Why You Might Want to Consider Pre-Made eBook Covers

By on Mar 12, 2014 in Publishing


You have written your eBook and you are confident about the content being bang on. You have edited and proofread it and you are ready to have it published! But wait, you are facing problems with your eBook cover. You can’t send your eBook out there without something eye-catching to wear! Does this sound like you? This is a problem with many new and upcoming authors, don’t worry. You might want to consider pre-made eBook covers. Here’s why:

What is it?

Firstly, what exactly is a pre-made or ready to go eBook cover? It’s basically a high quality eBook cover designed by professionals, which you can get at the fraction of the cost that it would incur to hire a professional and get a custom made cover for your eBook. So, it is a cheaper alternative to get the best set of clothes for your eBook! Another alternative could be that you design the cover yourself, but what if you can’t?


It is not rocket science that an eBook with an eye-catching cover will be noticed way more than an ordinary cover. A good cover screams out to the public, saying “Pick Me”! Using pre-made or professional eBook covers helps you achieve exactly that. It enables your eBook to stand out in the market, and be noticed by your target audience. You may be confident about your content, and the positive word of the mouth may help your eBook get a wider audience eventually, but a good eBook cover is one of the most important things to get noticed by potential readers. An attractive eBook cover may even convince the average browser to read your eBook!

Maybe you are Not a Drawing Person

You have a lot of imagination when it comes to writing, but maybe art and designing is not your cup of tea! Why should your brilliant story that you want to tell the world, suffer just because you can’t draw up a cover? It’s not fair, is it? You need to give your eBook every chance of making it big in the market, and using pre-made, tried and tested designs on your cover will guarantee you just that.


Another aspect of using pre-made covers for your eBook is the fact that you can get them much faster than actually getting covers designed. All you need to do is pick the cover you like the most, and voila! Your title and name is added and your cover is ready! It is also a faster alternative in the sense, that maybe you have only a vague idea of the type of cover you want. It’s preferable to choose a pre-made cover in such a case, because, for you to figure out your exact design may take a lot of time, as compared to looking at all the pre-made covers and choosing the one which best fits your vague idea!

Depicts the Tone of Your eBook

Keep in mind, though, that pre-made covers can be effective even if they have not been designed specifically for one particular novel, but you need to be absolutely sure that the cover is attractive and depicts the genre and tone of your eBook. Then, once you have chosen the one, there is no stopping you!

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