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Writer Rashmi Bansal is inspirational. She is also a youth specialist and business woman. She has written 5 bestselling books about entrepreneurship, which have sold over half a million copies. Most recently, she released her 6th book entitled Take Me Home: The Inspiring Stories Of 20 Entrepreneurs From Small-Town India With Big-Time Dreams, which has been published by Westland.

There a number of writing lessons you can learn from Rashmi Bansal. Read on to find out more:

Follow Your Heart

Rashmi is living proof that you can be a writer if you want it bad enough. Rashmi was a student at IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A) and decided to drop out to pursue her writing career, which was her real passion.

If you have the desire to write, just start. It doesn’t matter if you come from a profession that is non-writing, either. The more you write, the better you will become.

Ignore Naysayers

When Rashmi decided to quite IIM-A, people around her tried to discourage her from writing professionally. Instead, she was advised to treat writing as just a hobby and take a proper fulltime job. However, Rashmi ignored this advice. The rest as they say is history.

Do you have people in your life trying to discourage you from writing seriously? If so, follow what you know to be the truth in your heart and ignore the naysayers attempting to hold you back.

Ignore Limiting Thoughts

There was a time in Rashmi’s career when she was extremely busy with running her business and writing had taken a back seat. She experienced doubt as to whether she would be able to get back into her writing. However, she knew that continuing with her writing would be the cure she needed. She was right, and pretty soon was back again in full force.

If you’re having limiting thoughts about your ability to write, remember that any journey in life worth taking has its ups and downs, including writing. If you persist past the difficult times, success will be inevitable.

Start a Blog

Rashmi also got into blogging, which gave her a platform to express herself even more and to do so freely, while reaching out to more people and making valuable connections.

Starting a blog can also be a great opportunity for you to write more, share your experience, expertise, views and reach out to people across the world. These might just turn into avid readers and fans of your work.

Continue Writing

It was the positive impact Rashmi’s book entitled Stay Hungry Stay Foolish had on young people that inspired her to continue writing and launching more books.

What appreciation have you been getting from readers of your work? How can you continue to use such feedback to spur you on to write even more and better?

Continue Challenging Yourself

Spending time in Dharavi was the inspiration Rashmi Bansal needed to co-author Poor Little Rich Slum, with Deepak Gandhi. She used this opportunity to challenge herself, to meet people from this Mumbai slum and experience first-hand how it was in fact, full of life and opportunity.

How can you increase your versatility as a writer? Perhaps you’re currently writing romance books, exclusively, and have an interest in writing crime. Keep challenging what you believe is possible, and it might just become possible.

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