Why Writers Shouldn’t Ignore Instagram

By on Oct 23, 2014 in Publishing, Sales and Marketing


For writers who wish to move from pen to camera, Instagram is the right tool. Writers like Salman Rushdie, José Luís Peixoto, and publishing houses like Random House Publishing Group are all on Instagram to share their creative masterpieces and even personal moments with their readers. What is Instagram? Why is it appealing to writers? Instagram is an online photo and video sharing site. Its appeal lies in its visual format or images that can be used to share with users on social networks. You can capture your special moments in life like the launch of your debut book, the birth of your baby or your first kiss, touch them up by using the tools that Instagram provides and share them with the world.

So why should writers not ignore Instagram?

Move from text-based writing to visuals

Writers play with words/text day in and day out. Sometimes, doing that all the time leads to boredom. So, if you want to let go of words and play with something that is more imaginative and visually appealing, Instagram is the right choice. Instagram lets you translate your words into images and tap into your dreamy self without the restraints that text can impose. Paulo Coelho’s Instagram profile is filled with inspiring quotes and images.

Connect with readers

Instagram lets you use photographs as beautiful kaleidoscopes of memories. It opens a whole world of nostalgia and touches your heart. You can connect more meaningfully with your readers by posting some teaser images of your upcoming books, or by revealing a few sentences from a book that you are writing or even post a few photos of your hangout sessions with other fellow writers. You can also post a video of your book signings.

Nurture the visual artist in you

Anything that is visual appeals to everyone. Use Instagram to nurture the inner visual artist in you by sharing images. Create a visual story of interesting incidents that happened in your life and connect with readers. A picture is worth a thousand words. Use Instagram to your advantage!

Savor beauty

Instagram lets you treasure your life by letting you appreciate beauty in life through images. It reminds you that life is like a beautiful painting; the experiences that life offers you like the signing of your book, an interview or red roses on a bed may sound mundane, but Instagram lets you transform them into a beautiful mosaic of visuals through its filters and effects.

Feel emotionally charged

Social media websites may or may not make you feel emotionally gratified. Instagram provides you instant emotional satisfaction. How does it provide? If you write a short verse on a note card and put it against a backdrop of a sunset on a beach and then post it on Instagram, won’t that appeal to you personally? Instagram provides you the emotional connect and makes you feel contented.

Through Instagram, you can build your fan base by posting something that people can relate to. People love to read something that makes them feel wanted, loved or inspired. Use Instagram to visually and emotionally connect with your readers, friends and family.

Image credit: José Moutinho on flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

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