Why Taking a Break From Writing Could Be the Best Thing for You

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Writers and writing goes hand-in-hand. Sometimes as a writer, you need to pause, breathe, let go of your words and then resume writing. Why should writers take a break from writing? Read on.

To focus on a different assignment

Writing continuously may not be a good idea all the time. Some times, writers should stop penning their thoughts and focus on something else; this may be another story, an article or something totally unrelated to writing like pursuing your passions. If there is something apart from writing that you love to indulge yourself in, try devoting some time for it. This keeps you fresh and motivated in both your interests.

To let your words breathe

The more your creativity sparks, the more will be your thoughts on paper. You may be engrossed in describing the setting of your debut novel or creating suspense around the situations in your short story. However much you are involved in your writing, it is always good to pause your writing and let your words breathe. Some writers finish their first drafts and resume writing only after a year’s break. For some writers, a day or two’s break will suffice. This will give you the much-needed time to rethink what you have written and resume your writing with fresh insights.

To treat yourself to a vacation

Our brains are not machines. They experience a burnout at some point. So treat yourself to a vacation. This vacation can be a short one or a long one. You could pack your bags and head to your favourite spot; this could be a tree house in the wilderness, a cozy reading nook in your house or even a coffee day. You could also pamper yourself by doing your favourite things like catching up with friends or indulging in ice cream. This leaves you feeling reinvigorated.

To take a longer break from writing

At times you may wish to take a longer break from writing. This could be months or even years. If you are in such a situation, then go ahead and take the break. You may be at a point in life where you cannot devote time for writing. If you cannot write, it does not mean you cannot write in future or that you have stopped being a writer. Life throws up situations at you which you cannot avoid. So, take the break you require and then resume writing when you are ready. Writing is a creative process. You will be back to your full flow even at a later point.

To take a regular day off

Writing is like a full-time job. When you write five days a week, you need to reward yourself by taking a day off regularly. You put in the effort. Therefore, you deserve a day off. This practice helps in reviving fresh thoughts and insights and incorporating them in your stories or books. You will realize a day’s break is worth it when you find yourself fleshing out more details in your writing. Go ahead and take a day off!

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