21 Top Collections of Very Short Stories with Morals for Kids

21 Top Collections of Very Short Stories with Morals for Kids

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very short stories with morals

We all have memories of our childhood.

The memories usually are about a favorite color, a favorite ice-cream flavor or a favorite story.

Nothing can beat that comforting feeling of being tucked by your parents at bedtime and being read a bedtime story. Or snuggling up to our grandparents as they narrated interesting anecdotes and fairytales

Every story need not have a moral but the best stories always do. For kids, nothing can feel better than short stories with relevant morals that teach them about kindness, truth, honesty, loyalty and courage.

Every moral will be a lesson your child will learn early in life so you should be careful while selecting which story and moral you want to pass on to them.

Encourage them to believe in diversity, love, humanity and intelligence.

We have compiled a list of 21 top collections of very short stories with morals for kids. These stories will prove memorable for every kid.


1. Nightlights: Stories for You to Read to Your Child – To Encourage Calm, Confidence and Creativity by Kate Perry and others

Interpreting morals as life lessons, Kate Perry, Joyce Dunbar and Louisa Somerville have written twenty interactive bedtime stories to strengthen the parent-child relationship. Children learn better when you talk to them instead of teaching or lecturing them, and this book provides engaging affirmations at the end of each story so you can discuss it with your child in a manner they are comfortable with. Ideal for ages 4-8 , the authors and the editor have years of experience writing for kids which has led to creating an interactive, thoughtful book that will benefit your child in the long run. This book was published in 2014.


2. Shakespeare’s Stories for Young Readers (Dover Children’s Classics) by Edith Nesbitt

Inculcating the habit of reading good literature at an early age is a great way to teach your kids about the arts and culture. Edith Nesbitt has transformed the works of the world’s most famous writer and turned into an adventure for children. Find The Winter’s Tale, King Lear, Pericles and 9 other stories by Shakespeare in this interesting book published in 2006. While there are no literal morals at the end of each story, every tale by Shakespeare has a lesson embedded in it. This book is ideal for kids aged 8-14 years.


short moral stories for kids


3. Everyday is an Adventure: A collection of Short Stories for Kids by Pastor Alfred

Easy to read, simple and stories guaranteed to make you learn, laugh and live better. Written by Pastor Alfred, a pastor, author and investor, this book is suitable for all ages. 25 short stories published in January 2018 were written simply to teach children about faith, values and beliefs.


4. A Treasury of Bedtime Stories: More than 40 Classic Tales for Sweet Dreams! (Children’s Classic Collections) by Althea L. Clinton

Relive your childhood by sharing the tales you grew up on with your kids. The classics are the classics for a reason and years of re-telling and narrating hasn’t dulled their shine as Althea Clinton shares 30 timeless tales like Hansel & Gretel. The Three Bears etc. Published in 2017, this book for kids aged 5-8 years also features illustrations to create interest in kids.


5. The Book of Virtues for Boys and Girls: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories by William J. Bennett

Written for kids between 10-14 years, The Book of Virtues is exactly as it’s promised in the title. Published in 2008, the book extols the morals we have been taught from generations: love, kindness and truth. It features stories by Aesop, Helen Keller to name a few. In this new generation where kids want everything and have everything, this book is a boon because you can teach them about the real things that matter in life without becoming materialistic.


6. 30 Bedtime Stories for Kids: Bedtime Stories with Morals from the Imagination of a 10 year old by Prabhjot Singh Chopra

Sometimes the best storytellers are children themselves. Published in 2016, this interesting book was written by 10 year Prabhjot with a moral at the end of every story. As a child, he knew the importance of bedtime stories and wished every child would experience the joy of bedtime reading. Written for grades 4-6, the stories are simple and heartwarming. Because it is written by a child, the language is easy and talks to children in a manner they are comfortable with.


7. 365 Bedtime Stories and Rhymes (Deluxe Edition) (365 Treasury) by Parragon Books

Illustrated to intrigue your child while you read the story, this book has 365 classic bedtime stories, tales and rhymes. Created specifically for kids between 4-6 years, it is a good book to start a lifelong habit of reading in your child and promoting creativity and innovative thinking.


8. The Silent Lie (Sami and Sara’s Adventures) by Maryam Kazi, Fatima Kazi and Aisha Kazi

Follow the crazy, fun adventures of siblings Sami and Sara as each story comes with a lesson. Written by real siblings Maryam, Fatima and Aisha Kazi, the book is about teaching children the power of Islamic faith, beliefs and culture. While the morals may not be direct or literal, the book does infer about human values and morals. The book is written for middle and high school children in clear, crisp language and has interesting illustrations.


9. Stories and Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children of all Ages by Harold Bloom

Habits formed in childhood last a lifetime and that is true for reading. Harold Bloom is a Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University and a former Charles Eliot Norton Professor at Harvard. Bloom has edited these stories to intrigue 9-12 year olds and challenge their notions to improve their imagination. To understand literature as an adult, you have to be introduced to it as a child. Bloom has included the world’s masters like Edith Wharton, Edward Lear, Shakespeare, Hans Christian Andersen, Aesop, Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson and many more by dividing them thematically. Fairy tales, adventures, poems, magic, mystery, humor and love are some themes depicted in the book.


10. Bedtime Stories Collection: Short Stories, Coloring Book, and More! (Bedtime Stories for Kids) by Uncle Amon

It isn’t easy to keep younger kids entertained. It is becoming even more difficult with television, videos and mobile games all trying to capture their attention. That is why Bedtime Stories by Uncle Amon is a relief for parents. Created for kids between the ages 4-10, Uncle Amon believes in using storytelling to bring about positive change. The stories are promised to entertain, inspire, teach values and comfort children.


11. Tales from the Bully Box by Cat Woods

Bedtime reading is not just about reading stories but empowering your children with lessons that will help them be a better human. Bullying is an actual problem your child might face once they start interacting with other children. Cat Woods has used stories as lessons to arm your child to tackle any issues they might face. It is a great book to guide your child to deal with bullying as a bystander or a victim or even the bully. Simple stories written in an easy to grasp and interesting form make it a conversation starter between you and your child.


12. Aesop’s Fables: 240 Short Stories for Children- Illustrated

There is no one who hasn’t heard about Aesop. But just in case you haven’t, Aesop was a slave and the world’s most famous storyteller. His stories have been passed down over centuries because they are timeless, fun and intelligent. This book brings 240 of Aesop’s Fables, each with a lesson or a moral to help children understand life, friendship, truth and humanity. They are beautifully illustrated and ideal for Grades 3-4.


13. Growing Up: Home and School by Sephone Zorro and Rhea Baxter

Sephone Zorro has written many popular children’s books, fairytales and poems. Growing Up is another classic book with tales narrated by grandmothers over the years to their grandchildren. Folksy tales, magic, love and intriguing illustrations are present in this book making it optimum for reading to your children.


14. Short Stories from Around the World: A Colorful Story Book with Morals (Volume 1) by Priyal Jhaveri

Priyal Jhaveri has written a fun, easy to read book for children aged 5-6 years with morals and interesting characters. It is a quick read for bedtime reading and teaching children about values without complicating anything.


15. 50 Moral Stories for Kids Age 5 to 15 years, Full Wisdom Knowledge: 50 Most Popular Bedtime Stories of All Time by Juhi S

The stories you choose to read and narrate to your child forms the basis of who they become as an adult. Juhi S uses really short stories to avoid your child getting bored or losing interest. You can find 50 real stories providing real lessons to your children about the world and becoming better humans.


16. Hans Christian Andersen’s Complete Fairy Tales (Leather-Bound Classics) by Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy Tales may be about magic, joy and creativity but they often come embedded with a moral or a lesson. Be true and fate will reward you, or learn to believe in yourself, or just be kind are some lessons you can learn from popular tales in this book originally written by Hans Christian Andersen. This leather bound book also looks like a collector’s item which makes it a great addition to your bookshelf. Read tales such as The Ugly Duckling or The Tallow Candle to children aged 8-12 years.


17. 10 Most Interesting Stories for Children: Colored Edition of Moral Stories by Muhammad Nabeel

While it is always good to read the classics, sometimes you need to read fresh, new stories to your children. These new 10 stories come with morals, pictures and language that will not be complicated for your child to understand.


18. 100 Short Stories: 100 Short Stories with Moral Lessons by Julia Joice

This book contains 100 simple, short stories written for children to understand human values and beliefs. Written in a manner and tone that is friendly and clear, these can be read to children of all ages because the language is basic and the focus is on the message which is about morals and lessons.


19. 52 Bedtime Stories: Children’s Read-Aloud Short Stories, each with a Moral Christian Lesson by Butch Spillman

Faith, religion and belief are difficult topics to talk to children about. You can show them what to believe or just use interesting, creative stories to help them believe. Butch Spillman has written 52 short stories, each come with a lesson and moral that embodies Christian faith and the power of belief. Read these stories to teach your children about right and wrong and have open, honest conversations about it with them in a way they comprehend. The book is best suited for children aged 4-10 year olds.


20. 31 Moralistic & Motivational Bedtime Short Stories for Kids by Paichuu

Stories can do more than just inform children; they can educate and teach them about life and everything that follows. These stories are meant to engage the imagination of children, involve them and provide them with happy endings, fun lessons and moral rewards. 31 stories written for entertaining and educating your children without being boring or repetitive.


21. 25 Stories with Morals for Kids Ages 7-9 by Zohra Sarwari

Being a mother, Zohra Sarwari understands the need to find the right stories to read to your children. She took it upon herself to write 25 stories with human values, stories about Islamic faith and beliefs. The book is written for children of all ages because the message is timeless and strikes a chord across years.

That’s our list of 21 top collections of very short stories with morals for kids. All these books have been written in a language that is easy to communicate, fun and concise. Illustrations are added for the purpose of creating interest and providing visual stimulus for younger children.

The list is a mix of classic fairy tales, fables and oral stories passed over generations and new stories written recently to adapt the changing world. These will also enable the establishing of a habit of reading from childhood ensuring your child doesn’t spend their childhood immersed in video games or mobiles. These books are the perfect way to inculcate culture, habits and values in your child at an early age.

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