aid. Neil Patel helps people do just this at his website, Quicksprout. Here you will learn how to create compelling written and visual content, and then strategies to distribute it, and network with others to help amplify your reach.

Writing Platforms and Communities


95. Bloody Good Book

Want to get a chance to be published by Westland Ltd? If so, you might want to take a look at the Bloody Good Book website. This crowd sourcing platform was founded by bestselling author Rashmi Bansal and Niyati Patel and enables authors to submit their manuscripts, and enthusiastic readers (the crowd) can read, rate and review them. If the crowd likes what you’ve written, you stand a chance to get your work published in ebook format and in print. Even if your book doesn’t get published, at the very least, you’ll get invaluable feedback, and it may even capture the attention of other publishers.

96. Readers’ Club of Delhi

Readers’ Club of Delhi is a website for book lovers and provides excellent book reviews of work by undiscovered and talented authors and interviews with them. The Readers’ Club of Delhi has a full team of columnists who write blog posts on the literary scene. Writers can also publish stories and poems on the Readers’ Club of Delhi platform.  The founders of the site are Piyush Nagpal and Kashish Badar.

97. New Indian Writing

New Indian Writing (NIW) is a community website where authors of books in Indian languages can come together. Authors can submit guest articles to NIW and request reviews of their books and poetry. The website helps authors in writing books, publishing and making sales. There is even a facility to submit short stories to NIW. The website was founded by Hersh Bhardwaj.

98. Kitaab

Kitaab is a website that supports Asian writers who write in the English language. Its founder is Zafar Anjum. At the website, readers can find interviews with Asian authors, book reviews, and enlightening essays and short stories from diverse authors. You can also read an interview that e-Books India carried out with Zafar Anjum here.

99. Book Geeks

Want to get your book reviewed by passionate readers? Books Geeks might be just what you’re looking for. Book Geeks review books by both Indian authors and by those from outside of the country. Authors can request an interview by the Book Geeks team, which consists of Ravi Jain, Sankalpita Singh, and Krishna Chandra Eluri.

100. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a self-publishing platform. It remains the major self-publishing platform and anyone new to self-publishing should definitely consider giving KDP a go and create a Kindle eBook.

101. Critters Workshop

Critters Workshop is a critique website where authors can submit short stories and chapters of their novels (in the science fiction/fantasy/horror genres) to be dissected and critiqued by other members of the community. The website uses a queue based approach where your work will get critiqued once it reaches the top of the queue.

102. Scribophile

Scribophile is an online community made up of writers who critique each other’s work so that everyone gets feedback and improves. The community works by writers making effort to critique other writers’ writing, and this then allows those who have critiqued to get their work reviewed. Scribophile also has a blog which provides writing, poetry and publishing tips, and also forums.

103. Moontown Café

Are you a poet looking for a platform to share your work and get feedback? Moontown Café is one place where you can do this. The website was founded by Jonathan Neihart & Kyle Olechnowicz in 2000.

104. PoetrySoup

PoetrySoup is a global community of poets. Poets of all levels can share their poems on PoetrySoup. On the website, in addition, you can find inspirational quotes from famous poets. Writers can also submit articles to PoetrySoup to share tips and experiences in writing.

105. Your Story Club

Your Story Club is a short story publishing website founded by author Soumya Tripathi. It is free to use, and members who sign up can publish their short stories in various genres on the website, and get feedback from the editors of the platform and other members of the Your Story Club community. The website also accepts submissions in Hindi.

Hiten Vyas is the Founder and Managing Editor of eBooks India. He is also a prolific eBook writer with over 25 titles to his name.



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