19 Top Urban Fiction Publishers

19 Top Urban Fiction Publishers

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urban fiction publishers

Urban Fiction: it’s probably one of the most unrated genres out there. If you think about it, there are so many writers with works that could fall into this category.

Yet, not many people embrace it.

Likewise, many publishers and agents shy away from this genre as well. Part of the problem is that Urban Fiction isn’t as widely read as other genres like Romance or Fantasy, and that’s partially due to the fact that its has a much more narrower audience.

Which, as a writer, can make getting published somewhat challenging—challenging, but not impossible. As with any publishing endeavor the key to increasing your odds of getting published is finding the right publisher.

The last thing you want to do is market your book to a mainstream publisher if you’re an urban fiction writer. You’ll be wasting the publisher’s time and your own.

So what do you do? Find a specialty publisher that is interested in urban fiction. Here’s a list of nineteen top urban fiction publishers to help get the ball rolling.


1. Streetlife Publishers

Looking for a quirky little publisher that has the gusto to help you polish and publish a successful street fiction novel? You may want to consider Streetlife Publishers. Established by author Derrick Johnson, this Minneapolis based publisher is passionate about delivering the best of the best to its writers and readership. When it comes to urban fiction, this publisher is especially keen on novels that expose the city’s underbelly by exploring gangs and crime, with works like Cut Throat Mafia, Jealousy Breeds Envy, and Omerta.


2. Cartel Publications

For those Urban fiction authors that are looking for a publishing house that’s a little more well known, Cartel Publications is a great place to start. Not only is this publishing house known for urban fiction books that tackle darker themes, like murder and violence, but also hit T.V. shows and movies like The Worst of Us. This publisher isn’t located in NYC like so many others, but rather in the small city of Owings Mill, Maryland, making it much more accessible to those authors that would like to discuss things face-to-face.

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3. DC Bookdiva Publications

The key thing to know about urban lit is that it really is an indie book market, and so you really need to find the best indie book publisher you can. That’s where Tiah Short’s DC Bookdiva publications can help. With over thirty quality titles listed under this company, this is a great place to start if you’re an Urban author that’s just beginning. With a range of titles and different styles in street literature to choose from, including those written by bestselling author Dutch, this is definitely the publisher to reach out to if you have a good idea for an urban fiction story.


4. Urban Books

Urban Books is another one of those well-known, mainstream indie book publishers that’s known for specializing in urban novels that focus on African American themes. The New York based publisher was established by Carl Weber in 2002 and features three imprints: Urban Soul, Urban Renaissance Books, and Urban Christian Books.


5. Akashic Books

When it comes to quality, indie publishing, it doesn’t get much better than Akashic books. Keep in mind that this is a publisher that will be interested in Urban fiction with more of a literary twist and publishes street-lit under its imprint, the Armory. However, the imprint is known for publishing fantastic works like Cake.


6. Red Bud Ave Publications

Owned by author Teresa Seals, this is a different kind of book publisher, which will not only publish books, but also help you enhance your novel before publishing—for a fee. Although it’s not the most traditional method of publishing, it’s worth looking into if you’re struggling to get any bites in the traditional, urban market.


7. St. Martins Press

St. Martins is definitely a much more mainstream publisher that just so happens to also publish street literature (yay!!!). With books by well-known urban lit authors like K’wan, Shannon Holmes and T.N. Baker, St. Martins press is definitely the way to go if you have a unique urban fiction idea that has the potential to do well on the mainstream market. An imprint of Macmillian, however, this publisher does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.


8. Street Knowledge Publishing

With a name like Street Knowledge Publishing, you can believe that this publishing house specializes in nothing but quality street literature. In fact, it’s home to the most popular street fiction writers today, like Al-Sadiq Banks and Eric B—author of the Eric-b-crime novels. Located in New Castle, this publisher was started by Joseph Jones in 2003, shortly after he was released from prison. He then began using his knowledge of the street to better the literary market.


9. Art Official Media

Located in Baltimore and established in 2005, Art Official Media specializes in everything Urban Fiction. Even better, this publisher also offers distribution, film services, and self-publishing.  And it’s all tailored to fit an urban lit market. Not only does the publisher release the magazine “Urbania” but it also has published well-known urban fiction works like The Wire and Nookie.


10. Augustus Publishing

If you’re really into hip-hop culture and have a neat idea for an urban fiction novel, Augustus Publishing is the way to go. Founded in 2005 by Anthony Whyte, this small publishing house actually features two other imprints that specialize in urban, or street, lit: Vibe Lifestyle books and UPTOWN books. This NYC book publisher is specifically concerned with making urban lit accessible to more readers and is well known for republishing the series Ghetto Girls. Another bestseller the publisher’s produced that actually garnered some attention from Hollywood: Streets of New York.


11. Wahida Clark Publishing

Established by bestselling author of Thugs & The Women Who Love Them, Wahida Clark, is specifically designed for urban fiction authors. Now, this publishing house is home to 11 authors and a range of works like A Life for a Life, Heat and Enemy Bloodline. Most of the titles published under this house focus on themes like crime and sexuality.


12. Delphine Publications

Writers that are looking for the boutique atmosphere of a small, professional publisher, but also a publisher that focuses on urban lit, can’t go wrong with Delphine Publications. The Atlanta based publisher is known for producing gripping urban literature novels, with just a hint of melodrama, like Sleeping with One Eye Open, Love on Death Row and Sorority Ties.  If you’re a writer that likes to explore themes like love, betrayal, and sex in an urban setting, then Delphine is definitely a publisher you want to consider.


13. Life Changing Books

With titles like Left for Dead and a Wife’s Betrayal, Life Changing Books is definitely a great space for Urban lit. writers and even many African American writers in general. Located in Brandywine, Maryland, Life Changing Books was established by author Tressa Azarel. Since 2003, the publishing house has grown to house nearly 20 authors and has even published some best selling novels like The Dirty Divorced Series and Millionaire Mistress.


14. Kensington Publishing Corp

One of the best things about the Kensington Publishing Corp is that it publishes almost any kind of genre. Whether your forte is humor, sci-fi or romance, there’s a niche for you at Kensington. For African America writers, there’s a whole a subsection at this New York publisher for you. This is the publishing house that’s home to imprints like Urban Christian, Urban Soul and, yup, you guessed it, Urban Books. Founded in 1974, this company prides itself on its “independent” spirit—something that really sets it apart when it comes to the kinds of books it releases on the market. If you’re an urban author that’s dedicated to making a dent in the market and would like a real shot, Kensington is the place that can make it happen.


15. La’ Femme Fatale Publishing

Founded by award winning and bestselling author Michele A. Cameron Fletcher, La’ Femme Fatale Publishing is committed to helping urban fiction authors reach their audience. The publishing house has published works like Concrete Jungle and Veronica Malone’s Life goes on. On top of urban literature, the publishing house has also released Lifestyle, health and fitness guides by some of the world’s most recognized T. V. personalities and journalists, including Laeann Amos and Anita Rincon. Typically the novels published by this house feature an urban setting but focuses on a romantic interest.


16. Royal Publishing House

When it comes to quality, professionalism and finesse in the street fiction market, it doesn’t get much better than Royal Publishing House. Created by CEO and bestselling author Porscha Sterling in 2014, this publisher, located in Atlanta, publishes both Ebooks and paperbacks. The urban fiction featured at this publishing house typically follows a love interest while also exploring themes such as wealth, crime and drugs.

However, one of the things that set this publisher apart from other urban literature publishers is the quality of the final product. Book covers and designs are strategically planned to be alluring to readers, while also representative of the books they belong to. But the best part about Royal Publishing House? It’s backed by a significant staff, all working to help create the best final version of your novel possible.


17. Triple Crown Publications

By comparison, Triple Crown Publications is a much more small scale operation and was established in 2001 by author Vickie Stringer, who’s more than familiar with the realities of street life, having served a prison sentence and lived a life of crime. Now, she’s using her knowledge of the streets to not only write books about urban life, but also help others get published.  The company is known for mixing the hip-hop genre with literature to create steamy and gripping works like A Hustler’s Son and Flip Side of the Game. Stringer has also published her own guide to the publishing world, designed to help all aspiring urban-lit writers find their niche.


18. RJ Publications

Among the more striking things about RJ Publications is the range of literature it provides, from romance and erotica to drama and even non-fiction. However, the company is especially well known for its wide selection of street lit, with books like Hood Fellas and The Evil Side of Money. Launched by author Richard Jeanty, the Snellville, Georgia located publisher typically focuses on the more traditional aspects of urban literature, including subjects like violence, crime and drugs.


19. Melodrama Publishing

When it comes down to it, some the best of the mainstream urban literature features a whole lot of drama, and Melodrama Publishing sure isn’t about to start downplaying that fact. Founded by Crystal Lacey Winslow in 2002, this is a publishing company best suited to the writer that like to add to their reader’s lives. With title like Rise of An American Gangstress, this New York publication is far from boring. Books that this publisher is interested in typically revolve around strong female characters, wealth, and sexuality.

All in all, finding the right publisher for an urban lit novel is all about taking the time to go the extra mile and read a little more about the publisher. Here’s the key takeaway to keep in mind: even if a publisher produces urban literature, that doesn’t automatically make them the right fit for your book.

Ideally, you don’t just want to find a publisher that publishes urban lit. Instead you want to also focus on finding a publisher that can publish the same type of urban literature you enjoy writing. The last thing you want to do as a writer is to market a more mainstream urban literature book to a more literary slanted agency. Likewise, if you send your literary urban lit. novel to a hip-hop press, you’ll be less likely to get a response (or at least the response you want to hear) back.

However, with a range of publishers to choose from that specializes in urban lit., the possibilities are endless. So keep on writing your street lit. novel and don’t settle for a publisher that’s anything short of amazing.

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  1. I would love for you to do a story about me as well! I’m Darrell King, long time urban fiction author of nearly 30 urban fiction novels. I’ve been published by Triple Crown Publications, as well as Urban Books. I now self publish street lit novellas.

    Darrell King

    March 4, 2018

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