15 Top Book Editors in Texas

15 Top Book Editors in Texas

By on Aug 11, 2017 in Writing & Editing

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So, you’ve finished your manuscript, have self-edited it and are good to go?

Wait one moment.

Before you send over the fruits of your hard work, which you might have agonized over the past few months, or previous few years to a literary agent, or publisher, make sure you get another pair of eyes to look over your book.

We’re talking about the pair of eyes, which only a book editor has.

Editing your book is so important.

The process of professional editing can find errors in spelling, grammar, and usage of terms, and even more importantly, mistakes in the actual structure and content of your story! And all of this can be topped off with a thorough proofread.

And if you’re an author based in Texas, you might be looking for a book editor who is close to home.

That’s why we’ve created this post. To help you find an editor you can work with.

Continue reading to learn about 15 top book editors in Texas, with a particular emphasis on those editors in Houston and Austin.


1. DLA Book Editors & Proofers

If you’re looking for a book editor in Houston, then it doesn’t get much more local than DLA Book Editors and Proofers who are based on Post Oak Blvd. Founded by David Lombardino in 2008, the team at this organization has in excess of half a century’s worth of editing experience at Master’s and PhD level! DLA Book Editors and Proofers can edit numerous types of literature including essays and business documents. For you authors in Houston and beyond out there, the organization can assign professional fiction editors to edit your manuscripts (both long and short fiction), nonfiction, screenplays, synopses, and query letters.

To give you a flavor of one type of service for fiction authors, DLA Book Editors and Proofers offer a Fiction Editing and Feedback service (which consists of developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading). Among other things, this particular service aims to improve your story through looking out for parts of it, which could be confusing, underdeveloped areas, missing information, inconsistencies in narrative, strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, checking to ensure the style, tone and ideas used in your story are consistent and clear, adherence to appropriate citation styles, appropriate word usage, and proofreading. To learn more about the editing services on offer, take a look at this page and you can request a quote here.


2. Writespace

Founded by Elizabeth White-Olsen in 2014,  ​​Writespace is an organization focusing on the literary arts, which aims to give writers who cannot afford to take a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing the same training and coaching opportunities available to postgraduate students on Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programmes. Support available to writers comes in the form of workshops, readings, festivals and manuscript consultations. It is through manuscript consultations that you’re able to access expert editing services delivered by practicing writing professionals. The organization can offer editing services for all types of genres, which among others, includes Young Adult fiction, literary fiction, memoir, essays, fantasy, experimental and narrative nonfiction.

It’s well worth taking a look at this page to learn more about Writespace’s editors, their backgrounds, the genres they edit and the types of editing they do (line editing, developmental editing, complete editing etc.). Hourly rates range from $50 to $75 for members of Writespace and $60 – $75 for non-members. If you’re interested in finding out what membership to the organization can offer, you can do so here. Writespace can be found at the following address: ​Silver Street Studios, 2000A Edwards #212, Houston, TX 77007.

book editors in austin

3. Anita Bunkley

If you’re looking for a try before you buy editing service, then you might like to take a look at Anita Bunkley who will edit 1000 words of your manuscript for free and will provide you with suggestions for improvements. Anita herself is a distinguished author who has been voted one of the 50 favorite African American authors of the twentieth century by the online African American Literature Book Club. She has experience of independent publishing and also traditional publishing, having been published by HarperCollins, Penguin USA and other major publishers. Anita is also an experienced writing coach and has presented, and ran workshops to help writers. She also participates at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing Conference at Arizona State University, as a visiting member of the faculty.

A former teacher of English, French and Spanish, Anita’s rates for editing books range from $450 for fewer than 50,000 words to $1000 for 101,000 to 120,000 words. If you would like to take up her offer of a free sample edit of your work, you can send up to 1000 words to the following e-mail address: arbun@sbcglobal.net. Take a look at this page for specific details on how to send your sample, and to also find out what exactly is included in Anita’s full editing service.


4. The Writers for Hire

The Writers for Hire offer a collaborative approach where your particular project would have a team of experts working on it. Wintress Odom founded the organization in 2003 and is backed up by a team of 14 copywriters, editors and admin staff. The Writers for Hire offer numerous services, which among others, include written articles and whitepapers, blog content, books, proposals, and corporate communications, training manuals, memoirs, biographies and of course, editing.

With regards to the editing of your book, the editors at The Writers For Hire would look to remove grammatical errors, and provide suggestions on making your writing clearer and on improving its flow, along with ensuring the messages you want to convey come over to your readers powerfully. The Writers for Hire offer developmental editing, line editing, copy editing and proofreading. Take a look at this page for further details, where you can also get a general idea of the organization’s pricing mechanism.


5. Sarah Cortez

Sarah Cortez is not only a professional editor, but a professional writer and an award-winning poet. Her LinkedIn profile provides further details of some of the works she has edited, which among others, include the Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery and Indian Country Noir, which is published by Akashic Books. If you’re thinking about using her editing services, it’s worth knowing that she combines applying expert editing skills to your manuscript, while keeping a watchful eye on ensuring it will be acceptable to publishers and to your reading market.

Sarah has experience in editing genre fiction, literary fiction, creative nonfiction, business and marketing material, along with documents associated with book publishing such as query letters, book proposals, and synopses. With regards to fees, Sarah charges an hourly fee, which she discloses upon consultation and for copyediting, her fees are on a per page rate of $2.50 per page.


6. Melanie Saxton

Melanie Saxton is a Houston-based editor who has worked with clients across the United States, Australia and Canada. A recipient of an Excellence in Cancer Journalism Award, Melanie’s work as a journalist led to a career in book editing, and she has experience in both fiction and nonfiction editing. Melanie’s approach to book editing is collaborative in nature, and begins by her asking for a word count of your manuscript, and an initial look at the first few chapters and the final one. After this, Melanie advises on whether your book needs developmental editing, substantive editing, or would simply benefit from a proofread. Take a look at this page to find further details of how Melanie can edit your book, and what she does. You can e-mail her at: melanie@melaniesaxtonmedia.com to get a quote.


7. Emma Lyders

If you have a fiction book, nonfiction book, memoir, business book, or Young Adult story that needs editing, you may want to take a look at what Emma Lyders who is from Houston, has to offer. A creative writer herself who has published widely in anthologies and online, Emma is also a writing coach and when it comes to editing, she is able to do copy editing, conceptual editing, and content editing using a four step process you can read about here. If you want to get in touch with Emma and tell her more about your editing needs, you can do so by e-mailing her at: emma@emmaedits.com.


8. Editor Amy

Another Houston-based editor, Amy is able edit your fiction manuscript, including checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, and is even able to check over plots, sub-plots and the way your characters have been developed. Along with manuscript reviews and writing services, Amy offers developmental editing and copy editing. Amy’s fees are dependent upon your specific project. However, in order to give you an idea, editing of a book works out at around $0.02 – $0.03 cents per word, while if your book is less than 25,000 words, you would be charged per hour; as an example, Amy’s rates for a short book would be $45.00. It’s well worth contacting Amy who has a degree in mass communication with a focus on in print journalism, to give her the details she requires about your editing requirements, so that she can give you a proper quote.


9. Ann Kellett

Based in Bryan-College Station, Texas, Dr Ann Kellett offers editing services, and comes with more than 30 years of experience as a writer and editor. Her experience includes working between 1984 – 2017 at Texas A&M, full time, as a writer and editor. Offering ghostwriting and coaching services, when it comes to editing, Ann can ensure your work has an accurate structure and flows in a coherent manner, and can check the readability and correctness of your work through copyediting. Take a look at this page to find out more about some of the works Ann has edited and you can e-mail her at: akellett@mac.com.


10. Yellow Bird Editors

Yellow Bird Editors are based in Austin, Texas. Founded by Sarah Kocek, the organization has a strong team made up of published authors and industry professionals who have worked at major publishers and between them have in excess of 100 years of experience in editing. Yellow Bird Editors offer a multitude of services for novels, non-fiction works and memoir such as manuscript critiques, developmental editing (prices range from $900 – $2500 for a full manuscript depending on the exact developmental editing service you choose), and line editing, for which prices range from $0.015 to $0.055 per word; again the exact price depends on what type of line editing you’re after.


11. Bookmark Editing

If you’re looking for someone to edit your academic work, or your nonfiction book, then Dr Kelly Besecke could be the editor for you. With a PhD in Sociology, Kelly’s background includes working at national liberal arts colleges as a professor before moving onto becoming an editor. Her editing expertise is in editing books, journal articles, chapters of books, and proposals too. A published author herself, Kelly can offer you various types of editing services. These include a basic editing service, which focuses on correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar and usage of words, a deep editing service (which contains all the elements from the basic editing service), but also checks for clarity and flow of paragraphs and sentences in your manuscript, and a developmental editing service to look at the content and structure of your work. Kelly charges on a project by project basis. Check out this page for further details and to get Kelly’s contact details.


12. Cider Spoon Stories

Cider Spoon Stories is run by Jess Hagemann who before starting this organization taught writing to students at university. A distinguished writer of biographies, Jess has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and the types of literature she edits includes novels, novellas, essays, blog posts, and dissertations, among other things. If you’ve already written your book, Jess can offer you line editing and proofreading services, and if you’re still working on your story, she can offer developmental editing. Send Jess a message to find out more about how she might be able to help.


13. Susan Luton Editing

Susan Luton has 17 years of experience as an editor and her qualifications include a B.A. in English from The University of Texas at Austin and M.A. in Foreign Language Education from The University of Texas at Austin. Susan offers copy editing where she primarily uses the Chicago Manual of Style, but can use other styles too if you prefer. Among other things, her copy editing service includes correcting punctuation, capitalization, and spelling mistakes, rectifying errors in word usage and fixing grammar errors. Her rates for this service are typically $0.025 to $0.035 per word with a minimum charge of $34. She also offers a more substantial editing service which costs in the range of $0.04 – $0.045 cents per word; this service has a minimum charge of $40. Take a look at this page for more details about her services, and her fees and rates options.


14. Personal Proofreading

Personal Proofreading is run by Helen Novielli and offers editing and proofreading for fiction books, blogs, websites, theses and other types of literature. Helen is also a writer herself, so if you want to take a look at some of her work, you can do so at her blog. If you would like to tell Helen about your editing requirements and get a quote, you can do so by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.


15. Sarah M. Weber

If you’re looking for an editor who is experienced in the publishing industry and has the qualifications to match, you might want to take a look at what Sarah M. Weber has to offer. With experience of working at publishers in Chicago and Boston, Sarah has a M.A. in Book Publishing and a first degree in Creative Writing. Based in East Austin, Texas, Sarah offers various types of editing services ranging from lighter ones such as checking for grammar errors, to heavier edits that look to improve the structure of your work. When it comes to editing fiction, Sarah in particular prefers genres such as fantasy, historical fiction and romance. In terms of nonfiction, she enjoys editing memoir, books about sociology, and business texts. To get a quote, you can find Sarah’s contact details at this page.

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