18 Top US Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

18 Top US Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

By on Mar 19, 2018 in Publishing

us publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

Reading is a passion which will forever envelop humanity. Across America, more and more readers are learning the value of reading, resulting in a society which has a fervent demand for knowledge.

Whether you are a writer of fiction or non-fiction, broad audiences await should your work display creativity, originality, and flair.

It is always best to locate a regional publisher close to you in order to grant yourself the best chances of having your manuscript considered.

Here we have taken a look at 18 top US publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. New York, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and San Antonio have all been covered.


1. Baen Books

As a specialized publisher of science fiction and fantasy, Baen Books is based in New York City. Publishing powerful plots woven by renowned wordsmiths such as David Weber, author of the Harrington series of novels, Baen openly accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Electronic submissions are required, with nothing more than a covering letter and your personal details requested. If your manuscript holds a solid scientific and philosophical basis, expressing a stellar plot, strong characters and a rigorous devotion to coherent yet creative originality, then you may make the cut. You can find full details of their submission process on their ‘Submit’ page.


2. Kensington Publishing Corp

Kensington Publishing Corp is an independent publisher situated in New York. Since their inception in 1973, Kensington Publishing Corp has released many best-sellers in every format including hardcover, trade paperback, mass market, and digital releases. Their imprints include Zebra, Pinnacle, Dafina, and Lyrical Press, while the genres which they specialize in include romance, women’s fiction, African American works, young adult fiction, and a range of non-fiction, especia lly true-crime, western fiction, and mystery novels. Unsolicited manuscript submissions are welcomed with full details available on the Kensington Publishing Corp ‘Submissions‘ page.


us publishing companies accepting unsolicited manuscripts


3. Avon Romance

Avon Romance is an imprint of the illustrious HarperCollins publishers and operates out of New York City. Specializing in romantic fiction of all types, the imprint has published many notable authors including numerous New York Times best-sellers. Its books include titles such as Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas and A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole, both of which have received fantastic reviews from global audiences. Their submission process is quick and easy, requiring but a few details. A wizard-based interface will assist you through submitting your manuscript, with full details available on the Avon Romance ‘Submit Your Writing’ page.


4. Arcturus Press

As a fast rising publisher of fiction, flash fiction, poetry, hybrid genres, and creative non-fiction, Arcturus Press is based in Chicago and holds affiliation to the Chicago Review of Books. As a proud sister company, Arcturus is openly accepting of unsolicited manuscript submissions throughout the year, with the before-mentioned genres being their main areas of focus. Their diverse array of new talent includes authors such as Scott Blackwood, Allegra Hyde, Sam Weller and Ting Gou, to name but a few. This is a publisher who accepts a wide range of titles, however, their main interest lies in speculative fiction, flash fiction, political essays, narrative reportage, and all forms experimental poetry. Full details regarding the Arcturus publishing process can be found on the ‘Submit’ page.


5. Allium Press of Chicago

Allium Press of Chicago is a leading publisher with a preference for titles carrying a connection to Chicago and its surrounding areas. All of their titles to date hold a strong connection to Chicago. Established in 2009, this small independent press is known for their literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, young adult fiction, and thrillers, all trying closely to Chicago and its past. Notable works from their small but strong range of titles include Where My Body Ends and The World Begins by Tony Romano, and The Reason for Time by Mary Burns, to name but two. While open to unsolicited submissions via email, only full length novels are considered. The only genres not entertained are self-help books, how-to’s, horror, fantasy, science fiction, romance, erotica, and poetry. You can find full details of their submission process on the Allium Press of Chicago ‘Submissions’ page.


6. Loyola Press – A Jesuit Ministry

Loyola Press is a publisher based in Chicago with a fixed focus on books for readers interested in Ignatian spirituality, with full support of a parish ministry. Their selection process is quite stringent, with roughly twenty-books each year making the cut. The ministry is always looking for fresh, inspiring voices who can clearly communicate and connect to the needs of catechists and faith formation ministers. Loyola is looking for works which help people experience God in their daily lives on a more direct level, while also seeking discourses of Catholic tradition exploring the richness of traditions and practices in the ministry. You can find all the necessary details to make your post or digital manuscript submission on the Loyola Press ‘Submissions’ page.


7. Bright Sky Press

Bright Sky Press is a small yet prominent publisher of both fiction and non-fiction titles, operating out of Houston. Roughly twenty new titles are published each year, with Bright Sky Press open to unsolicited manuscript submissions. To get a better idea of their publishing preference, one had need just look at titles such as Bragging Rights, telling the tale of the long-running rivalry between Dallas and Houston. Titles with a regional focus appear to be given preference. You can find further details of the Bright Sky Press Submission process on their ‘Submissions’ page.


8. John M. Hardy Publishing Co.

Operating out of Houston, John M. Hardy Publishing is a small, prominent independent publisher. Their published works span a range of genres, however, each holds close connections to Texas. Their titles include novels, short stories, biographies of regional personalities, historical tales, historical fiction, and non-fiction subjects connected to the region. You can find a range of works spanning non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, young adult fiction, and more on their online bookstore, while their print publications are distributed to an international audience as well. You can find all the necessary details of their submission processed, unsolicited, on the John M. Hardy Publishing Co. ‘Submissions’ page.


9. Timeless Words Publishing

Timeless Words Publishing is based in Houston and publishes a diverse range of fiction. With market distribution dispersed across the globe, Timeless Words have operators in New Zealand, Dubai, England, Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas. Each client receives personal attention and devoted guidance once their manuscript has been found eligible. Recent prominent works from their collection include titles such as The Other Side of Ecstasy by Larry Smith III, and Transformers – Age of Extinction: A Novelization by Emily Lawrence. You can find manuscript submission and review information on the Timeless Word Publishing “Get Your Work Evaluated” page.


10. Adonis Designs Press

Adonis Designs Press operates from Phoenix, Arizona, having moved from their hometown of Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois. Their emphasis is on non-fiction and poetry, with the top areas of focus being self-help, how-to’s, travel discourses, dogs, spirituality books, art, photography, inspirational works, and gardening. A great example of their preferred style can be found in Hugh Moore’s Beaming on Dreamsville!. The only genre which Adonis Designs Press does not accept is memoirs. You can find full details of their submission process on the Adonis Designs Press ‘Submissions’ page.


11. Southwest Human Development

Southwest Human Development aims to create a positive future for young children. They run a project termed the “First Edition Project” which is supported by Grand Canyon University and actively seeks submissions of children’s book manuscripts from unpublished authors. If you have not yet been fortunate enough to have your children’s book published, then give this great initiative from Southwest Human Development a try. One had need just look at the charming best-selling children’s book by Phoebe Fox to get a better understanding of this publisher’s preference. Her book Up Up Up follows the journey of ten animals as they make their way to a party on the tenth floor. You can find full details of their “‘First Edition Project” manuscript submissions on the Southwest Human Development ‘Submit Your Children’s Book Manuscript’ page.


12. Quirk Books

Nestled in the Old District of Philadelphia, Quirk Books publishes roughly twenty-five new titles each year. They are best known for their young adult bestselling book series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, as well as the leading book for youth William Shakespeare’s Star Wars. The company also publishes a wide range of cookbooks, art books and pop culture novels. They are always looking for submissions of unconventional manuscripts. If your title features innovation and creativity, delivering smart ideas in fun and original ways, then contact Quirk Books or send off your manuscript straight. You can find further details and their mailing address on the Quirk Books ‘Submissions’ page.


13. Camino Books

Camino Books is a small but reputable publishing house, operating out of Philadelphia since 1987. They are particularly interested in titles covering non-fiction subjects of interest to the Middle Atlantic states. Their range focuses upon travel, gardening, and history, although biographies, local reference resources, and books covering parenting and health, are also accepted. Between six to ten new titles are published each year. Great examples of their preferred publishing style can be found in Discovering Philadelphia – Places Little Known by David Traub, and Robert L. Snow’s Love and Greed in the Heartland. You can find further details of their submission process on the Camino Books ‘Submissions’ page.


14. The Charles Press Publishers

As a small, independent publishing house headquartered in Philadelphia since 1976, The Charles Press Publishers aims to publish books which teach and inform readers. Charles Press Publishers specialize in non-fiction, with a focus on health, healthcare, and both social and behavioral sciences. Publishing partnerships are offered, with the press openly accepting of unsolicited manuscripts. Over the course of the last fifty years, The Charles Press Publishers has released prominent works such as The Serial Killer Letters: A Penetrating Look Inside the Minds of Murderers by Jennifer Furie, and How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife now in its second edition by Christopher Jay Johnson and Marsha G McGee. You can find full details of their submission process on The Charles Press Publishers ‘Manuscript Submission Guidelines’ page.


15. Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is a powerhouse in independent publishing, operating out of San Francisco since 1967. They hold affiliation with many prominent imprints and publishers including but not limited to Moleskine, Princeton Architectural Press, Laurence King Publishing, Galison + Mudpuppy, Twirl Books, Hardie Grant Books, Quadrille Publishing, The Creative Company, and Sierra Club. Bestsellers from their expansive, illustrious range of titles include Other-Worldy by Yee-Lum Mak, and titles accredited to internal sensations such as HBO’s Game of Thrones. They are openly accepting of unsolicited submissions, with print manuscripts preferred. Chronicle receives children’s books, adult trade books, and portfolios for contract work such as design, illustration and photography. You can find further details of their submission requirements on the Chronicle Books ‘Submissions’ page.


16. Cedar Grove Publishing

Cedar Grove Publishing is a small publisher of fiction in the form of children’s books, middle grade and young adult fiction, graphic novels, and science-fiction, fantasy, and horror novels. From their offices in San Francisco they publish a range of works, but do not cover non-fiction at all. To gauge their preferred publishing style, take a look at titles such as the dark fiction anthology Sycorax’s Daughters, and the fantastic teen fiction title The Evolution of Glory Loomis by Michael G. Bassen. Unsolicited manuscript submissions in accordance with genres covered are openly accepted. You can find further details and a ‘Contact Us’ form on the Cedar Grove Publishing ‘Submissions’ page.


17. Ignatius Press

Ignatius Press is a prime religious publisher of a diverse range of literary works. From their headquarters in San Francisco, Ignatius carries international marketing and distribution. Their expansive catalogue includes books, videos, and religious education materials for both children and adults. To better understand their demographic and style, take a look at titles such as Going Deeper, a discourse into a logical explanation to God and faith by Leo Severino, with Galileo Revisited by Dom Paschal Scotti being another great exhibit of their bestsellers. Ignatius is open to unsolicited submissions, however the publisher does not typically publish any further fiction or children’s books, nor poetry. A collection of guidelines for your submission have been provided via PDF from Ignatius Press.


18. Hierophant Publishing

Hierophant Publishing is a prime publisher of fiction operating out of San Antonio. Self-declared as a publisher of body, mind, and spirit books, Hierophant aims to publish words inspired by silence, giving guidance from the self’s awakened beyond. A small but powerful range of titles are carried by this publishing house. Delving into shamanic culture, lifestyle, and lore The Wisdom of the Shamans by Don Jose Ruiz is a fantastic treatise to this ancient tradition and belief. Cynthia Kane’s How to Communicate Like A Buddhist is another best-seller from their range, while best-sellers such as Healing Ancestral Karma by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, and “Pearls of Wisdom” by Chris and Janet Attwood, are a clear exhibit of their preferred publishing style. You can find further details of the Hierophant Publishing unsolicited manuscript submission process on their ‘Submissions’ page.


Regional Demographics in Publishing

Local publishers often hold a preference for titles which carry close connections to the region in which they are based. From targeted fiction to historical works, biographies, memoirs and even gardening and cookbooks, manuscripts with a local flavor are typically given preference. Be sure to evaluate your own work and find a publisher which displays an interest in your genre. In certain cases, a manuscript may be near-perfectly suited to a regional interest group, given a slight degree of modification. A few slight changes to match a publisher in your vicinity can go a long way towards getting yourself published.

Are you a US publisher accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Please tell us more about your organization in the comments box below!

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