16 Top Ghostwriters in Australia

16 Top Ghostwriters in Australia

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top ghostwriters in australia

There are people with great ideas and then there are people who can bring those ideas to life on paper.

It’s okay if writing is not your cup of tea. Your idea still lives within you and with the help of a ghostwriter, it can reach thousands of others.

Ghostwriters are like Santa’s little helpers; they do all of the writing and don’t take credit for their work. Basically, their talent is for hire.

Here are 16 top ghostwriters in Australia:


1. Libby Harkness

People of Sydney, Australia can reach out to Libby Harkness to discuss the book they want ghost written. While she is based in Sydney, Libby welcomes clients from all around the world. She has written and ghostwritten a range of books in the nonfiction genre. It was 1992 when she set up her own business. Before you jump the gun and decide to hire her, read this guide that she has put together for potential clients. You can then contact her by email or phone.


2. John Harman

Do you want a ghost writer for a personal and inspirational book, a popular novel, self help or biography? Then John Harman is apt for your project. He is a script writer, novelist, writing skills teacher, public speaker and ghostwriter residing in Perth, Australia. He has over 30 years of ghostwriting experience and has ghostwritten corporate histories, romantic fiction and biographies. Give him a call or send an email regarding your requirement, once you’ve gone through his website thoroughly and are certain about employing his services.


3. Sarah Megginson

As a writer who is experienced in different niches like travel, business, property, lifestyle, parenting, Sarah Megginson offers editing and ghostwriting services. She is a freelance professional based in Queensland, Australia. Since 2009, she has worked with many clients on books, articles, brochures, reports and other content. Having written her own book, Sarah is equipped with the knowledge of taking a concept and turning it into more. Reach out to her via email or phone to propose your idea and the prospect of having it ghost written by her. She is also available on Twitter.


4. Pepi Ronalds

In Melbourne, Australia, you’ll be able to employ the services of project manager, writer, researcher and ghostwriter, Pepi Ronalds. She has a diploma from RMIT in Professional Writing and Editing as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Australian Studies from Swinburne University. The training coupled with good experience working on a nonfiction book, journalistic content, proposals, and tenders makes her a valuable source for ghost writing. She set up her own independent service provider in the year 2009. In order to ensure that she is able to take on your project, send her a message with information about your novel or idea via email or LinkedIn. You can also find her on Twitter, but the other two platforms may be better suited for a lengthy conversation.


5. Stevie White

Stevie White welcomes clients from different backgrounds, whether they are a musician, business professional, a celebrity or just an individual looking forward to having their story told. He ghostwrites only nonfiction books like memoirs, self-help, biographies, how to guides, business books etc. If you hire his services, you get the complete package of research, write and edit – which could take from a few months to a year for the completion of a final draft. It has been over 3 years since he set up his independent business in 2014. Housed in Perth, Australia, Stevie is also a designer & speaker who dabbles in matters of personal development, training and education. Send him an email explaining what you require or get in touch with him via LinkedIn.


6. Clement Communication

Jane Clement has around 30 years of experience as an editor, corporate writer and copywriter. Her portfolio shows just how many projects she has worked on, including business ebooks, public information campaigns, websites, white papers, reports and profiles etc. She is well versed in a lot of tasks. Here’s the complete list of how she can help you. If you require ghostwriting services in the business or nonfiction genres, you should get in touch with her. She is well versed in ghostwriting blogs, ebooks, editorials, online & print features and publications. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and with a Master’s degree in Palaeography, she set up her own freelancing business in 1993. She is available on different platforms, should you wish to reach out to her – Twitter, LinkedIn, phone, or query form. Once you’ve ironed out all the details by contacting her, head over to her office in Sydney, Australia.


7. Drunken Clarity

Whether you have a vague idea or you’ve planned your novel to the last detail, Drunken Clarity can help you fashion a manuscript that will draw attention. The services they offer are ghostwriting, screen writing, writing blog posts, short stories etc. If your idea has anything to do with horror, dystopia, science fiction or fantasy, they couldn’t be more perfect for you. Drunken Clarity was founded by David Burman in Perth, Australia. He charges anywhere between 0.05c to 0.20c per word for a minimum of 500 words blog post or short story. You should contact him to know his ghostwriting rates. Get in touch with David Burman through the website or Twitter.


8. The Word Nest

Lisa Cropman is the mastermind behind the success of The Word Nest. It is a firm that offers writing solutions, be it editing, ghostwriting, copywriting, SEO or business writing. Founded in the year 2011, The Word Nest has worked for a variety of clients, offering a combination of services. One of the books Lisa has edited and ghost written is Invaluable – What Every Salon Owner Wanting Success Needs To Know for the client, Julie Hyne. The Word Nest is located in Victoria, Australia. Even though you can only ascertain the right cost for getting your novel ghostwritten by contacting Lisa, she charges a minimum of $250 per project. She explains the process of writing in depth on her website. You should check it out. Keep in mind that she only ghostwrites nonfiction books such as memoirs, self-help, how to guides, biographies. Contact her by filling in this form on her site. Her email and mobile number is given at the end of the page.


9. Michael Collins

What does Michael Collins offer that is different from other ghostwriters? He has years of experience honing his skills in a just one avenue, i.e. memoir writing.  As a nonfiction writer, he started offering his services in the year 2000. He ghostwrites articles, books, biographies, memoirs and short stories. If you’re wondering how long it would take him to write your memoir, the FAQ page on his website would help clarify all your basic doubts. Ideally he takes 10 months to produce a final draft, but if you require your memoir to be finished urgently, you could consult with him and discuss a shorter time frame. The cost of availing his services depend on the nature of the project, but an average of what you would be paying is 20,000 Australian Dollars. This may or may not be within your budget, but it’s always best to approach him and get an accurate rate before you make a decision. He is based in Brisbane, Australia and you can reach out to him via LinkedIn, phone or form.


10. John Reynolds

John Reynolds is a writer for hire hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Writing and ghostwriting speeches for various occasions, blogs, newsletters, reports, books, brochures and more are the services that John provides. He began working as an independent professional in the year 2012. Before that, he was a senior communications and media management specialist for the Queensland government. He is open to working closely with authors who require ghostwriting or editing services so that their manuscript is in the best shape. Take a look at his LinkedIn profile to better understand his work experience. Once you’ve decided to go for the ghostwriting package that he offers, you should call him or send an email with all the details; that way he’d be able to quote a price for the job.


11. Cavalletti Communications

Need some work done for books, articles, white papers, newsletters, brochures, or blogs? You should approach Cavalletti Communications. They are an organization that provides a range of services like editing, proofreading, copywriting and ghostwriting. Sydney, Australia is home to this company which was established by Daniela Cavalletti. She is a marketing and business writer as well as a Communications Consultant. Cavalletti Communications began to gain momentum since its birth in 2009, serving clients from different fields like health and wellbeing, corporate, legal, NGOs etc. If you feel that they are best suited to ghostwrite your novel, then contact them via phone, email or the query form on their website.


12. Kristin Lee

Through her Lifestyle Writing website, Kristin Lee offers ghostwriting services for blog posts, articles, and nonfiction ebooks that are self-published which have a self-help, personal development or holistic perspective. The subject matters that interest her are clean living, responsible travel, lifestyle guidebooks, organic food producers, sustainable living etc. She has previously worked on an economy book, spiritual wellbeing guidebook, articles and more. If you’d like, you could check out her portfolio here.  Residing in Melbourne, Australia, Kristin Lee began working as a freelance writer in 2000. Her vast training and experience with the written word makes her the perfect person to take on your project. Contact her via LinkedIn, email or phone to further discuss your idea.


13. Australian eBook Publisher

It was 2011 when Amanda Greenslade started her two businesses in the publishing industry – Australian eBook Publisher and Greenslade Creations. The Australian eBook Publisher provides ghostwriting services by collecting information from the client. This could be in the form of notes, interviews, email, video chat or even a draft manuscript. The kind of books they are willing to ghostwrite are children’s fiction, cookbook, self-help, biography, health and professional books. Whereas if your story has anything to do with memoirs, long form fiction, tech, sports, witchcraft, occult sciences, you should skip to the next entry. Once you’ve spoken with them and decide to head to their office, you’ll find it in Brisbane, Australia. Request a quote for the job here. And find their contact information on this page.


14. Claire Halliday

Contact Claire Halliday if you want your story to touch lives. She is a published author of two anthologies – Things My Father Taught Me and Things My Mother Taught Me. Her talent also lies in copywriting, speech writing, speaking etc. She has previously ghostwritten nonfiction novels. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Claire started working as an independent writer in the year 1997. Here’s a sample of her writing, for your reference. She has written over 1000 articles for newspapers and magazines like the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Men’s Style, Morning Life, GQ, The Sunday Age and so on.


15. Stella Communications

Brisbane, Australia houses Stella Communications, an organization that provides communication services in a range of fields. Nicole Madigan is the founder of this company which began offering its services in 2011. She has a lot of experience prior to starting Stella Communications. You can take a look at her LinkedIn page to get an idea about her skills. If you require ghostwriting for a book, articles or marketing copy, you should get in touch with her through phone, her website or Twitter page.


16. Infoquest

Infoquest was started by Susanne Koen who is an Australian based writer, editor and researcher. With over 20 years of experience working with newsletters, academic chapters, books, websites, policy documents, Susanne has got what it takes to put your idea to paper in such a manner that it reaches its target audience. Some of the topics that she is familiar with are primary education, domestic violence, child protection, aboriginal cultural studies etc. She is based in Adelaide, Australia and started her business in the year 1997. Apart from ghostwriting, she offers other services like project management, proofreading, copyediting etc. If you wish to contact her, then check out her LinkedIn page or fill in the query form on her website. The information you need to call or email her are also provided on the website.

Don’t be shy and approach one of the above mentioned ghostwriters at the earliest. Before you know it, your vision would manifest in the form of a manuscript that you can proceed to submit for publication.

Are you a ghostwriter in Australia? Please feel free to tell us about you and your services in the comments box below, and leave a link to your website!

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